Last night didn’t go as expected and the Braves are 4-6 in their last 10. Tonight, it’s Stride or Die, and I’m hopeful that today marks another long winning streak to come. Still, the Braves have an 11 game cushion on both the Marlins and the Phillies.

Braves Went Public

The Braves stock split has finally occurred and the Braves are the only MLB publicly traded team. This deal also makes it much easier for the team to be purchased by some local tycoon and give this team the true payroll it deserves.

Transaction a Day AA

Both Dereck Rodriguez and Lucas Luetge could’ve chosen to become free agents, but returned to Gwinnett with hopes of being called up again at some point in the season. Rodriguez knows his value, knows how AA works, and will just wait in line for another injury and emergency call-up. And unfortunately for Luetge, if he were to choose free agency, he’d lose the rest of the 2023 money owed him.

Braves Lineup

A dear co-worker of mine who’s wife died way too early from cancer has found love once again and is moving to New York to be with his new girlfriend, so I’ll miss most of tonight’s game. It’s up to all of you to pull us through. Spencer Strider’s got this.