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This is a formal request: it’s a long offseason, and we need new posts for the site. I’m open to anything:

• Where Do We Go From Here? pieces about the Braves
• Poetry
• SEC football
• Braves history

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  1. @W.C.G. from the last thread: we literally just got an Applebee’s a few months ago, but I live north of Cobb so maybe faux-urban will take a while to get to me. Lol.

    I think Atlantic-Station-NorthWest (NASCAR Version) is what I’m actually envisioning. It’ll probably be pretty cool in the end. Right now I have nothing but ire towards the whole thing because the construction efforts are making 75 even more unbearable than it’s always been.

  2. Jacob de Grom
    while at school was shut out at the Prom
    now on the mound
    his delivery sharper, strategically sound.

    Clayton Kershaw
    his curve most say they never saw
    but watch his hair
    girl golden locks regale the night air.

  3. let’s get the starting pitchers right..

    Zack Greinke
    throw in if you will the white heinke
    last start of the season
    past tonight there is simply no reason.

  4. Mets hanging on..2/2

    Murphy and Turner continue to carry their teams offense…

    Ethier gets my vote for quite the best extended FU to his manager captured for our delight…YOU move him over!

  5. 7th..

    de Grom leaves still in the lead…67 of his 105 pitches with men in scoring position…

    :Greinke leaves..

    it’s AVILAN !!! do they know?

  6. No Cards, no Dodgers… For a season where the Bravo’s are out of it, that’s about as good as it gets.

  7. Was so excited for 6-0 best-in-NFL Falcons and Mets bounced.

    No Cards, no Dodgers… For a season where the Bravo’s are out of it, that’s about as good as it gets.

    Bunk, the Mets are more repugnant than either of those two teams.

  8. The $300 million dollar Dodgers and their horrible, fat cat fans are out on their ass. What a great game. Cubs or Mets, don’t really care, either will make me happy. But it will be the Mets, it’s their year.

    Familia gets the first 6 out post season save in 29 years.
    Greinke gives up his first lead of the season.
    Duda and Cespedes – nothing.

    doesn’t matter, Murphy and deGrom carried it off. Turner nearly stopped them.

    Thank you gentleman.

  9. Hahaha, love to see “Several Species….” by Pink Floyd here. It’s been a running joke with me and my girlfriend for years. I ask her, “what music should I put on?”, she says “just pick something”, and I put on “Several Special…” or start mimicking the noises from it.

  10. Personally I’d be proud to be a fan of a team that invested its operating revenue in the on-field product, rather than squirreling it away and crying poverty while running a AAA team out for the fans. The fattest cats in the game are the “poorest” teams. RIP 2015 Dodgers.

    @1, I stand corrected; perhaps I should be more bullish on the growth prospects of Applebee’s. Anecdotally, though, I’m seeing a city/suburb convergence on a certain style of quasi-urban trendiness, which I think that recent South Park episode hit on the head and this Battery development represents. My sources are going for a run on the Beltline the other night, and going on a date in downtown Roswell recently.

  11. Downtown Woodstock has the same thing going on. Sometimes you look around and you forget you are in the sticks. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Making our ex-urban communities somewhat self-sufficient and bringing good stuff and change to the micro-local level is a good trend, imho.

    I’m not wild about the Braves being closer to me. Who really wants to live near a big stadium? Not I. Sign me up for relocating my office space there though…that would be nice.

  12. If only our closer pitched a two inning save to close out the Dodgers…

    Then we’d have come home tied 2-2.

  13. I have, for mostly inconceivable reasons, found myself in both “downtown Woodstock” and “downtown Duluth” in the last month. In both cases I was struck by the weirdness of these places attempting to have pseudo-livable/walkable “city centers.” It was…quaint. But quaint in a way you know is there to draw in exurban yuppie money, not there to serve the old guard hokies who used to live up there. It’s like gentrification of rednecks or something. Weird.

  14. I think the only proper response to the Joey Bats bat flip is for Brian McCann to punch Carlos Gomez in the mouth.

  15. Tom Brady needs to do a discount double check “pump you up” commercial. (Thought came from Joe Poz column referenced above.)

  16. @16-

    Living in the DC area and seeing all of the new developments designed for the “urban millennial” demographic, SODOSOPA ( is a spot-on parody of that type of forced yuppie downtown.

    I find it particularly shameful, because I really like the more authentic version of that thing, and I’m not sure if that makes me a huge hypocrite or not.

  17.’s an interesting thought that the Mets have beaten the Dodgers in a 5 game series in which four of those games were started by either Kershaw or Grienke..
    and a series in which Wright, Cespedes and Duda were largely ineffectual(Wright may only have had one hit but it did win the first game)..

    so don’t think the Cubs are going to beat them..Mets have less hitting but much better pitching front and back, more balance.

    And the likely series MVP, the born again Mr. Murphy who is literally such a nice guy and in his new found euphoric state is unlikely to swing and miss ever again.

  18. @21

    Tim Kurkjian
    the Braves will move forward and burgeon
    as he has portrayed
    but press him you should, in which particular decade?

  19. @21

    Krussell needs to coach Timmy up.

    Uhh, Timothy, hate to break this to ya bud, but… we didn’t get any young pitching. We got lottery tickets. And not even real lottery tickets. We got scratch-offs that have already been redeemed. From, like, 12 years ago. I’m pretty sure everyone we traded for has a ligament missing from… somewhere.

  20. The Braves will inevitably trade for some kind of bat this offseason, and I would guess they’ll try to trade one or even two of Maybin/Swisher/Bourn. Assuming that happens, who hangs up first:

    Yasiel Puig for Albies/Jenkins/Rob Whalen.

    Free agency, for me, is pretty easy to understand. What’s the inventory look like for that type of player, what were last year’s comps, and adjust accordingly. Trades throw me off because 1) I tend to value prospects highly (teams rarely get ahead without a solid farm system and 2) it’s hard to know how much teams value one individual player. With free agency, unless a team simply over-pays, the market ends up being the guide.

  21. Edison Volquez…a return to his Cincinnati days when he was straight swapped for a prime Josh Hamilton..plenty of rubbish in between, strange, happy for him..totally flat as a contest, never happened, first dud to have to watch…Tulo looks a joke, must be injured surely?

    Cueto too…another Red who’s been indifferent came through big time to dominate a game 5.

    Joe Buck trying to look modern cool – not a pretty sight. Mohawk next?

  22. Troy Tulowitzki
    he married a stripper called Too High Titski
    such innocent love
    whatever is out of place, just give them a shove.

  23. the second time around..

    Troy Tulowitzki
    he married a stripper called Too High Titski
    such innocent love
    too low or too high, just give them a shove.

  24. more subtle..

    Troy Tulowitzki
    he married a stripper called Too High Titzki
    such innocent love
    too low or too high, just give them a shove.

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