Wes Parsons

The Braves lost yesterday. It happens.

This morning, they called up Wes Parsons. Matt Wisler has been optioned, but a 40-man spot will have to be created for him.

Parsons is interesting. He was an undrafted free agent out of community college in 2013. He’s really never been considered a prospect, and when Atlanta traded for their glut of pitching prospects, he has been an after-thought for the last few years. He had not even been given a consistent rotation spot at his minor league stops as late as 2016 as he battled injuries, but he moved into Mississippi’s rotation in the second half of last year, and has been working as a starter exclusively since. This is his first stretch of his career where he’s been consistently healthy. He pitched well with good peripherals in 7 AA starts this year: 29.1 IP, 24 H, 10 BB, 28 K, 1.23 ERA. And in 6 AAA starts, he’s also been impressive: 35 IP, 24 H, 11 BB, 33 K, 2.83 ERA.

He’s 25 years old, 6’5″, and according to scouting reports, seems to have added about 15 pounds in the last couple years. He’s not a prospect, but he’s continued to pitch well the older, healthier, and longer he’s been in the system. As I said, he’s interesting.

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  1. If I had to speculate, I’d have to think Hursh would be DFA’ed. If he can’t crack the pen right now, and he’s nearing the end of his options, he would be the logical one.

  2. @DOBrienAJC #Braves expect to activate Ronald Acuna for Friday game at St. Louis , long as he feels fine after playing again today for Gwinnett.

  3. They probably don’t care about whichever guy at the bottom of the 40 man roster they decide to DFA. They DFA’ed Phil Gosselin when they added Phillips, and nobody is missing him.

  4. I recapped briefly and published just now. It’s a 12:10 day game today, so pick a thread for your in-game talk and go with it.

  5. Where are you seeing Soroka to the 60-day? I got nothing in my news feed about that.

  6. The good news is he’s already 7 days into his stint, and he wasn’t going to throw for 4 weeks from June 20th anyway.

  7. Hopefully it can be fixed with rest and physical therapy, and it’s not something inherent with his mechanics.

  8. Typical Braves; “He’s fine! Just needs to rest a few days. May miss a start. We will put him on the DL to add another pen arm.

    Yeah, letting him sit out 60 days was the plan from the get go. Everyone know that.

    No, he’s going to see Dr. Andrews because they are life long friends. The families go way back. We felt it would be okay for him to go hang out for a few days with him…”

    DOB downplaying it. Sounds like he and Peanut are battling to be the “Official Voice of Braves State Media.”

  9. Can we please just expand the strike zone and move away from having pitchers throw so hard? I feel like this league has gravitated towards guys throwing 97 mph when they would ordinarily throw 92-94 mph and the guys like Anibal Sanchez who top out 92 mph are considered soft tossers.

    If they would expand the strike zone, pitchers won’t have to push so hard to add another mile or two per hour in what is already a shrunken strike zone. I’d rather see pitchers focusing on carving up the zone than trying to blast everything by hitters.

  10. Did anyone notice how Chip Caray didn’t know the score? He said that Braves’ single to make it 2-1 “tied the game,” and then started to say the score was 1-1 before realizing and correcting himself to say 2-1.

  11. @21 I noticed that too. Earlier he said the Brewers will be going to Milwaukee for an upcoming series when he really meant the Reds.

  12. Freeman is definitely in a skid. He’s hitting .196/.260/.348 in his last 50 PAs going into today.

  13. Freeman hadn’t hit an infield fly since 2006, and has now hit 2 in 3 games. That, the strikeouts, and the substandard fielding lately are a convincing case that there is something wrong.

    Oh and RIP Soroka :(

  14. They need to give Freddie a day .. he is hurting the team .. coming up in RBI situations and striking out … then he gets so non chalant about it .. like he doesnt care .. throw a bat .. kick the dirt … throw a cooler .. something

  15. Freddie is the best 1st baseman in baseball. he is going through a slump. he needs a day or two off, not to go out and break his hand on a whiteboard to show how much he cares. Pretty sure he has proven that to us already.

  16. Slightly ironic that, based on the events of today, David Hernandez is coming in to pitch.

  17. @29 agreed .. take a day off …. our bullpen is taxed … nobody down there a reliable option at all ..

  18. Sam Freeman works a whole lot better with regular rest. After he imploded a month ago, he got a couple of days off and then came back strong for a while. Now he’s been used like four of the last five games and he’s sucking again. A team using analytics should be tracking these trends.

    The Reds are only second to the Braves as an offense. This is somewhat to be expected. Doesn’t mean that the bullpen doesn’t suck. There has got to be a way to give Parsons or Phillips a shot.

  19. Freeman again .. he needs a day off .. today would have been a good day to do that ….

  20. Inciarte never gets taken out of the game. Hopefully he just tweaked something and it’s precautionary.

  21. Ooof, glad I was at work and unable to watch today’s game. The outcome sure isn’t indicative of a Team of Density…

  22. There can be only one Freeman. The One Freeman. He who shall liberate us from our unjust benefactors and restore our great franchise to that which it was before the great calamity that was AOL & TimeWarner.

    Only the Freeman is capable of this feat.

  23. The bullpen has cost us three games in the last week.

    I hope AA is looking to make a move. Things are about to get a lot harder and Wisler, Simms, Jackson, Freeman, Moylan, Fried and Minter are not the answers.

  24. @47 I’ll agree if you remove Fried and Minter. They are obviously part of the answers. And Wisler can be, too. I’d just rather see Wisler traded along with others for better personnel.

  25. Agreed, Fried and Minter are part of the answers. Some other guys are going to need to be, too. I think the Braves will find themselves one among many in the market for bullpen help, which does not work to our favor.

    With Soroka on the 60-day DL, it wouldn’t hurt to add at least one arm to the pen. I really don’t think we’ll be in the market for a starting pitcher at the deadline.

  26. Mr. Brandon “I’m Too Good to Move to Third for Ozzie Albies” Phillips just got signed to a minor league deal. In June.

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