The Polish Prince abdicated. Mike Foltynewicz no longer claims royal blood. As the son of Foltyn, the name translate to “son of he whose arrows never hit target.”

Baseball sometimes features the unprecedented. Also, it sometimes features the “this has probably happened, but it sure doesn’t come around often.” The first inning was more in the second vein. There was a runner on second and 2 outs. Then later, the bases were loaded, one run was in, and Folty still had the no hitter going. How can such happen, the ignorant masses might say. 3 walks loaded them and a hit by pitch scored one. As Hoyt would say “Not too good.” Then, a double made it 3 to 0 going to the bottom half of the inning.

In the third, Ozzie Albies walked. (I know you who didn’t see that are going “no way” but it is right there in the box score and play by play). Then Freddie Freeman cut it to a one run trail by not failing to launch.

Then, more runs by the Sanctimonius Fowl. In the 4th, one on a solo home run. In the 5th, 2 on a 2 run home run. But, bottom of 6, Tyler Flowers hits a magic sac fly that scores 2 and it is 6 to 4. Then in the 7th Nick Markakis doubled with 2 outs and Wash and Freddie couldn’t get Freddie home and Johan Camargo stranded Freddie and Neck. That was as good as it got on this night.

The Sanctimonious Fowl then got 3 more in the eight off of Rocky Jesse Biddle and then 2 more in the 9th off of Arodys Vizcaino (see, he may not quite be ready to go).

The Cheese Steaks dropped another one, so the Journey through the back door continued to progress.