Braves Journal — Let’s Meet Up At a Braves Game!

Alex R. really wants for us to honor Mac by gathering at Turner Field this summer. Here are six home game weekends that might work. We’d really like to get as many people as possible in Atlanta to see a game, so, please, whether you live in the Atlanta area or think you might be able to visit, post in the comments if you’d be interested and you think one of those weekends might work.

(Or, if you don’t want to post in the comments but are still interested in attending, just send me an email at the email address to the right.)

May 3rd-5th, Mets
June 14th-16th, Giants
June 28th-30th, D’Backs
July 12th-14th, Reds
July 26th-28th, Cardinals
Aug 16th-18th, Nationals

I know that mass coordination is always difficult. So I’ll get in touch with the people who express interest and we’ll pick one of these six weekends. Then we can lock in the date. (To all season-ticket-holders, we want to make sure to include you in the planning too!)

This will be fun. I’m really looking forward.

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  1. Mid-Century Modern, in the house…
    Charles Eames, describing his initial HM lounge chair, said he wanted “the warm, receptive look of a well used first baseman’s mitt.” You gotta like a designer who thinks like that.

  2. What an awesome idea. I don’t think I’ll be in Atlanta for those dates but I’m always down to meet up with Braves Journalers at a Miami game if someone ventures down this way.

    Can’t wait for my spring training game on the 14th! Jupiter, FL is unbelievably beautiful in March.

  3. FYI: 28 June is when the team will retire Chipper’s jersey. Those tickets will go FAST as soon as they are opened up for full sale on 25 Feb.

  4. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it down to Atlanta, but anyone in the DC area who wants to catch a Braves/Nationals game this year should drop me a line!

  5. I’d love to come down. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen a game at Turner Field. Every time I’ve been in Atlanta since it was built was either off-season or the Braves were out of town. I did go to the little museum there once. In any case, any of the weekends other than the IWOTM weekend are possibilities, but my schedule is sufficiently erratic that it’s hard to tell. Put me on the list and I’ll see what I can do.

  6. @5 It seems there are enough fans here, in the DC metropolitan, that we too could have a Mac tribute night.

  7. As of now, I’m going to OD and that is all I can committ to.

    Fantasy league note: This is the last day for last year’s managers to secure a spot in the league before I open it up to the rest of Braves Journal. We have 8 teams right now and will have 14 maximum. Email me at cothrjr at hotmail dot com to secure a spot.

  8. I’m committed to attending on Friday August 9th, but then that’s what a round trip of 8,400 miles does to your prospective dates, much as I would have loved to make it work for the shortlist

  9. @5, @7 – I’ve a dear friend in the DC area who I’ve failed to visit for three years running. If a DC event is put together, maybe that would be the push it takes for me.

    I’m about 9 hours from Atlanta (SW FL) with no plans to come up, so any trip for me would be solely for the game/meet-up. I try to make one series a season anyway, and I missed last year, so I could arrange whatever series I went up for around the meet-up.

    What I’m trying to say is, ATL and DC folks, and those for whom a particular date makes the difference, pick a date, and I’ll try to make it.

  10. Dunno my spring/summer schedule yet, but would love to swing a game in ATL. Will keep those dates in mind.

    And, if possible, a chowdown at Fox Bros. BBQ might be in order. The place is relatively close to the ballpark, only 10-15 minutes down I-20 or Dekalb Ave.

  11. Would love to, but not going to happen this summer. Even if I were available, I’m terrible at making meet ups happen. I mean, Adam M and I never even met up to watch a game on TV…

  12. I’m definitely interested in meeting some of you guys. I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer, but pick the date and I’ll try to make it.

    The MLB article on Bethancourt says he is looking to silence his doubters. Does anyone know if this is a higher standard than silencing his critics? It would seem to me that critics would be more vocal than doubters, but there may be more doubters than critics.

  13. “It would seem to me that critics would be more vocal than doubters, but there may be more doubters than critics.”

    I think that hit the nail on the head

  14. I’m with Spike. Get the travel folks to make a call on the weekend and let me know, and then I’ll shamble over to the stadium and be a snide, sarcastic ass in person.

  15. The only one that absolutely doesn’t work for me is the early May one. Outside of that, I’m in the same boat as Spike and Sam. I’ll probably go to the Chipper number retirement game on June 28th regardless, but I’d say it’s probably not the best game for this sort of thing, what with tickets at such a premium for that day.

  16. Since I am flying in to watch the Braves every year anyway, I am happy to do it on which ever date you guys are picking.
    Great idea. Will be fun.

  17. The D-Backs weekend is the only one I would have to rule out entirely. Otherwise, no known conflicts and I would go if it works out.

  18. I’m good any day and look forward to meeting everyone. Let’s do it the day after they name Avilan an All-Star.

    Yeah, I’m kinda glad Josh is still a Hawk, I guess. The devil you know …

    I’m holding out hope that Ferry will be able to talk Josh and Dwight into playing together in their home town.

    C – Howard
    F – Horford
    F – Josh
    G – Korver
    G – Teague

    That starting five, playing at or near their best, should challenge for the Championship.

    Either that or it will be a colossal bust – but at least we tried.

  19. 22—Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening. But, yeah, it would be awesome. At this point, I’m just hoping they’re able to get something useful for Smith in an off-season sign-and-trade.

  20. I didn’t like any of the deals being floated – it probably made the most sense to hold onto him. And yes, this means I can keep my Howard dream alive…

  21. Keep me posted on this. I have a kidney stone and they are going to get it tomorrow, so I will probably be out of pocket for a few days

  22. @22, I would have been ecstatic to have seen that even 6 months ago. At this point, I think it’s more realistic than it was a year ago; however, I’m not so sure that either Dwight or Smith are going to be worth the salaries they’re probably going to get this offseason.

    @25, Sounds awful. Hope it goes well.

  23. Good luck Smitty!

    I’m not sure where I’ll be living this summer, but if you announce a set of dates with enough notice, I’d love to make it happen. I’d definitely like to meet you guys.

  24. GL HF, Smitty. >_<

    Hey, DC crowd, how about we try for the April dates? There's a 99% chance I'm going to be out of town for the August games, and a 60% chance I'm going to be out of town for the September dates. So one of the 12-14th of April? :-D

  25. Kidney stones suck. A friend of mine posted pictures of his on Facebook. Pretty much the definition of TMI. Get better Smitty.

  26. Any of those work for me since I’m just an hour+ down the road. I usually go to market on Friday and Saturday, but I’d love to hang out and watch a game with everyone. Is it going to be a buy a block of seats kind of thing?

    Hope your treatment makes you feel better, Smitty.

  27. Ok, Braves Journalers! I have now opened the fantasy league registration to the blog. There are currently 9 teams signed up, so there are 5 slots available. The league is head to head and the winner of the league receives a sports book sent to his/her house by all of the losers.

    The stats calculated are as follows:
    Pitching: Wins, Saves, Ks, WHIP, ERA, and NH (we always have one fluke stat per category for fun). WHIP might be changed to K/BB ratio.
    Batting: runs, HR, rbi, sb, OPS, and cycle

    Here’s the info to register!
    It is a head to head with daily changes (but you can make the changes 4-5 days in advance. Here’s the league info:

    Yahoo League ID 66409
    League Name: Braves Journal Crowhoppers
    Password: chipper (no capital)

    Good luck, and my God have mercy on all your souls!

  28. Darn it. I’d love to join you all to honor Mac, but the only weekend I can get down to Atlanta is August 9-11. If it works out, making it an annual Braves Journal event would be terrific.

  29. Hey Guys – Just wanted to let all know that I’m simming the 2012 Season Solitaire with Strat-O-Matic and am posting individual game summaries and updates at — Would love followers and comments.

  30. The girlfriend and I are going to try and get tickets to Chipper’s retirement game, June 28th. If we’re able to land tickets for that game, I’m sure we’ll pick up tickets for the game on the 29th as well.

    I’m more of a lurker, but it would be awesome to have a beer and shoot the shit with any regular/fan of Braves Journal.

    We’ll probably go up for another series during the season if our schedules permit.. I’m not 100% sure what will work best, but if I had to guess, I would say the Cardinals series at the end of July.

  31. Hey Lance! This is the first time I actually remember seeing you post on here. Hope things are still going well at the RBC. Let me know if you make it up to DC. Maybe we can catch a Braves/Nats game!

  32. We are down to 3 spots for the league.

    It is a head to head with daily changes (but you can make the changes 4-5 days in advance. Here’s the league info:

    Yahoo League ID 66409
    League Name: Braves Journal Crowhoppers
    Password: chipper (no capital)

  33. Man, I would love to go to Atlanta and see a game and meet the Braves Journal crowd. Alas, odds are I won’t be able too, but please keep us all posted on the plans on the very off chance I can get away.

  34. This one looks like it is going to end up a draw. We have a no-hitter through seven. But we haven’t scored and now have a lineup that features Pena, Cunningham, Schafer, Parraz, Pastornicky and Pagnozzi.

  35. Never mind, I didn’t know Ryan Buchter was getting a turn. It’s better to save the Ws for when they count.

  36. 1. Lurkers are of course welcome, but all responses from regular posters to any lurker comment will begin with a huffy, “who let this guy in?” bit of cliquish snobbery.

    2. “I haven’t posted since I was in love with Will Cunnane has to be the most awesome, randomly perfect name drop in the history of Braves Journal.”

  37. BTW, the Braves visit Citi Field on May 25 — John Franco Bobblehead Day.

    I just hope Franco’s bobblehead doesn’t have to pitch to Brian Jordan’s bobblehead.

  38. Congrats, Smitty! Did they sound blast it, or do the manual extraction? The former is like taking a dirty shot from a young Mike Tyson. The latter transcends metaphor.

    Those bastards run in the family, unfortunately. I keep a powerful, emergency pill handy at all times.

  39. @59 – I’m tempted to sign up, and having never played fantasy baseball in my life, I’m sure league members would love to beat up on me.. but I think my first league should probably be with strangers, so I don’t have to hear about it all season.

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