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  1. a Happy Day to all.

    Hector Olivera
    might it not all be fairer
    to start him at short
    for what we could claim is the love of the sport.

    Austin Riley
    has always been regarded so highly
    the Nats offered Bryce
    we’re asking the Angels to send us Trout, twice.

    Adonis Garcia
    so susceptible to injury we fear
    for the farciable future
    we pray for the absence of plaster and suture.

  2. from the previous thread on bonuses.

    A lawyer without tax experience.

    For tax purposes, generally money paid in a year results in tax liability for that money in that year. Some specific types of deferred compensation require the recipient to report all of the income up front (example: A home builder who builds subdivisions with houses and sells more than 6 in a year is a “dealer in property” and even if they finance the house themselves, the entire gain is reported in the year of sale.)

    From a tax standpoint I am pretty sure that somebody can defer. BUT that deferral is not necessarily going to save tax. Social security maxes out at about 116,000. SO, after that, 7.75 % of tax goes away. The federal income tax would be at a higher rate, but might be offset by the social security.

    BUT, I am pretty sure that ML does not allow deferred bonuses unless the player is on a major league (union member, no cut) contract. So, deferral of a part of a bonus by a minor league assigned draftee means that if he is cut, the team does not have to pay it.

    AND, I am pretty sure when they redid the draft about 3 to 4 years ago, that draftees CANNOT sign an ML contract. Only international players who have played at a certain level in the international world.)

  3. Merry Christmas everybody! It’s quite a gift to have a site like this in the midst of the barren wasteland of the Atlanta Braves. Watching these All-Star game highlights on MLB Network makes you sad. The Braves had SEVEN All-Stars in ’97, plus Bobby and the staff. I guess Freddie, regardless of his season, will be our token rep.

    And MLB Trade Rumors is drunk. They’re suggesting Toussaint makes his debut this year. Yeah, I dunno…

  4. @4
    Yeah I read that AJC article and wondered what they were on. I thought it must have been written at least before the Swanson/Blaire acquisitions, but it was not.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t know what’s happening where you are, but North Alabama is a great place for ducks. Flash flooding all around. Stay dry and count your blessings. It’s a wonderful time of year!

  6. Greetings from Oakland, N.J…

    In NYC/NJ, it’s mid-60s (was 70 this past Sunday) — very weird, but beats driving in the snow or ice.

    Merry & happy to all!

  7. Yes, Merry New Year all.

    Some more 2015 music thoughts, now that I’ve been doing some internet browsing.

    -No idea who Oneohtrix Point Never are or what their music sounds like, but “Garden of Delete” is a hell of an album title
    -Vince Staples is damn good
    -Wow, who is Young Thug and where has he been all my life? Dude can jam.
    -Can’t bring myself to listen to Miguel’s new one, because what if nothing on it is as good as “Do you…?” or “Gravity” or “Sure Thing”?
    -I really don’t like Kurt Vile’s record at all, but we have worked for the same Philadelphia brewery sort of. Once again he loses the Kurt Vile battle to Kurt Weill.

    I don’t think anything displaces Kendrick or Sufjan or Joanna on my favorites list.

    The wife got me Aquemini on vinyl today, though, so 2015 can go on and marinate on that for a minute.

  8. Merry Christmas from way up north in Winnipeg. I will be sporting my new Braves ballcap everywhere I go and dreaming of 2017, or 2018…..

    Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday.

  9. Wisler’s Mother
    she picture perfect, he pitcher like no other
    his portraiture’s amended
    the hanging curve, it never bended.

  10. Sign Justin Upton and Mark Buerhle, neither of which are “pie in the sky” ideas, and you’re talking about a much different team in 2016. Upton provides some serious middle-of-the-order power and slides everybody down in the order, and Buerhle is a lefty and provides some leadership to our younger pitchers.

  11. I think both of those are actually fairly “pie-in-the-sky” ideas. Perhaps not monetarily, but certainly realistically.

  12. I can definitely see Buerhle not being realistic. He’d probably be looking for a 1 yr/$10M deal, and he’s no guarantee to make 30+ starts. He’s also not much more of a guarantee to produce a sub-4 ERA than a guy like Chacin or one of our prospects.

    My concern is that the market seems to be suppressing the values of some of these OFs in this offseason, and if we have All The Money next offseason, we might be competing with as many teams with a smaller pool of players. If the Braves are going to sign a $100M+ deal now or next year (big “if”, of course), then Upton seems to be as good of a bet as any to spend that. He’s only 28, and he’ll definitely be good when we’re good again. You can also really speed up the rebuild with a guy like him (assuming Olivera can play third and Garcia is not who he appears to be). I agree it’s unrealistic, but you can make a compelling case that he makes sense.

  13. I can’t see Upton. He’d be a good bit cheaper than Heyward, but he’s only been a marginally better hitter over his career. His defense recovered recently, but he could conceivably be DH/short first-baseman in the future.

    Of course, everyone’s a good fit at the right price.

  14. Howard and Zimmerman fit the narrative. Aging/injured superstars trying to beat Father Time. Would Howard or Zimmerman be subject to punishment by MLB? Hasn’t HGH been no bueno earlier than 2011?

  15. The Zimmerman/Howard story is interesting. The person who made the accusations almost immediately recanted them: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/12/28/meet-charlie-sly-the-man-telling-and-recanting-tales-about-doping-peyton-manning-and-ryan-zimmerman/

    My default is to assume that they did it, because there’s still virtually no good reason NOT to take drugs. But there clearly is going to be a lot of followup reporting, and I’d bet anything that MLB has already launched an investigation. If there’s anything remotely substantial, I’d expect MLB to lean hard to try to suspend the players, even in the absence of a failed test, since that’s been their modus operandi before now.

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