Reid Gorecki Minor League Statistics & History –

Gorecki becomes the ninth outfielder that the Braves have tried this year, not counting Infante. It’s been that sort of year. Gorecki, like Brian Barton, who had a cup of coffee earlier this year, came out of the Cardinals organization. He was a thirteenth-round draft pick out of the University of Delaware, of all places, in 2002. Gorecki hit fairly well in the low minors, as a college player should, but on exposure to the high minors really never found his bat. For instance, he hit .182 in a half season at AA in 2005. He did better, not great, at that level in 2006, but was even worse on a callup to AAA. He also had some injury issues. The Cardinals let him go as a minor league free agent after the 2007 season.

The Braves picked him up, apparently just to fill out the minor league roster. He was hurt much of the season, but when he was in the lineup, mostly at Mississippi, he hit .304/.388/.458. He hit well in spring training this year, admittedly mostly against the scrub relievers who finish spring training games. At Gwinnett, he hit .286/.351/.464, the best of any pre-Heyward outfielder in the upper minors. Apparently, he’s the sort of guy who doesn’t do anything really well, but does a lot of things okay… Has played center and right in the minors. That suggests that he doesn’t really have a centerfield glove.