Well, that was just mortifying, wasn’t it? Nothing like losing a game twice in grim fashion, once when your titular ace gets beaten like a rented mule by our latest bete noir Lobaton, and once in the 9th when the previous one, Harper, drops a walkoff two-run shot way out of the park to add some extra sauce to what should have been an ordinary waxing.

After the Braves fell behind 6-1, Christian Bethancourt of all people decided to at least make it respectable. Doubles in the 7th and 8th were critical to two and three run rallies that tied the score to get Julio off the hook, and in the bottom half he was on the receiving end of a fine throw from KJ to get Michael Taylor at home and keep our 2012 bete noir Uggla from getting another notch in his belt.

Cody Martin went out to pitch the bottom of the ninth, which when you need Cody Martin to pitch two innings just to get you to extras speaks for itself. When 2010 bete noir Escobar reached in the ninth, it felt like a plot from a Dashiell Hammett novel and the rest was just a formality when Sam Spade, disguised as Bryce Harper, stepped up and picked a curve out of the dirt to smash the falcon leaving Kasper “€œThe Johns” Gutman and Joel “Fredi” Cairo to seek the stuff smallball dreams are made of elsewhere.

Here’s hoping Brigid “€œJulio” O’Shaughnessy gets some mercy and comes back a fully reformed pitcher soon.