OK, 20 years ago when I moved into Casa Seat Painter, the back yard was nice and open. I have a friend who is a pro landscaper, and my wife wanted a shady backyard. So, he planted a bunch of oak trees (not sure what species, but the leaves generally drop off in very late winter) and they are now around 30 feet tall, lovely, shady…and drop a metric crapton (scientific term) of leaves in late February. And, me, being the procrastinating cuss that I am, usually rake them up only when I need to mow the yard in May.

Seat Painter, Jr. is home from college this week after his freshman year at UNC-Asheville, and I had him rake the leaves into piles yesterday. And tonight after work, he, Mrs. Painter, and myself bagged up said metric crapton, and I managed to miss the first 5 innings of the game as I and the spouse and progeny did the yardwork. Little did I know, that by that point, Freddie Freeman had provided the main offense with two doubles, and that everything would be downhill from there.

After showering, I got to see some real yardwork by Bryce Harper and Danny Espinosa, who torched various Braves pitchers for 2 dingers apiece. Eric Stults pitched just well enough to lose, and Williams Perez, enjoying his first taste of freedom, may find himself back on the redeye to Gwinett.

Anyway, the yard is raked, so something good happened tonight somewhere in Braves country.