Braves 6, Mets 2 (by coop)

Take that, Mets.

Braves win 6-2. Not only did the Braves win, they dominated. Who’s your daddy, Mutts?

Matt Wisler went seven strong innings. He limited the Mets to two runs on five hits and a walk while striking out eight. And yes, the Braves outscored and out-homered New York. Jace Peterson hit a solo shot, and Hector Olivera added a long three-run homer to grab the lead for good in the top of the fifth. Atlanta dashed Mets hopes in the ninth, when Adonis Garcia pinch doubled in two.

It’s a good day when we beat the Mets and the Nats lose too. Enjoy.

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  1. JC’d from last thread:

    @Edward, who suggested Olivera’s ball wouldn’t have been a home run in the old Citi Field configuration:
    Actually, I think the yellow line used to be at the top of the padding and below the railing, so that would’ve been a home run in the old configuration. And even if not, it would’ve been one of the only parks where that ball wouldn’t have been a home run.

    Also, Joe Simpson just mentioned during the postgame show that this is the first time we’ve won a game someplace other than Atlanta or Philadelphia since July 26. That’s…um, not good. Like, I know how bad we are and that’s still a shocking stat.

  2. Just returning from Flushing. If you have no expectations, it’s nice to be surprised, I suppose.

    More Braves fans in the house than you might imagine, actually. BTW, that Olivera HR made quite a resounding crack.

    And yeah, it’s always nice to beat those guys. No matter the circumstances, I like leaving that place amid mumbles & grumbles.

  3. #2 Yikes, Joe Simpson is right. We beat the Cards in St. Louis on July 26, and haven’t won a game outside of Atlanta or Philadelphia until tonight. That’s embarrassing to say the least.

  4. @Nick, Ububba

    No doubt he smoked it. Funny way to go about hitting a home run, though, leaning all the way out like that and pulling the damn thing to left field. I still like the moxy and wherewithal of the Alex Wood trade, but I’m a long way from Priam’s faith in Hector.

    @Rob Cope

    You typo’d 10 points off his on-base percentage, but that’s not the point. The point is we’ve all got to dig out our positions now for the long winter’s Bastogne that awaits us regarding Heyward’s free agency. I think he gets at least 6 years for $120 million, and that he and Zack Greinke will be neck-and-neck for 2nd biggest contract of the off-season. He could help himself with a good playoff run for the Cardinals, but I don’t think he dips any lower than that.

    Now I’ll keep busy trying to stave off that trenchfoot…

  5. Among the many Yogi-isms that are memorable is the time he was rooming with Bobby Brown, who was working on his PhD to become Dr. Bobby Brown. Yogi was reading a comic and Brown was studying some obscure text. Yogi finished, looked over and said, “So, how did yours turn out?”

  6. 8—I would think the Braves would be all over him at 6/$120MM. I’m expecting something more like 8/$200MM.

  7. Don’t assume that quoted Yogiisms were actually his.

    He grew up in the same neighborhood and was great friends with Joe Garagiola, Sr. Joe made up a lot of them as jokes.

    sansho1 @ 11, might be true. Particularly depending on how you define “great.” Spahn, Williams, Feller, Yogi. Those 4 all saw real front line action and weren’t in “movie units” or “traveling baseball teams.”

  8. Whatever Heyward goes for, I’m reasonably sure about two things:

    1) It’ll more than we think it’s going to be (though I think Stu has the right idea);
    2) We will not even give him a sniff.

  9. It’s interesting. Should Heyward shoot for a 5 year deal knowing that he would become a FA again at 30, hoping to sign another fat deal at that time, or should he shoot for a 7-8 year deal knowing that he may be in steep decline when the deal is over?

    I said a few weeks ago I would be very happy if we threw 7/150 at Heyward and he took it. I think he will get offer(s) for 7-10 years at 20+ million per, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 8/200.

  10. Ask yourself, would this current group have made the move for Maddux? Tells you what you can expect going forward.

  11. Would this group have signed Maddux this upcoming offseason? No, almost certainly not.

    Would this group sign Maddux if, like at the time, we were one piece away from winning a World Series? Reflexively say no if you want, but you’re not basing it on anything in particular. We have no idea what this group would do in that situation. Let’s wait until we’re in a situation like that and the front office does nothing before we start complaining about that, shall we? We have enough to worry about where we are now without reflexively declaring that it doesn’t matter because we’ll never make any game-changing moves when we get in a position to do that, anyway.

    I mean, good God! Step back from the ledge, man. It’s a bad season and it’s almost over.

  12. Stu is right. Someone will go in big on Heyward. The Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Rangers will be in on him. Those teams may not get him, but they are the ones who drive the prices up.

  13. Don’t forget, our front office thinks Heyward isn’t worth $100 mil. I imagine if Heyward had any interest in coming back before that comment, I’m sure it’s gone now. There’s no point in even discussing it.

  14. @24

    Dodgers ownership should sign him just so we can all see what it would look like for Don Mattingly’s head to explode.

  15. @22, this has been one of, if not the most risk averse organizations in baseball in terms of FA spending. After the ill advised Uggla ext. and the perfectly reasonable at the time but star crossed BJ signing, it’s been even worse. When the attendance tanks again next year when they suck, and again in 17 because they suck and the bridge isn’t done, the spiral will be impossible to pull out of for a very long time barring a change of ownership or executive management.

  16. Also management already knows they will be hemorrhaging season ticket holders. I got my renewal package plus an email from “John Schuerholz” and both basically say “we know we sucked this year and you’re not happy about that but please buy tickets for next year”. They are offering a complete set of next year’s bobble heads if you renew along with several incentives they have never offered before… wooo hooo!

  17. Dodgers should sign him and include a $100 million signing bonus and then trade him to us for prospects while eating the bonus. We will celebrate getting him at a “discount”

    @28, Bobble heads, you say? Hmm…

  18. Aramark’s deal with the Braves ends this season, and I’m told by someone who was at a recent game the apparel prices at the stadium have been cut from insanely expensive to merely too expensive, for those of you so inclined.

  19. Are the Braves now back enough that a free agent would want noticeably more money from them to sign?

    Who wants to play for this bad a team, if you’re getting similar contract offers from contenders?

  20. You know what hasn’t happened yet this year? The Braves haven’t been perfect gamed. Or no hit. One of those should probably happen before this season is over, to put the cherry on top.

  21. @32, I have wondered this elsewhere. I can’t imagine why a player would take less money to play for a 100 loss squad. David Price has been linked to us for years, but I’m doubtful he wants to waste his prime with us.

  22. FREDDIE!!! (That is still legal, right? Hitting the ball over a wall? I’d just come to believe the rules had been changed or something.)

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