Mets 5, Braves 1

Well, that was about as surprising a result as the sun coming up in the east tomorrow morning.

Yoenis Cespedes drove in 3, including a two run bomb in the ninth, as the Mets picked up another
game courtesy of the Braves and their tenth straight loss at Turner Field. I’m starting to think that the
Braves aren’t that good a baseball team.

Matt Wisler didn’t pitch that badly – going six innings, giving up two runs on seven hits and three
walks. On the good side, he struck out 6, and did not surrender a homer. That honor would go to
putative closer Arodys Vizcaino in the ninth, but the two runs he gave up got him tagged with the loss.

Daniel Castro had his first MLB homer in the fifth to cut the Mets lead to 2-1, but the aforementioned
homer and an eighth inning passed ball by Christian Bethancourt were more than enough to drive a
stake through the Braves’ chances.

Anyway, the NFL starts Sunday, so at least we’ll have that going for us.

30 thoughts on “Mets 5, Braves 1”

  1. I was at the game last night.

    a.) Probably the most pitiful Friday night crowd I’ve ever seen
    b.) Adonis Garcia may not always have a great approach at the plate, and he plays third base a little too tentatively, but the man can scald the ball and he lives in the opposite field the way Julio Franco used to.
    c.) Christian Bethancourt had better turn into a major leaguer fast; that was a truly awful moment–we’ve seen far too many of that sort from him
    d.) I was disappointed Hector didn’t get the start. Then, in the 9th inning we had the pitcher spot coming up fourth. I knew if we could get a man on we’d pinch hit with Olivera. Markakis comes up to the plate with two outs; nobody’s on deck; I see some movement from the far end of the dugout, and Hector starts to put on his helmet and body armor–talk about a Trojan moment–he gets about half a practice swing in before Markakis hits one of his patented gappers. The tension has been mounting, and I’m stoked to see him drive in a run before we lose the game AND…first pitch, leans out awkwardly while he swings at Familia’s fastball, little nubber off the end of his bat no better than a bunt. Ballgame. Truly disappointing.
    e.) Bravos were flashing some leather last night. Fine plays by Bourn and Castro, a nifty stop by Freeman, quick glovework by Simmons a number of times; it was nice to see a little bit of heart out there.

  2. I think Fredi would be a good fit for the Natspos. He has proven he can handle Septembers and Octobers “the Nationals way.”

  3. There’s a breed of men that don’t fit in
    and they play at Turner Field
    when the heat is on and the battle’s song
    that’s when they tend to yield.

    they range the field and they give their blood
    and they sometimes try their best
    but the hitter’s bust and the pitchers thrust
    they best be laid to rest.

    if they just threw straight they might go far
    they are Braves like me and you
    but they keep on leaving the door ajar
    for the Mets, to name a few.

    they ask can i find my proper swing
    what a slugger i might make
    so they chop and change every wretched thing
    then they cry for heavens sake.

    and each forgets as he skips and runs
    with a brilliant, fitful pace
    it’s the steady, quiet and plodding ones
    who will win the pennant race.

    and each forgets that his youth has fled
    forgets that his prime has past
    then they look ahead with a hope that’s dead
    and the table tells them, last.

    The Men Who Don’t Fit In, Robert W Service

  4. Georgia looks terrible. Five losses are possible this year. Why they won’t recruit an option QB is beyond me. Pro-style offense with middle-school QB’s is not going to cut it. Why do all my teams suck year after year?

  5. Muschamp is a damn good dawg. He’s on his way to ruining two rival programs. But nothing can fix UGA’s offense this year. They are going to get their shit pushed in by UT, Mizzou, Bama. Auburn and USC are tossups. Tech is going to beat them senseless.

  6. I do not really understand the poll. What, exactly, is there to even burn down anymore? This option seems more appropriate for September 2014.

  7. #12
    Eh, don’t overreact. The QB was terrible in the first half. But they still have plenty of playmakers on both sides of the ball, and on special teams. Chubb, McKenzie, etc., will put up points. Whether or not the QB position gets sorted to a reasonable level this year will be the question — because it won’t be a question next year. Jacob Eason, the nation’s top QB recruit, is committed to Athens.

    But watching Lambert misfire all those easy early tosses makes me wonder how bad Brice Ramsey was in practice. For now, I’ll chalk it up to nerves, but that first-half performance was worse than any UGA QB I can remember since, maybe, Greg Talley.

  8. I’d thought the installation of Lambert as starter was just a message to Ramsey to buckle down, and that once the competition gets stiffer he’ll be in there. But I do wonder whether Schottenheimer has decided for whatever reason that Ramsey isn’t his guy. The defense is serious business, but those fellas what kick the ball are going to cost them a game at some point, I predict.

  9. It’s good to know that even though nothing else about this season has been typical Braves baseball, we still own Tyler Clippard.

  10. Kid’s got some pop. Fangraphs likes his defense, even with the yips game. Nice bench piece/ designated Olivera buddy.

    Vizzy has come back to earth.

  11. @18, that was the bourbon talking, lol…maybe it isn’t all bad just yet, but I still think that was the worst QB play I’ve seen since JT3. The Schottenheimer hire might has “meh” written all over it. But the defense does look pretty good so far.

  12. 14 — No way USC is a toss up. We just lost to Kentucky, have a former walk-on playing QB, and can’t stop the run. Chubb will run for over 200 yards against us.

  13. I noticed Trevor Cahill has been pitching well in relief for the Cubs. Three hitless innings tonight. Too bad if they could fix him after the Braves couldn’t.

  14. Hey Drew Storen broke his thumb after giving up the winning home run on Wednesday! He might pay a visit to Dr. Chad N. Freud, but he’s out for the season.

  15. This comment will most likely get JC’d, but has anyone noticed the deaths of former NBA players this year? These guys are under 60 or right at it:

    1. Moses Malone, 60
    2. Darryl Dawkins, 58
    3. Anthony Mason, 48
    4. Jerome Kersey, 52
    5. Roy Tarpley, 50
    6. Jack Haley, 51

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