As the trade deadline approaches, and as I think about the recent moves our fearless leader has made, I’m asking myself, “Does AA like ZZ Top?”

“Clean shirt, new shoes, and I don’t know where I’m going to.

Silk shirt, black tie, and I don’t need a reason why.

They come running just as fast as they can, ’cause every girls crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”

ZZ Top

I never figured AA would go running as fast as he could after Shohei Ohtani. And now that the Angels appear to be Metting by going all in while still sucking, I hope AA is not done shopping.

We have an everyday lineup full of sharp-dressed men, but our recent bullpen acquisitions seem a little more like we’re shopping at Goodwill to me. No silk suits here, in my opinion. Last night, we saw Pierce Johnson for the first time. He was fine, but looks more like a board shorts than silk suit kinda guy. Friday night, we get our first look at Yonny Chi(ri)nos – do they even sell Dockers anymore? And Taylor Hearn, he seems like a slicks kinda-guy. Is he even in the A with the big club? AA must see some upside in these boys, but it’s been a minute since he’s been crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man at the deadline.

Dockers spokesman Yonny Chi(ri)nos makes his Braves debut Friday against Milwaukee.

Reinforcements on their way

Atlanta expects to have jeans-and-cowboy-boot-wearing A.J. Minter back soon, and Dylan Lee may not be too far behind. As our old friend Chip Caray would say, they are great deadline acquisitions without even making a trade, but the Braves’ bullpen could still use a silk suit or two. Don’t you agree?

Our man AA can build a roster, and he knows how to rebuild a team on the fly. 2021 is all the proof I need! While every other GM is crazy about the sharped dressed man, there is nothing that will make AA think “they got me under pressure.”

So, what are your deadline predictions? Does AA nab a starter? Bullpen piece? Or both? Maybe he picks up a LF with more than a 23 wRC+ in the month of July? I’d like to see AA make a run at David Bednar and/or Mitch Keller from the Pirates. How about you?

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