Before we get into this “recap” thing, let’s take a moment and pour a little to ground for what happened the Mets last night, okay? I mean, there’s getting beat, and then there’s getting beat down. That thing the Nats did the New York? That’s a straight beat down. Like, across the back with lead pipes and bike chains, man.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the Braves-Marlins game. Let’s start with the obvious. It was delayed and didn’t get started until just after 9pm. If we do our due diligence and run the “previously on Buffy” buffer before this week’s episode, we’ll all remember that I’m not staying up for that crap. I spent the evening trying to convince a cowardly dog that Thor was not actually coming to kill him personally.

They did finally get started (I wasn’t even sure they’d get it in; weather in Atlanta is rough all week.) The offense beat Dan Straily up a bit. Eight runs off of 11 hits and a walk, all in just 3.2 innings. It was a good showing all around. Ronaldhino continues to thrive at the top of the order. Freddie and Neck did Freddie & The Neck things. There should be a 70’s era Netflix series about a down on his luck copper and his informant buddy with a heart of gold but a taste for the hard life called “Freddie & The Neck.”


Ender had one of those “me no wanty be platooned!” type of games you sometimes see right after a team goes out and gets a better half. The Good Hair had a good day. All around, kudos to everyone at the plate. Now, let’s talk about the pitching.

Kolby Allard made his MLB debut with a haircut clearly paid for by minor league wages. He was…meh. Went five innings, only one of them (the second) clean. Gave up nine hits and two walks. Hit a batter. Got out of it with only five runs scoring, but he wasn’t precisely effective out there. All in all, Allard’s start is our first and primary case study in why Kevin Gausman is such a good get. You just can’t go headlong into a stretch run with a pitching staff made up of rookie debuts every week, no matter how much long term prospective talent those rookies have. But you all knew that already, right?

I mean, everyone except Tad. Obvs. Anywho.

Same two teams go at it again tonight, weather permitting. Young Pablo Lopez tries to right the ship after a rough go against Washington last time out. It’s his sixth MLB start. He has an ERA just over 5. He’ll likely throw a no-hitter. The Braves counter with a good ol’ case of the Aniballin’. Hopefully the organist will pay adult video music when he bats. Word is the Braves are going to be using the Gwinnett shuttle to run a six man rotation for a while, without actually carrying six starters on the roster at any given time. Will be interesting to see 1) how well that works and 2) how MLB responds to it…