Don’t tell these guys we’ve clinched and have nothing to play for. With only 3 games separating the Braves and Cubs for best record coming into this game, the difference is now at 2. Our home record is not as good as our away record, but the Braves are still playing to get home field advantage. It may have come at a steep price, though, as Dansby Swanson left the game with left wrist soreness and has undergone an MRI.

They couldn’t get anything done against Noah Syndergaard. He blanked us for 6 innings, but we got to their bullpen quickly by scoring 7 runs in 2 innings because that’s what we do. It was the typical lineup, so it’s encouraging to see runs still being scored, even if IWOTM.

Lots of stuff still being decided: who will man the last spot(s) on the bench, who will start Game 4, and who will be in the pen. You would have to think only a small handful of pitchers are locks for the pen, and guys like Chad Sobotka, resident flamethrower, could find themselves on the roster at the expense of a season-long contributor. If the Braves decide to go with the “hot hands” vs. “the guys that got us here”, you could see something like Touki Toussaint on the roster and Dan Winkler not on it.

2 more against the Mets, 3 more against the Phillies who are currently being drummed nightly by the Rockies, and then the playoffs.