This is on the night owls. When I left it was 1 to 0, Padres. So, the magnitude of this is on you.

This is a continuation of the predominant paradigm. A great philosopher and Rhodes scholar penned the phrase “Monday morning, coming down,” (he made a lot of money off of that one) but we continue to experience “Monday anytime, coming down.”

Eric Hosmer homers (Hosmer Homers, Homer Hosmers, whatever) in the first. Corey Spangenburg (isn’t that one of those deadly beef borne diseases? e. cori, spangiosis) homers in the 2nd. BUT, the Braves got it back even in the 4th. The disastrous 5th giving up 7 runs was the exact differential on this one.

Julio Teheran walked the first one in the bottom of the fifth and was pulled at 78 pitches. He obviously had been wobbly, but was it that bad, those of you who watched? So Luiz Gohara is brought in to pitch 4 timezones west of his body and promptly has his worst performance as an Atlanta Brave. Apparently Brazil doesn’t recognize daylight savings time because they know it is the same amount of daylight anyway or else it would have been 5 timezones. He starts double, ground out, sac fly. One run is in and 2 outs on the board. Then, the dive began. Triple, single, walk, double, double, double (yeah, yeah, toil and trouble). Moylan came in to get the last out, but even this bunch of come back Braves was going to have a tough time overcoming that Barve job.

My couple of experiences and the experts say that west to east jet lag is worse than east to west. Maybe they need to monitor the Braves.