It looks like he’s made the team, and he has been pitching well this spring. Boyer has essentially been rehabbing for three years. He went down late in 2005 — ultimately leading to the Joey Devine Experience in postseason — and has been trying to work his way back ever since. At times last year, especially early in the season, he was effective, but Bobby just kept throwing him out there, pitching him on little rest even at times when he wasn’t effective. In July, he had fifteen appearances despite a 7.82 ERA. In August, it was fourteen and 7.94. I know that the bullpen was thin, but there really is no justification for using any pitcher like that, and certainly not a pitcher coming off shoulder surgery.

If the 2005 Boyer, who looked like potential closer material, puts in an appearance, he can be a real asset. I have my doubts that that player still exists. Whether he does or not, it is incumbent on the manager to use him gently and not try to pile appearances on him… Big problem last year was home runs, ten of them. He allowed only one in 2005, in about half the innings. He was probably a bit hit-unlucky.

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