At the beginning of this homestand, we had 14 games in front of us against seemingly inferior opponents, and 12 of those games were at home. We’re 4-0 so far. Taking care of business against the bad teams is something good teams do. It was infuriating to see our team lose 13 of 19 games to the Phillies last year. Were we better than the Phillies? Maybe, maybe not. But we probably weren’t as bad as a 6-13 record showed. This team is different.

And now it might be time to start buying into Anibal Sanchez a little bit. He may not start a postseason game for us should be make the postseason, but he has been a huge help in May and June of this year. And while winning of these games have been huge, he is providing a very helpful bridge to the next wave of young starters. He’s not quite as good as his ERA suggests. He suffers from a little bit of gopheritis (1.2 HR/9), his K rate could be a little better in today’s game (7.7 K/9), but he’s limiting baserunners (0.9 WHIP), and he’s pitched 7 strong in 2 of his last 3 starts. Not bad for the league minimum.

Otherwise, this was simply the format of a good win from a good team: strong starting pitching, timely hits, good defense, and the pen didn’t blow it. Inciarte hit a home run, and he’s now 5 for his last 10 with a couple XBH. Dan Winkler gave up a couple runs only to prove he was human.

Brandon McCarthy toes the rubber today. Sean Newcomb tomorrow.