Mets 6, Braves 4 (by spike)

Another day, another bullpen pitcher exposed. The Braves took an early lead last night promptly surrendered it, took an improbable tie into the ninth and promptly surrendered that too. Adonis Garcia looks like he’s got some legitimate pop and seems to be a pretty good pick up – shame he didn’t get the chance to play in America earlier. Vizcaino unfortunately has come back to earth. The team needs to win seven of their last 19 to avoid a hundred loss season. I am not sure that’s possible at this point.

22 thoughts on “Mets 6, Braves 4 (by spike)”

  1. From a comment that, as predicted, got JC’d, has anyone noticed the deaths of former NBA players this year? These guys are under 60 or right at it:

    1. Moses Malone, 60
    2. Darryl Dawkins, 58
    3. Anthony Mason, 48
    4. Jerome Kersey, 52
    5. Roy Tarpley, 50
    6. Jack Haley, 51

  2. Height doesn’t correlate with a long life, and it does correlate with increased wages, so it might be meaningful.

    That’s all I got; those are still premature.

  3. I say this whenever Glavine’s in the booth, but what would it cost to get doggie in there with him for a game.

    Sorry, Chip.

  4. I wish Moylan had stayed in there.

    Once the Mets reach the playoffs, I hope they never win another game,

  5. If any of these bullpen clowns other than Vizcaino (and maybe even then) are in Atlanta next season, I will not watch a single freaking game. My deepest admiration for whoever is consistently watching this excuse of a ball club.

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