we seek the adept
but history suggests we then sign the inept
so whose fault is that?
it has to be the fellas hanging out the welcome mat.

A miserable season calls for different criteria in the choice of MVP, surely. Throw out the personal stats, they were mostly awful anyway and no major improvement in any one of them would have had the slightest effect, changed a thing.

Ironically, having said that, my man HIT! Away and above. But that’s not why i want to pick him as the only Brave worthy of the honor this bad year. He did change a thing, he had a very positive effect on the team’s progress through a difficult season. Do you remember the very mixed reaction he got when his signing was announced? In some cases ‘ mixed’ would be an understatement… ‘washed up’, ‘clubhouse cancer wherever he’s been’ are the two that stick in my mind. Plus his peripatetic wanderings – a foot in every camp?

Anyone want to change their mind?

He has been precisely the opposite. He’s been Jonny Gomes over 160 games. I don’t read the Atlanta press but i heard nothing this season that was negative about him in the clubhouse. I saw much with my own eyes that indicated the opposite, you can tell if you look closely over a long enough period. Body language, enthusiasm for another’s hit, all the little things.

And no, he can’t catch. So what. After catching 1900-some games and hitting over .280 neither could you. What he did accomplish behind the plate he should be given a medal for – putting up with the indifference of a spoilt brat, the reason he was signed in the first place, as back up.

Some back up. I don’t know the ratio of his starts to Betty’s but it was likely the opposite of what it was planned to be. Bethancourt proved a huge disappointment, twice, but what was worse was his attitude which, apart from anything else, was disrespectful to AJ who was schooling him, apparently with infinite patience – on camera at least.. Painful to watch.

So, please. vote for my man. As an inducement i close with something you didn’t know, clubhouse morale at its finest.

AJ Pierzynski
famously dated Monica Lewinsky
her dress once so blue
now hanging in the clubhouse for all to view.