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By the end of the day we were a well beaten team. Giving up an early 2 run homer we had come back in the fifth through a Camargo 3 run blast to dead center(6 for 35 as a RH hitter!). Sam gave it back quickly so we were tied at 3

As it was to turn out there was no more scoring until the 14th. What transpired during that scoreless marathon though was increasingly indicative of the Nat’s superiority from the pen aided, many will say, by Snit’s choice of hurlers. We had some good ones too,- Carle, Moylan, Minter and Biddle all somehow survived damage, Biddle impressively so. He held out for a worthy 3 full innings with only one hit and an amazing 8 strikeouts which tied a Braves record set 47 years ago.

McCarthy BTW did a perfectly good job as the starter giving up nothing but an early 2 run homer to Taylor.His final line 6 IP, 4 H, 2R, no walks, 7 K’s. Fine – starting pitching is not our real problem is it.

Then the farce started with our hitters who, the scores tied, went to the plate hitless a further TWENTY TWO TIMES. Dear me, awful but also indicative of the excellent Nats bullpen.

Our pitching come-uppance came in the top of the 14th in the person of Sockolovitch. For 8 innings our bullpen and Snit had somehow managed to keep the door closed. Not this time though, it was easy pickings.

Then came the 14th, both teams running out of players. It was pretty obvious by then also we were going to lose(22 in a row etc). . For 8 innings our bullpen and Snit had somehow managed to keep the door closed. Not this time though, it was easy pickings.They enterprisingly pinch hit with Scherzer to start the innings. Needless to say he singled and was soon standing on third after a double followed him over. He ran like hell. And a few seconds later he scored **. A second garbage run followed, we dutifully went down in about 60 seconds and that was that, game over.,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=530284


**Albies could well have prevented the runner reaching third but badly botched the relay throw coming in. He had an awful game at the plate, he is very, very tired, needs a week off. With Acuna hopefully back in LA maybe we could leave Ozzie behind to rest. Do it, or something like it, now.

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  1. We may also consider that not using Viz and Wink may actually be an instruction/advice from the front office given the decision was made before the game. Can’t put the entire blame from Snit. More bullpen arms are needed for sure. Hopefully we will get couple by the trading period.

    If there is one thing I am noticing, this regime is going far and beyond what we have seen in protecting pitchers, and we should see this as a good thing as we are used to be the VIP customer for Tommy John surgeons.

  2. Here’s the thing. Outside the fact that it was Snitker’s decision to warm up Winkler and Vizcaino yesterday, if what he’s saying is true, why is Scolovich even on the 25 man? The guy only exists as cannon fodder for blowouts, and while that’s okay I guess for a 8 man pen, when it’s effectively 6, he’s got no place on a roster.

    Fried pitched a legit 5 innings at Gwinnett today. Why wasn’t he doing that in Atlanta? You could’ve easily put Scolovich on the DL with a phantom injury and brought him back up.

    The whole thing just strikes me as shitty preparation.

  3. McCarthy on Snitker’s decision to save Vizcaino and Winkler

    “I’m more of the mind to win games that are there to be won. Win game 6 before game 7. But my job isn’t to look at the larger picture of this. I’ve been here with a history with those guys and knowing how to face them. So I’m looking at it with the amateur status. He’s sitting there, he sees all the data, he knows where guys are and what they’re doing. I trust his opinion on that over me just guessing.”

    Translation: it was stupid, and while I can’t say that, I don’t want to lie either.

  4. Sorry for the triple post, but I did say I was going to lose it, and this is as pissed as I’ve been about a loss in awhile. I can accept losing on the field, but this is putting yourself in position to lose before you even take it. Just drives me crazy. Whether it’s Snit, AA, or a combination, do better.

  5. No matter who was responsible for the tactical inflexibility that hastened the Braves demise, he who made the bullpen decision doesn’t hold a candle to FSU’s Mike Martin on the stupidity scale: sending a pitcher with 109 pitches back out to finish the game after a two-and-a-half-hour rain delay.

  6. Apologies for a tired recap. I guess the draining factor over 14 innings won out. Or maybe something you could see coming so clearly took so long to happen.

    But, hey, Trea Turner 0 for 7!

    Bragging rights very much on the line this afternoon, let’s enjoy this one.

  7. I take full responsibility for yesterday’s letdown. I have been to STP for five games this year. I have witnessed five losses.

  8. Thanks for the recap – Let’s just win the series today and all is good in the world.

  9. I’m 1-0 and witnessed a Camargo walk-off. But I live 8 hours away and lack the disposable income and time necessary.

    Socolovich down, Gohara up. If Gohara could have pitched a couple innings yesterday, things would have been much different. But as it sits, today we would have at least Vizzy, Winkler, and Gohara available, and probably could throw at least a couple of Minter, Carle, Freeman, and Moylan on back-to-back days considering their workloads. I just can’t see why it’s worth it to save both guys, but at the end of the day, it’s just one loss.

    No real changes to the lineup today, which may be the more pressing need.

  10. As for DLing Socolovich and calling up Fried, I would imagine those moves start to get a bit obvious after a while. I obviously haven’t looked it up, but we may be one of a few teams that have a AAA team this close to the parent club and can play the games we do. After a while, we probably get a target on our backs.

  11. RE: The Chop

    At the game last week, I really felt like The Chop was doing fine until about the 8th inning. They did it before the bottom of the first, then I didn’t hear it again until the 5th (I think), and they only did it once. It’s really when they play it after every pitch in a close & late situation that it gets old. If they did after every scoring play, after each hitter, something like that, I think it’d be fine. But I’d set a pretty hard number at 5-6 times a game as the absolute max, and I think it’d work for a lot more people.

  12. If the decision yesterday came from upstairs, that’s a pretty classic example of why operating like that is a bad idea. When the people on the ground (as it were) can’t call an audible in order to win an important game that’s there to be won, that’s a problem.

    Of course, if it didn’t come from upstairs and was all Snitker, it’s a classic example of managing with your head up your ass.

  13. One can make an argument for handling Winkler with kid gloves (I would have used him though) but there is just no excuse for not using Vizcaino yesterday.

  14. The offense had five chances to win the game and walk off yesterday. Yet you guys are intent on blaming the manager for bullpen management.

  15. Yes the offense sucked. Yes it is possible Viz or Winkler could have lost the game too.

    Holding the other team off for two more innings might have won the game though.

  16. @16

    Yes, because the offense likely would’ve had at least two more chances to win the game yesterday with proper bullpen management. If it’s the 16th and Viz and Winkler have both pitched, then you have to use Socolovich. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t get that. But we weren’t in that situation. And that fact that it’s pretty clear that he’d have gone with a starting pitcher next, so firm was his stance on not using his best two relievers, one of whom hasn’t really pitched that much recently at all, is mind boggling.

  17. And here’s something else, how about we not rest our two best relievers on the same day for any reason? Ever!

  18. Wait… what? From ESPN: “Gohara was originally supposed to be back in Atlanta a couple of days ago but couldn’t get back because of the gas shortages in Brazil.”

  19. Appreciate that Snit’s doesn’t go for the sunday-get-away-day-lineup today. Let’s win this one.

  20. With Hellickson out of the game for a hamstring, we need to put up some runs.

  21. @25, a guy we’ve never faced before? Anibal & co. better keep this one scoreless.

  22. The kid who is making his debut in this emergency is pitching on just 3 days rest.

  23. Interesting the guys talking about the hitters not being able to see the ball at all yesterday, apparently calling it ‘dangerous’ out there due to sun and shadows.

  24. @28

    Ah yes…another instance of our announcers complaining about a condition that equally affected both teams and acting like it cost us the game. For the love of God, please make it stop!

  25. Francoeur is better than Joe already just because he understands the concept of regression.

  26. Anibal is throwing the kitchen sink up there, big changes of speeds, lots of horizontal movement.

  27. Six innings, zero walks zero earned runs and a 2-1 deficit. Anibel could use some support. Get on base, Nick.

  28. Anibal is showing he deserves a rotation spot. The offense, however should all be demoted. This offense is who we thought they would be at the start of the year.

  29. When Acuna plays again, maybe Ender will get a day or two off. I can’t see Culberson, Tucker or Nick handling center. Camargo could spell either Ozzie or the shortstop, but somebody – Charlie C, I guess – has to fill the other spot. Ryan F is as futile as the ss, who occasionally finds an acorn.

  30. Even Andrelton isn’t going to go a whole season without making an error. Dansby has been a plus defensive player all year by any measure.

  31. Respectfully disagree but concede you are entitled to your opinion. The golden one is beyond reproach.

  32. To clarify the reference, Andruw was often criticized by some fans for not living up to being one of the best prospects ever, being susceptible to sliders outside the strike zone, while those same fans didn’t praise his annual 30 home runs and elite defense.

    Dansby has been an above average hitter for a shortstop and a good fielder but yet can do no right in some fans’ eyes because he was the #1 draft pick and so he should be the best player in the league. This was exacerbated by his bad 2017.

  33. Ready for Viz to blow it….might as well, not like the offense is going to score anytime soon.

  34. OK, Dansby, finish it off to stop the discussions on here – at least for one day.

  35. I can certainly see why everyone wants that guy up in crucial game deciding situations every day…

  36. I am really sick and tired of our guys running into outs at dumb times.

    Edit: Ok, unless he’s safe.

  37. I was just about to comment that I wish we had a better PH option than Culberson. Never mind.

    The two Dansbys!!!

  38. All of a sudden, Culberson has an OPS over .700. For a man so low on the totem pole, he’s making himself worthwhile.

  39. Our starting pitching has really come together and Petco should be good for Julio.

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