Only up to back up McCann until David Ross is healthy, and if the Braves have their way won’t even play. Sammons was pretty terrible in a late-season callup last year, .148/.220/.204, though this marked a vast improvement on the Hamster. That being said, you can’t really blame the Braves for looking elsewhere for a backup catcher.

There’s really very little evidence that Sammons can hold his own on the major league level. His minor league stats show a decent abiligy to take a walk, but little power (.365 career slugging percentage) and a low batting average. Still, you have to have a catcher or you’ll have all passed balls, and there are two things to keep in mind about backup catchers:

1. Their playing time is so sparse and so irregular that occasionally one will get hot for 100 PA and look like he can hit, and;
2. If they never get hot, they’ll eventually get the reputation for having a great glove.

On the other hand, the Braves have traded three minor league catchers (Ramirez, Saltalamacchia, and Flowers) who can hit in the last three years, and now this is what’s left in the system. Nothing better happen to McCann.

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