How anybody of a creative sort came up with the notion of clothing ma team WHOSE NAME EXPRESSES COLOR AND A CLOTHING ITEM, in pastel yellow and Kentucky Wildcat blue is preposterous. How the team actually utilized that design is incomprehensible. Taht the players seem to like them because of a “good jinx,” is even more bizarre. Last night was a night when I could see the game, but I had to look at that? Is there some type of historic or mystical connection between the city of Boston and those colors? Is it parochial school girls in raincoats?

for 5 innings it was a pitcher’s duel. Spencer Strider with only 41 pitches through his first 4 innings. But also Brayan Bello (beh yo! , kind of like day oh). He had faced 2 over the minimum. The Sox got a walk and a single in the 5th, but the Strider strikeout machine was humming. Bellow faced the minimum in 5.

Well, the Braves finally got it going in the top of the sixth. I suspected that was going to finish it with Strider in good shape on pitch count and dealing. Well, I was wrong. Michael Harris II started it with an in the gap double that his speed turned into a double. Then, Ronald Acuna, Jr. was hit by a pitch. Then, Ozzie took one to the back part of the right field bullpen and it was 3 for the good guys and zero for the scums. But obviously, the home run killed the rally. In the bottom half, Strider continued to look good, mainly, but Rafael Devers took one out to right pretty close to where Ozzie hit his. Obviously (by reading the final score above) the Braves didn’t score in 7. Something known as Triston Casas hit a home run with one out. Then, Connor Wong singled and Snitker had seen enough. Strider was at 91 pitches. I saw it both ways. Was he wobbling and about to fall down, or was that just smoke. Snit decided it was time to look at the new guy, so Pierce Johnson came in. Then, the freaky play of the night happened. Yu Chang hit an infield looping liner over Johnson’s shoulder and it short hopped into Ozzie’s glove as he was stepping on second (breaking to cover because the runner was going. Ozzie got it in his glove, but dropped it out. If he holds on, that is already one out and a 99% probability of an inning ending double play. It was a tough error for the scorer to hang on Ozzie, but that turned out to be the play of the game. So instead of out of the inning (or maybe 2 down, runner on first), it was now 1 out and runners first and second. Jarren Duran grounded to first and Olson flipped to Johnson covering to get 1 more out. But then Justin Turner doubled and all of a sudden, the Braves were behind.

Top of 9 featured a stupid baserunning move. If they wanted to use Forrest Wall that badly, they should have pinch run for Murphy. d’Arnaud was on the Bench. But when Kevin Pillar singled, Murphy got to 3rd. I thought that Wall pinch running for the probably slightly above average speed Pillar was a little strange anyway. Well, first pitch Wall takes off and is out, probably by a hair, but he was out (like Buster Posey, but unlike Buster Posey, he SHOULD have been called out).

Meanwhile, that was game 100. There are 62 more. The lead is still 10 games. The “first playoff seed lead” is 7.5 games. Max Fried has an “immune issue.” Fortunately, we are off today and get the Brewers again at home tomorrow. Somebody needs to be the jump start to getting momentum going again. Dare we risk Phil Collins again so soon? Inquiring minds want to know.