Today was a little bit like yesterday. Alex Wood had a really bad first inning, giving up three runs — he might have gotten away with less if he had just walked Bryce Harper, who came to the plate with two outs and first base open — but he ended the day with a line of 6 2/3 innings, seven strikeouts against one walk, and he was 3-3 with an RBI single at the dish. (I don’t really get it either, but it was cool.)

The Braves scratched out three runs in the first three innings on Jordan Zimmermann, and just like Friday night, the bats went cold after that. They finally got another one in the 7th and might have gotten more than that, but Dan Uggla dove to stab a line drive and doubled a man off second, which killed a rally.

Jace Peterson (2-4) is heating up, and Freddie Freeman (2-4) remains hot. Christian Bethancourt went 0-4 while only seeing 11 pitches, which is just awful. Wood was able to hold the Nationals scoreless after the first, but Fredi pulled him in the 7th, and while Brandon Cunniff was able to get us out of the inning, Cody Martin came on in the 8th and gave up the tying run and winning run. That was your ballgame, of course. Fredi has been using Martin about as frequently as he used to use Venters and O’Flaherty, and I’m worried that his arm will shortly be just as dead.

In the near term, it’s aggravating to get swept by the Nationals, but hardly shameful, since they’re supposed to win the World Series this year anyway. Tomorrow they’ll be in Cincinnati, and hopefully they’ll make a better showing.