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  1. Merry belated Christmas to you all. I just finished a 1500 mile road trip through Switzerland and Germany with a Tesla. Nice car but the charging does suck after the tenth break… Hope you all had a nice couple of days. I am glad that I don’t have to drive anymore anywhere for a week or so.

  2. @1
    timo’s breaks
    mandatory, he has to do what it takes
    this time, ten
    it’s hard to tell when we’ll see him again.

  3. Elon Musk
    he once told timo not to drive after dusk
    all hundred batteries draining
    the next thing i know you’ll be complaining.

  4. From deep down in Jayson Stark’s strange-but-true article:

    “Think it’s safe to say the Mariners’ catchers were offensively challenged? They hit .159, with a .464 OPS, this year. The Giants’ pitchers hit .162, with a .463 OPS.”

    Could be worse, Barves.

  5. True, the Yanks didn’t give up any tip-top prospects/talent, but Chapman could be a one-year rental with some kind of suspension included.

    There’s still talk that they could trade Andrew Miller (and probably Brett Gardner), but if they enter the season with Chapman, Miller & Betances in the pen, the Yanks would have the Top 3 K/9 guys in MLB — Nasty Boys, v2.

    Chapman: 15.7 in 66.1 IP
    Miller: 14.6 in 61.2 IP
    Betances: 14.0 in 84 IP

  6. If the suspension is long enough (46 days or longer), Chapman’s free agency is delayed a year. I wonder if the Yankees had some inside information about the situation.

  7. @20. They have achieved the traditional strategy of “shortening the game for the starters”. Considering their starting rotation, it is a sensible and much cheaper strategy without the need of replacing all five starters.

  8. Well, Lemmy made it to 70, which should be considered a bit of an upset.

    Never saw Motörhead play (& was never fond of Lemmy’s particular fashion collectibles), but some of their records are pretty underrated. My fave tune:

    This one ain’t bad either:

    The Yanks are certainly better with Chapman than without him. I doubt those 4 prospects were going to help the big club much in ’16.

    I’m just not sure that they’re done dealing. From all I hear, they still want the best starting pitcher(s) they can acquire.

  9. Full Disclosure: Disregard my comment at @ 20. I briefly saw a text about this trade yesterday. I thought the Yanks gave up Betances and Miller for Chapman, which of course I didn’t understand. Should do my homework before posting huh?

  10. No. At this point, no one in the league is going to try to “stretch Chapman out and start him.” Any moreso than the Red Sox are going to convert Kimbrel into a fifth starter.

  11. @25. I think we have passed that bridge long long time ago. Doubt that’s still a practical option anymore.

  12. Hey smitty, what do you think your barber would say to something like this?

    Atlanta trades:

    Mike Foltynewicz
    Touki Toussaint
    Austin Riley
    John Gant

    Colorado sends back:

    Nolan Arrenado

  13. From previous thread…The (Breaking) Bad Trade

    Smitty’s Barber
    a lust for trades he will always harbor
    Arrenado? true
    Denver gets Fredi, 2 kilos Baby Blue.

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