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Editor’s note: Let this serve as a game thread for the second game. Rusty S. gives us a player rundown on Adam Duvall.

Adam Duvall had his first full major league season at age 27, an age historically considered to represent a typical player’s offensive peak. He hit 33 home runs in that 2016 season, and followed it up with 31 homers in his age 28 season. Duvall has a career .232/.293/.460 slash line, and he was standing at .205/286/.399 when he came over from Cincinnati, including 15 home runs in 331 at-bats.

As far as Duvall’s apparent new role as a lefty smasher, he does not seem to fare significantly better , posting a career line of .239/.322/.466 against the former and .230/.283/.458 against the latter. It seems his main expectation against lefties is to be *not* Ender Inciarte.

Duvall’s numbers have not been as inflated by Great American Ball Park as I thought, as his home run totals home or away have been essentially the same throughout his career. However, his late debut, and his drop off thus far in his age 29 season concerns me regarding his long term ability to contribute outside of his peak years.

Duvall’s job in Cincinnati was to hit a home run a week; a rare and useful skill. In the short term, if he can do the same for Atlanta from here out, he’ll win us a ball game or two.

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  1. I move to rename Sobotka “Chewbotka”, which seems to have been originated by Seat Painter. That’s good one. If he can stick on the club, he will be recorded in the Braves Journal Glossary. Anyone say aye?

  2. Woo, my first nomination to the BJ Glossary.

    I’d like to thank the Academy, my agent, my lovely wife, Mrs. Painter who puts up with so much, George Lucas for the inspiration….

  3. Do y’all get the feeling that the WaPo writers secretly enjoy it when the gNats fall apart? There’s a certain glee to lines like:

    “We left here with one win,” rookie Manager Dave Martinez said, staring out at nothing, his voice as hollow as his eyes. “We should have had three.”

  4. Love laughers. Let’s have another, please.

    Chewbotka works for me. I hope he sticks around long enough to make it a household name.

  5. Rob/Rusty, thanks for the profile. I have been very excited about getting Duvall. He had been an offseason target. With what you’ve put together above, I’m afraid I’m starting to see a mini-Chris Davis forming. *shudder* I just hope there’s a way to prevent that from happening. At least he’s a better defender.

  6. @6 I can’t speak for the rest of their Nats coverage, but that one article is melodramatic. Someone is trying too hard, and it’s obviously not the baseball team.

  7. Gee whiz, how are you going to tell Touki Toussaint he can’t stay in the big leagues? It is a test of a really good team that you’re able to bring someone like this up to make such a big start.

    Oh, and while it’s great to be able to pitch against the Marlins during the first game of a doubleheader, the Marlins are still a major league team.

  8. @9 I like Duvall; I hope he does well. His numbers this year aren’t *too* far below the last 2 years, and I think if he were still playing full time, he might have gotten back to them. Bears watching though.

  9. Philly gets Boston at home for a couple games, but then they get New York for 5 straight games at home, then @ Wash for 3 games. Who knows where the gNats will be then.

  10. Touki’s got the stuff. 1/2 combo will definitely play at the big league level. I will say the fish helped him out several times swinging at balls outside the zone. Pretty much a best case scenario MLB debut.

  11. Top 5 pleasant surprises with the 2018 Braves (note : there are several other good news stories and a few bad, but these are the biggest schockers for me.)

    1. Markakis ( contender to win batting title and mvp. .897 ops)
    2. Sanchez (2.83 era, 86 innings )
    3. Albies ( 21 hrs)
    4. Culberson (.823 ops)
    5. Camargo (.796 ops)

  12. It may have been blind optimism, but I was expecting Acuna to make a run at ROY. After a late call up and a DL stint, 16 hrs surprise me, but not to the extent of the other 5.

  13. I should know not to tune in even a little late. Young Ronald’s first AB of each game has become must see TV.

  14. @28 Best I can tell the last time it happened was Rickey Henderson in 1993 and before that it was 80 years earlier. He may have just done something thats only been done in MLB twice before! Someone see if they can check me on this.

  15. @33 Was that the year Brady hit 50 while mostly hitting leadoff? Does that mean we might expect 50 at some point from young Ronald?

    Heck, Acuna might get to 30 this year!

  16. Fangraphs really doesn’t like Ronald’s defense. That’s surprising. Otherwise they would consider him to be even more valuable than his 1.5 fWAR in 274 PAs. I still like him just fine though.

  17. @34 Nah he hit the 50 in ‘96 and interestingly barely broke 20 the rest of his career.

    I think maybe Acuna got sick of hearing about Soto…

  18. I just can’t get over Touki. He’s the most entertaining pitching prospect we have. I never caught any of his starts at Florida, but I’ve seen him in the dugout a lot and how he conducts himself, and I’m just really impressed with how far he’s come development-wise but has kept that infectious personality. I think he has the probability to be a fan favorite for the next half decade+. He’s special, and his pitching has matched him as a person.

  19. @37 He hasn’t always looked that great in left, to be fair. I get the sense he’s a very good center fielder, but I think people underestimate the adjustment from center to the corners. The angles are a lot different and it takes some getting used to, so I expect those numbers will improve.

  20. Juan Soto has been terrific, but Acuna is starting to play like he’s capable of. This time next month the conversation might be reversed, but Soto deserves the recognition he’s receiving.

  21. According to krussell, IWOTMarlins, but we’re beating a team we’re supposed to beat, and that’ll get you to the playoffs. We’ll be 1 full game up in nearly mid-August, and to quote Jack Nicholson, that ain’t bad.

  22. Agreed that Soto has been great, but its not like there is no comparison. acuna leads in HR, SB and fielding.

    Heck if Acuna stopped getting crap calls on 3-2 pitches, he might lead in OBP as well.

    Hey look, Flaherty didn’t ground out!

    edit: and another borderline 3-2 goes against acuna

  23. I’d give real money to see the Cards beat the gnats in the bottom of the ninth…I’m now actively pulling for the gnats to not only lose, but lose in spectacular fashion.

  24. A win is a win, no complaints there. All we can do is play the schedule. But this Marlins team has been gutted and they didn’t start with much to begin with. These games against them are almost must-win.

  25. @56 He has been since around the all star break. I think Snit is seeing that and Winkler has not been used in high leverage situation much in the second half.

    To be fair, his inning total is pretty high now considering where he was one or two years ago. Snit has been protecting him quite well.

  26. Or, you know, I’ll take a Cards comeback in the 8th too. I bet Harper is already dreaming of NY or LA…

  27. Dusty Baker has his share of weaknesses but it’s a terrible idea to bring in a rookie manager to manage a veteran team. I love how the Natspos are being mis-managed. It’s like having Ed Wade and Amaro back then with the Phillies. Somehow some way they will mess up.

  28. @67 True. It’s probably just a gut feeling…it seems like the Cards are not as well run as they used to be. Their farm is not as strong as before and their major league core talents are on the wrong side of the 30. Seems like the organization is trending downward.

  29. I can tell you that Minter would not get walked off on two nights in a row.

    We’re goin’ to the ‘ship.

  30. The Natspos are definitely trending downward I think from an organization point of view. They have peaked.

  31. I would just like to point out my prescient post at 54…I also told my son as we watched the second game that Acuna was about to go deep again…shoulda played the lotto tonight.

  32. This has been one of my favorite stretches of the season. The Nats just give so much free entertainment.

  33. Outside of the fact that we need more power bats in our farm and we are tied to the terrible tv deal, I have no complain about the Braves as an organization.

    The hiring of AA is huge. Gotta give credits to the Braves for finally getting out of their comfort zone to hire a competent “outsider” to be the GM.

  34. And the next one is waiting in the wings:
    Kyle Wright 7IP 1H 0R 1BB 8K

    also Ynoa with a good game: 6IP 1H 0R 2BB 7K

  35. Soto has one thing Acuna does not have and does not want, a sulky temper. On bad/close calls it’s always there, visible.

    One of the extraordinary things about our guy is his maturity in this area. All those questionable called strike three inside pitches – there is the briefest of pauses and then off he goes, head high.

    Advantage Atlanta. Big advantage. For us, watching, too.

  36. Touki…

    joie de vivre…lovely to see

    his one moment came an hour in when he inexplicably threw five back to back pitches in the dirt, miles short of the target. The first guy walked, the next grounded out! Inning over. Never reoccurred. He was not fazed. No problem apparently. Folty would have been swinging on a chandelier above home plate.

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