We are not at their level. When the hits must be produced, when the pitches need find their mark. 3/0 became 5/3 seemingly in a moment and there would be no comeback offered by us at the last throw of the dice. Three runs in ninth(Minter), 2 in the tenth(Jackson) stunned a sell out crowd who were  quite sure they were witnessing an inexorable march to victory by their heroes.

How many of them one wonders were fidgeting after the third with the Braves quite unable to add to their 2 run lead. All that was keeping us on top of the scoreboard was a simply magnificent display of pitching by Folty – at his very best which now is something quite considerable. 7.0 IP 4 hits  0 runs  0 walks. Against a hot, deep lineup which we would be reminded remained just that after Folty left after 7, his lead intact. Mercy be we finally got that insurance run in the seventh, surely that would do it?

That it came nowhere close to ‘doing it’ started with two out in the ninth which finally produced three runs off Minter who may or may not had been having blister problems. Jackson, who had performed stoutly under pressure recently withered under the pressure that had been rapidly accruing and allowed the two go ahead runs. We had nothing to offer in the bottom of the 10th.

Colorado has showed us consistently better middle order power and clutch bullpen finishing. Each game. Last chance tomorrow. At least I got this scribble up before midnight, what else is there to say?