So, halfway through Sonny Stitt blowing some serious smoke on WABE’s jazz classics and half a glass of Buffalo Trace, it occurred to me I had the recap tonight. In a lot of ways I enjoyed the game in the same way.

When things started finally happening I was so enjoying the moment that really all that’s left behind is the feeling of pleasure rather than an actual recollection of the notes that I heard. Anyway I do recall we were being shut down through six, and Ryan Howard had homered to plate two so I was more bummed about hearing Sutton’s History Of Douglas, GA instead of explaining what Freddy Galvis was doing to kill our little rally.

After that we scored a bunch of runs, Jim Johnson managed to not give them back, and Jason Grilli looked good. Simba homered in there somewhere too. Anyway, this whiskey is good, and the radio is featuring Slam Stewart, so that should get you there.