IWOTB fell to IWOTM tonight, as Alex Wood got his gopherball on in Queens. Lucas Duda was benched tonight, as he either stubbed his toe, has the sniffles, or is in a horrible slump against lefties, so Mets manager Terry Collins in a shocker of a move, sat him against Wood. In other news, water is wet, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, and Fredi Gonzalez started Jonny Gomes against yet another right handed pitcher. Although, to be fair, Jonny did go 1-2, as he singled against Bartolo Colon, and sucked up a HBP. Nope, ol’ Jonny was not the problem tonight for the local nine.

The problem was a Wilmer Flores homer in the bottom of the second, John Mayberry, Jr. channeling the ghost of Ryan Howard in the 4th, and David Aardsma showing that he’s quite able to handle a runner on base in the 7th. And by that I mean he pulled a Grybo on Alex, allowing the inherited runner to score. Sheesh, the pen’s strand rate must be approaching an irrational number like the square root of pi%. Alex did pitch into the 7th, but four walks and six hits, two of which left the yard isn’t going to be enough against Santa Colon. At least, not this year.

The Braves did try to scare the Mets, loading the bases in the 9th against Jeurys Familia, who may have been a bit distracted by the imminent birth of his child, but Nick Markakis rolled over on a 1 out pitch, and that was that as the Mets turned the 4-6-3. I expect most of us Journalistas would still say he’s played better than we would have expected.

Anyway, we’re on to tomorrow, with Shelby Miller on the bump. Hope we can do better.