Let it go, Tom.

Tommy is now 42 years old. He will turn 43 on opening day. I don’t normally call for players to retire, and in general I am of the school that if they can get someone to pay them, they might as well give it a try. But he’s hurting the team. Someone’s going to get released to make room for him. He’s going to make starts that could have gone to someone who might actually help the team going forward.

Simply put, there is no evidence that Tom Glavine is still a major league-caliber pitcher. Last season, he managed 63 innings, in which he struck out only 37 — and walked the same number. I don’t know what’s worse. He allowed 11 homers, a huge rate jump. His ERA was 5.54, and he was lucky that it was that low — his fielding-independent ERA (Hardball Times calculation) was 5.90. There just aren’t any positives. If the Braves had a young staff, it might be worth keeping him around in a mentoring role, but they don’t.

Hit .105, nearly a career low; he had no extra-base hits, and so a .105 slugging percentage, which was a career low. He just can’t play Major League baseball anymore, and that’s it.

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