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Our next 13 games are against teams that are not good at playing the game of roundball: 3 vs. DET, 3 @ PITT, 3 @ MIA, 4 vs. PITT. You absolutely have to win 9 of those, even if so many are on the road. Because then Philly comes into your house for 3 games, then New York comes in for another 3 games. You could run off a string of division-changing dominance that will have fans screaming for a playoff ace.

Tonight, Folty vs. the putrid Detroit lineup and Spencer Turnbull, who is sneaky good. Detroit does not have a single lineup regular with an OPS over .800. Do your thing, Folty.

And now, by recommendation of urlhix and, as he notes, will surely make Sam’s head explode, I’m willing to disclose my incredibly country-heavy top 5 albums:

One final question for a diverse crowd:

Do you think I’ll regret having my name and my picture on my Twitter account? You guys know me well enough: I talk politics on there, sometimes I say mean things, though I’ve really cut back recently on both politics and just flat out being mean. If potential clients simply Google my name only, my Twitter account shows up second (weird). Without careful searching, they’ll see, for the most part, that I’m a huge Braves and Gator fans, and probably not much else. They’d have to really dig.

I also have mild plans of running for our city council within the next few years, so that ought to be taken into consideration as well.

I genuinely welcome any and all feedback, even if I won’t like it.

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  1. I posed the Twitter question in the comments of the last thread then rudely JC’ed Alex:

    I think you’ll possibly regret social media no matter what, but I always believe it’s best to have your name behind it. Far easier to get in front of it, in case you need to, than someone digging it up later.

    I appreciate Alex’s perspective since he’s in journalism.

    So for clarity, I cannot permanently delete select tweets forever and ever? There is always a way for them to be dug up? The two most concerning things would be my sporadic name-calling of people, and some controversial political possessions. Fortunately, I’ve only used PG-13 foul language (no rated R) only a small handful of times.

    I just can’t bring myself to operate an anonymous Twitter account. I know many on here do, and I have no problem with it per se, it’s just not for me.

  2. I don’t really believe in anonymity online, so I think having your name/photo attached is appropriate.

    I do think keeping online interactions as civil and open as possible is advisable so do that and you should have nothing to hide.

    That top 5 albums list tho…:)

  3. As a community that is less open than social media, I appreciate that Braves Journal exists and for people to take the time to find it and especially interact on it. So aside from very rare events, I’d like to think we all interact really well on here. Ironically, Chief and I interact off Braves Journal much more jovially than we do on here. I swear you’re here to troll hot takes, Chief. Til my dying breath, I’ll support Braves Journal being here as a refuge from the more mainstream communities for Braves fans discussion. It is not often we resemble the AJC comments section.

    For Twitter, if you run an anonymous account and you just want to troll, antagonize, belittle, and otherwise act like a subhuman being, you will not always be given the benefit of dignity. And it’s entirely possible I’m going to call you what you are: a troll, an idiot, and someone who most likely lives in their mother’s basement. That’s why I really like Braves Journal and Rivals’ Gator site. It’s a more sophisticated set of jorts-wearers.

    Garth, Keith, and B&D are in the pantheon of country artists. The Cars’ first CD was a weirdly fun rock album. And any David Arnold soundtrack for a Bond movie, especially CR, is lit 🔥 🔥 🔥.

  4. Even if there is nothing to hide, I wouldn’t risk having a twitter account just because of how easy it is to say something in the heat of the moment that might turn out to be regrettable.

    Twitter is a good marketing tool, so I’d guess its a necessary evil, especially if you’re running for office. I trust you have enough experience using it that you can censor yourself or at least think things over a couple of times before posting something.

    Just remember, pretty much anything can be misconstrued or come back to haunt you due to changing societal norms. Best of luck!

  5. Never, ever place faith in social media to have your back on anything. The fact that you’re even questioning yourself on how to proceed should tell you to listen to the little voice inside of you telling you to side with caution. The entire planet has access to you through social media, and the entire planet does not love you, or even care about you, or even want you alive for that matter. Don’t give it any rope, it will strangle you with it.

    That’s my take on the matter. :)

  6. I’ve not been here as long as most, but I’ve never had an issue with anything you’ve said, Rob. That said, I tend to agree with John R. in @6. Sometimes it only takes the tiniest snippet, quoted without context, to be completely vilified by a social media mob.

  7. Don’t link your personal twitter to your business if you want top sell something. Not good for business. Can’t talk politics if linked in any way to your job.

  8. Sigh, why is Neck still fifth in the order? And why does he never get a day off?
    Tired of seeing Riley have to lead off innings and limit his RBIs, lol.

  9. Ugh, on the pitch that Goodrum hit out, it looked like Folty was throwing batting practice.

  10. Same old Folty. I read on here a few threads ago that sometimes a player’s just what he is. A relatively good year and a bunch of strikeouts doesn’t make a guy an ace. Production, not potential, separates true studs from those we wish were.

  11. Dansby, on the other hand, is a ballplayer. I was wrong about him. Hope I have to admit I was wrong about Folty too, but I doubt I will. Still, every rotation needs a back end starter.

  12. My old person 5:
    Are You Experienced — Hendrix
    Deja Vu — CSNY
    Revolver — Beatles
    Super Fly — Curtis Mayfield. The first album I bought for myself.
    Album 1700 — Peter Paul and Mary

  13. A good rule for using anonymous accounts is to understand that there is really no such thing as an anonymous account.

  14. @9–agree about Markakis. I didn’t mind the signing, but I was hoping he’d get a lot more rest this year than last. He’s had a terrible May, yet Camargo never gets the start in right. I’m also wondering why they haven’t tried a platoon in right with Duvall, as well as he’s hit in AAA.

  15. @15

    Yeah, Riley needs to learn there’s such a thing as being too aggressive. Swung at ball 4, hit it 10 feet.

    Bad replay challenge there, I think, but usually not being able to challenge doesn’t come back to haunt them.

    Edit: wish you could challenge ball and strike calls, Folty had the guy struck out before the RBI single.

  16. Oh come on, Folty.
    Tigers with 44 HR all season coming to Atlanta. Give me a break.

    @18 – that was a stupid challenge.

  17. It is frighteningly possible that 2018 was the outlier year in Folty’s career.

    His slider has not much bite right now.

  18. Vince used to say of his Dawgs, “They’re little, but they’re slow.”. Snit could say, “BMac’s slow, but he can’t throw.”

  19. This team stinks at making pitchers work. Swing at the first pitch, make an out and let the starter go 8 innings. Just an awful philosophy when down 4 runs

  20. Fathers and Sons, Muddy Waters et al.
    Bridge of Sighs, Robin Trower
    New Riverhead, Bevis Frond
    Bop Till You Drop, Ry Cooder
    Back from the Gig, Booker Ervin

    Tempted to list The Smiths

  21. I’ve heard them all, Alex. Amazingly consistent. Even saw Nick Saloman and Co. perform live. New River Head is a brilliant mix of pop, folk, and psych guitar demolition. North Circular is worth a listen. I’ve been into Bardo Pond lately.

  22. What a terrible at bat by culberson. 2-0 and you hit that weak crap into a DP. Playing for base runners…

  23. Folty is Nuke LaLoosh where Bull Durham had a sequel where Tom Robbins’ character became an effective major league pitcher and Kevin Costner wasn’t in the movie.

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