Atlanta 5, San Diego 3

So, looking back over my recaps, I realized that I hadn’t inflicted a Running Diary on you all in a while, so I decided that the opening of the second half would be a great time to remedy that situation.

9:00 PM EDT – I wander upstarirs to prepare for the game.

9:07 – ZZZZZZ.

1:35 AM EDT – I wake up, and head to the bathroom. Getting old sucks. If you have a choice, I’d recommend against it. Anyway, I checked my phone and saw the Braves won. Great, I’ll get back to sleep and catch the MLB.Com condensed game in the morning to see what happened for the recap.

2:00 – Not asleep yet.

3:00 – Nope. Dadgummit, I have to drive my Mom to Charlotte this morning to see her sister. Need some sleep.

4:00 – Screw it.

4:05 – Downstairs to grab some water and catch the game highlights. I see the Angels no hit the Mariners on Tyler Skaggs Night. Sometimes sports just makes you go ‘Awww.’

Anyhow, Josh Donaldson gets the Braves off to a good start, crushing a three run homer to right center. SP Jr. and I went to the Braves-Padres series last year in San Diego. (beautiful town – if you have to get old, then do yourself a favor and go catch a series out there. Wonderful downtown park, great weather, lots of sights to see. Disclosure – This ad sponsored by the San Diego Board of Tourism.) Anyway, it’s long damn way to right center as I remember it, so give JD some props for that.

The Braves trotted out Dallas Keuchel, and he was very good. He issued a few too many walks for my liking (4 in his 7 IP), but generally kept the ball on the ground, getting 13 outs via grounders/double plays of the 21 outs he recorded. Add in 5 strikeouts and that’s a recipe for a quality start. The only damage done was a Manny Machado solo shot in the bottom of the 6th.

Atlanta added a two solo bombs of their own before that – Ronald Acuna Jr. answered a brushback pitch in the top of the 5th with a no doubter into the second deck in left, and the Bringer of Rain nailed another shot into right center in the top of the 8th to give the pen some wiggle room.

And wiggle they did, as Chad Sobotka allowed a Machado single, then wild pitched him to second. A walk followed, and, if I had been awake my teeth would have started grinding. But a double play eased any tension all those poor East Coast saps who were awake might have been feeling. But another single brought in Manny, and Snit went to the pen for Jacob Webb, who retired Ian Kinsler.

Luke Jackson closed out the 9th, giving up another lead off single to Manuel Margot (which I think is San Diegese for ‘Ender Inciarte‘), but striking out the next two. Margot was allowed to take second and scored on an Eric Hosmer single, but Jackson got Machado to ground out to end the game.

5:10 – Time to post and then head back to try to get an hour or two of shuteye. Good night, err…morning to all.

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  1. Thanks, SP. I made it to 4-zip, then surrendered consciousness. I am happy to have avoided all angst. Thanks for the good news this morning.

  2. How alarming for us to be allowed in to your obviously intense domestic and family routines prior to the first pitch. We had no idea. And then, when the game actually started- to sleep, perchance to dream. How you recovered from all this and posted yet another stand out report is beyond me. Just keep doing it.

  3. Any baseball game that ends with Jackson vs Machado as the tying run is very special. Make it also the first game of a second half of the season to which we are all so committed and things could easily have got out of hand. But they did not. We are not only devout, we are cool. We have been here before. And we are better.

  4. I actually made it through the game but the rest of the night was not good. Of course, woke up to the electric company ripping my trees to shreds. I hate that….. and told them so….. LOL

    Nice recap SP, thanks.

    I hope this is just the first bell in JDs waking up to superstar numbers in the second half. This win belongs completely to our one year rentals – JD and DK.

    That look Acuna gave Lumet before he crushed that bomb should be frozen in time. That was almost as good as if he’d pointed to left center before hitting the bomb.

    I voted in the poll for a starter but if Gausman really comes back strong, then I’d be happy with a reliever/closer. So far, he’s looking good at AA. Folty could end up being a top of the line closer. I really think he can keep himself in check for one inning each time out.

    I took a look at some splits and the Braves are no worse than one game under .500 against any team they’ve played except one – the Dodgers. We get another shot at them and they’re currently on a 4 game losing streak. But, if we’re going to pick up any rental, that pitcher should have a stellar history against LA. Both MadBum and Will Smith have primo results against the Dodgers this year and for their career.

  5. Time for me to eat some crow. I was probably the most negative person on this board about the Keuchel signing. I thought:

    1) A one-year deal wasn’t worth it because he wouldn’t be ready in time to matter;
    2) We needed a reliever more than a starter;
    3) AA made a move dictated more by cost control than team benefit.

    Stu and others convinced me I was wrong, but I gotta be honest: I was 180° wrong. Keuchel is the real deal, he’s exactly what our team needed, AA was completely right, and he’s a horse.

    When I’m wrong, I think it’s important to say so. I’ve rarely been more wrong. And I’ve almost never been happier about being wrong.

  6. @7 Alex, to be fair, it seems you, and about half of the club owners in the MLB, might have read the situation wrong. As Donaldson said a few weeks ago, we never should have been in the position to pay 13 mil to get a guy that good.

  7. Is MLB the only way to watch the game tonight on tv?
    SP did a brilliant job recapping last night without having seen any of the game. I’m not sure I’m up to his standards, so I’d best find the broadcast in the next hour or so.

  8. I have said that I’m skeptical that trading for MadBum will be a wise move, both because I’m not convinced he’s very good anymore and also that the price will be quite high.

    I’d love to find myself in a couple of months writing a comment such as Alex’s @7. It would be wonderful if they get him and he’s as good as Keuchel has been. I’d also like to think I would be as magnanimous as Alex—but that’s a high bar. Well done, AAR.

  9. I’m so not feeling “MadBum,” because frankly he doesn’t seem that good anymore, but there’s still enough of a demand for him that it will drive up his trade price. Exactly how much should the Braves give up for a half season of mediocre starting pitching?

    At least Bowman’s tweet here gives me hope that the team is mainly focused on acquiring a good reliever, which is what they really need.

  10. Never mind. I see it’s on fox sports south after all. So when I do a lame recap I won’t have the excuse of not having seen the game.

  11. Alex confessed. So shall I.

    Folty could mean more to our rotation than anyone we can possibly pick up by trade. I just am afraid he may never be our stopper on a consistent basis. I hope he fulfils his potential. I simply fear he won’t.

  12. @13 Gausman likely to be back sooner than Folty. Tonight wasn’t just one bad inning. He’s given up runs in 3 of 5 innings.

    Not sure we can judge Julio by a Machado HR….. He looked pretty good on the first two batters. I guess we’re gonna be holding our breath all night.

  13. LOL.

    Well, anyone who thought Riley could have made the Culberson throw from last week…

  14. Hmm, that was not such a great throw from Riley. Still needs to learn about how to set up to throw from the OF.

    @31 He could make the throw. the arm is there. He just needs to learn to make it from LF.

  15. @35 If JD had gotten a walk last inning, he would have scored the 3rd run on Ozzie’s single.

  16. @35 If ifs and buts were candies and nuts…

    I mean, if Josh hadn’t hit that homer we’d have zero runs. Kind of ridiculous to harp on a guy getting fooled on breaking pitches when he’s the only reason we’re in the game.

  17. My goodness flowers is useless. 2-0 and he dribbled it to third. If I was hitting .241 leading off an inning I would probably take a strike. I would rather have Alex Jackson eating up these at bats

  18. Bless you, Ronald!

    He’s looked a little off outside of the homers in these two games so far, but man, he’s not missed either of them.

  19. Feels like Minter either walks the leadoff batter or puts them in the driver’s seat by going 3-1 literally every time.

  20. Good for RAJ…Riley should take heed, hits when they matter

    Our Freddie is in one of his somewhat protracted funks where you know in advance he won’t get a hit in the game you’re watching.

    He looks stiff, out of sorts, the swing is jerky. There is no power.His last hit must have been in the Miami series but i can’t recall one. Very strange. It’s not that he just doesn’t get a hit, he doesn’t even LOOK like getting one, one state much worse than the other. Anyone else feel this?

    Your eyes will you when it’s over.

  21. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a catcher I felt less confidence in defensively than Flowers. And he’s also not much with the bat.

  22. Our defense is just… yikes. I think that one’s on Freddie for not making sure he wasn’t going home.

  23. @55 Agree. And he threw too early to Dansby. Tatis’ speed forced a couple of bad decisions.

  24. Great job Austin!!!! Thought that had a chance for a sec, but tying the game is huge! Especially with the anti-clutch behind him.

  25. Tyler is due an IL trip for a creative injury. Of course Alex Jackson won’t be much of an upgrade.

  26. 94 on the black. Chip says “struck him out with a splitter.” And he misidentifies pitches all. the. time.

  27. My internet crapped out right before Tyler’s AB. I think that’s more than enough redemption for a night that had been rather forgettable up until the 10th!!!!

  28. Thank God for that Flowers hit.

    Do people still think this team doesn’t need a reliever at the deadline after watching Minter and Jackson again tonight?

  29. Washington is in the process of sinking Philly’s season, and I can’t decide if I should be happy or mad.

  30. Nine baserunners — and counting — allowed by Luke Jackson in his last three appearances.

  31. I’m not sure the Braves have ever tried harder to lose a game. Goodness.

    That was a great play by Neck on the deep fly. Whew.

  32. Oh my God…

    Luke Jackson is the luckiest human being on the planet and Tyler Flowers is a complete idiot.

  33. Can’t believe they had a pitcher hitting in the final at-bat in that situation and Luke Jackson still went to a full count on him.

  34. That was the most exciting four inning stretch of the year. That is not a compliment.

  35. What a fantastic game of baseball. Make it close against the Braves and we will guarantee you a special finish.The Home crowd were revived and responded lustily.

    Nick M…no more please, no more. Priceless

    Flowers…yes, awful defense but on a full count great to see him hit high up on the RF wall and drive some huge runs in.

    Lucas. My man, but even i am beginning to suspect he’s been overamped his last two performances. Jim Bean would be my guess. Make sure there’s always some available.

    Dansby Swanson – that was a truly terrible throw you made to Tyler, in extremis. You were lucky it didn’t cost us the game. Atone.

    No way i can go to bed yet, electric stuff.

    @93 please tell that to coop, he’s incorrigible.

    @94 Santa Claus

  36. I would love to see a stat on the number of times Luke Jackson goes to at least 3-2 when he starts off 0-2 or 1-2 in the count and how it compares to the overall mean. He gets ahead and he starts trying to get batters to chase junk.

  37. @113

    …that’s what make Luke so special – he thrives on driving us crazy. Remember after Charlie’s miracle catch and double play, all the heat off him, he walks the next guy, reloading the bases.

  38. @111… Yes, a truly great play in all the circumstances. I couldn’t see it ending happily in that dark, strange corner. Plus 2 clutch singles earlier.

    He needs more friends on here.

  39. Julio did well i thought, hung in there, kept us relevant. It’s an unglamorous role but, at least for now, it must be filled and he does it well.

    Flowers’ defense. Awful, you say to yourself we cannot head for the post season with that glaring hole defensively.
    But who? I say we must trade. The boys on the farm continue to disappoint, there is not one even good defensively.Alfaro!! for one of our special arms. Do we know of anyone else available?

  40. @119

    The Pads ran out of players who had not already featured. So it had to be their pitcher, Perdomo. Luke made it interesting though.

  41. Also worthy of kudos is Austin. A solid hit, sac fly and a walk is a great game for a kid that’s been scuffling.

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