When Georgia’s own President, James Earl Carter, Jr., gave a speech about high energy prices he grumbled a little about the American people expecting too much. He actually didn’t use the word, but some media outlet indicated that the President was describing a malaise. I guess malaise can be defined as having the “blahs” when there is really no reason to. I think that fits these Braves.

As of last year, I got shifted from Monday recaps to Wednesday recaps. And one thing was that, particularly in the first half of the year, it seemed as if every recap was a loss. This year, Wednesday has been Winsday over and over. If the rest of you days would do as well as Wednesday, we would run away with this thing.

The overqualified Jared Shuster faced James Kapriellian. I think the Braves had a Capellan or something like that about 10 to 15 years ago that could throw 100, but when he did, everybody needed to be wearing body armor. Shuster went through the first 5 in fairly good shape. At least no runs scored. First, don’t suck. Meanwhile the offense sucked up until the top of 5. Then, they got something going. Marcel Ozuna struck out (yeah, it’s looking like this dead cat has about come back down to earth). Then Eddie Rosario singled. then Ozzie Albies homered. Two to zero. But, they didn’t stop there. Orlando Arcia singled. Michael Harris II struck out. Ronald Acuna, Jr. hit a ground rule double. Kap intentionally walked Olson, and then hit Austin Riley. 3 runs on our side.

The wobbly Shuster wobbled a little too much in 6. With one out and first and third and one run in, Snit brought in Uncle Jesse Chavez. He let one of them their inherited runners score on a ground out, but then got out of it.

Hibernation? NO! A whole lot of offense produced one more run. Then A. J. Minter, Nick Anderson, and Raisel Iglesias each got 3 straight outs, and we can leave this town.

Braves have a day off to get from Oakland to Phoenix. Maybe by then, they will figure out what they are going to do with A. J. Smith-Shawver.