Our next 13 games are against teams that are not good at playing the game of roundball: 3 vs. DET, 3 @ PITT, 3 @ MIA, 4 vs. PITT. You absolutely have to win 9 of those, even if so many are on the road. Because then Philly comes into your house for 3 games, then New York comes in for another 3 games. You could run off a string of division-changing dominance that will have fans screaming for a playoff ace.

Tonight, Folty vs. the putrid Detroit lineup and Spencer Turnbull, who is sneaky good. Detroit does not have a single lineup regular with an OPS over .800. Do your thing, Folty.

And now, by recommendation of urlhix and, as he notes, will surely make Sam’s head explode, I’m willing to disclose my incredibly country-heavy top 5 albums:

One final question for a diverse crowd:

Do you think I’ll regret having my name and my picture on my Twitter account? You guys know me well enough: I talk politics on there, sometimes I say mean things, though I’ve really cut back recently on both politics and just flat out being mean. If potential clients simply Google my name only, my Twitter account shows up second (weird). Without careful searching, they’ll see, for the most part, that I’m a huge Braves and Gator fans, and probably not much else. They’d have to really dig.

I also have mild plans of running for our city council within the next few years, so that ought to be taken into consideration as well.

I genuinely welcome any and all feedback, even if I won’t like it.