Because it’s Mac’s site…

Toledo 10, Florida 44
Rice 12, Texas A&M 123
OK State 24, Miss St 14
LA-Lafyette –, Arkansas —
Alabama 421, VA Tech 7
Austin Peay 10, Tennessee 0
Wash State 14, Auburn 15
UGA 42, Clemson 31
LSU 30, TCU 32

**no known process of modern communications technology has been found to penetrate the boundaries of Arkansas

118 thoughts on “Because it’s Mac’s site…”

  1. I have no idea what to expect from UGA’s defense just yet, so I’ll go Dawgs 38-34, and I believe we’ll run it a whole lot more than people think.

  2. I feel I should make explicit the caveat that I only do this because Mac did this every Saturday, and dammit, tradition and shit. I, when I actually let down my guard long enough to identify with a college program any more, am a Ramblin’ Wreck. And even there, I try to avoid it altogether these days. I am personally opposed to both willfully induced brain trauma on 18-20 year old boys as well as sleazy cartels of 60- and 70- year old men scraping billions in pure profit off of said massive brain trauma, while paying the kids virtually nothing of what they’re worth on any sort of open market. All in the name of “higher education.”

    Or to put it another way, I am not responsible for any money you lose making bets on these games boys.

  3. College football & men’s college basketball is a hypocritical sleazepit, but nobody has a gun to these kids’ heads either.

  4. I have 3 football teams: Yale, Georgia Tech, and whomever is playing Notre Dame.

    Yale’s season doesn’t start until the 21st, just so other teams can try and catch Yale’s 872 wins (trailing only Michigan).

  5. Wren talked today about the waiver wire and that he’s put many claims in but the player never makes it to them. It’s hard being on top.

  6. Espinosa might be a low risk/decent reward for the Braves. He will be arb-eligible next year for the first time and could be a cheap backup with decent pop. He’s been terrible this year but has the ability to hit RHP with authority and above average with the glove. He’s a far better option than EJ and/or Janish.

  7. Espinosa actually WOULDN’T be arb eligible, if whoever acquired him didn’t recall him this season. He’d need 86 days, and he’s got 79.

    I don’t know what he’s done in the minors, but, he won’t be cheap. The Nats were smart to pull the plug right on time on him, and they know that if they keep him, they essentially get a do-over, from a service-time perspective.

    Johnson and Janish are free.

  8. @16, Maybe Fredi wants to see his skills in the OF for future reference?

    @13, It seems clear to me Fredi has a man crush on Georgie. Speed is a dazzling aphrodisiac. Too bad he always hits to a drawn-in infield.

  9. According to MLB Network, the Braves’ 15 runs scored during their current five-game winning streak is the lowest amount of runs scored during a five-game winning streak since the Brewers in 2011.

    Guess one can Interpret that as good pitching or bad offense or both.

  10. If you’re going to send Gattis down, you have to bring someone up. There are not a lot of ML quality players on Gwinnett’s roster, so you bring up the guy that’s been on your shuttle for two years.

  11. But why send him down now? Rosters expand tomorrow, and Gwinnett’s only got three games left. How much good can you do in at most three days?

  12. But why send him down now? Rosters expand tomorrow, and Gwinnett’s only got three games left. How much good can you do in at most three days?

  13. @32 Well it’s not like he was doing that on the big league team either. I don’t have a problem with sending him down, but I think keeping him up for so long is a little odd. I’m not sure the promotion night is a good enough reason.

  14. I love these good good pitching/great defense type games we’ve had this home stand, but I wouldn’t complain about a major offensive breakout one of these nights, either.

  15. Braves really need to re-sign McCann. But it really seems like the Rangers are prepared to throw all the money at him.

  16. @35

    The only hope is that Chipper talks to McCann one day in the plaza on the north side of the stadium, tells him how f—ing awesome it’s going to be to have a statue there, and says, “Yours can go right next to mine.” McCann can still be a legendary player and potential Hall of Famer elsewhere, but if he wants any chance at a statue that will stand out in front of a stadium, he only has one choice.

    The Braves need to start pulling at every such heartstring they can. Cash will not push them over the top; sentiment can — I hope.

  17. 37- For some reason, I’m getting a flashback to Star Trek: First Contact here:

    “And your hand is sort of… reaching toward the future!”

    “I gotta take a leak!”

    Edit: Scout says, “Dangerous count for Jacob Turner; B.J. Upton is a dead-red fastball hitter, with a .637 OPS against them this season and .551 against everything else.” Four more years.

    2nd Edit: Thanks for making me eat my words!

  18. I was just getting ready to ask if we could send BJ to AAA with Gattis. I guess he showed me!

  19. BJ!

    He really does have a sweet swing. We just don’t see him connect all that often. Good for him!

  20. Don Sutton, just now: “And THAT one is drilled to deep left field. Going back is Yelich. And HE’LL watch that one settle in to his glove.”

  21. We have had so many opportunities to take the lead tonight and just can’t do it. That can be more annoying to watch than just being flat out dominated by the opposing pitcher. (Wasn’t that one of Mac’s old Miserable Braves Loss Index entries?)

  22. BJ hit a grounder that almost killed Solano.

    EDIT: But you’re probably assuming that it meant a Brave was injured. And reasonably so.

  23. @61, Sorry about that.

    And @60, can I hire you as my internet translator.

    I guess we need to win this one right now.

  24. The one time a bunt is actually a decent play and we don’t do it. And you have to pinch run for Freeman, don’t you?

  25. Every so often, we get the star we thought we were signing. (Putting BJ’s name in that sentence always makes it sound dirty.)

  26. I want to think that BJ is starting to get hot, but I always remember what my grandpappy used to say:

    Even a stupid, arrogant, over-paid, blind squirrel-looking outfielder finds a nut sometimes.

    I’m paraphrasing.

  27. On August 30, 2000, Reggie Sanders was hitting .189/.260/.309/.569. That night he went 2 for 4 with 2 doubles on his way to a torrid September that would see his numbers go up to .232/.302/.403/.705. Unfortunately, he was 0-fer in the playoffs.

    May B.J. be 2000 Reggie Sanders except with success in the playoffs.

  28. Man, after the 3 game hang-over from losing Heyward, this team just goes right back to winning. This team could be something special. Especially if BJ gets it figured out.

  29. What a night for BJ.

    And it looks like I can ignore college football this season. Georgia is going to start 1-3.

  30. #103
    Don’t feel sorry. Three big mistakes did us in.

    The biggest sequence was not scoring a go-ahead TD after a 1st & goal, then fouling up the tying FG. The game was very winnable.

  31. @113. Eventually they will run into the situation like what the Yankees are experiencing now. The Red Sox are smart enough to unload the three huge contracts before it is too late.

  32. Great game tonight! I just caught the condensed version, and man. BJ?! What’d, he have like 4 well-hit balls tonight? And Minor got crapped on by foul-pole-hooking HRs and a 8-bounce worm burner…. Some times thems the breaks, but the offense sure picked him up. Great job from Schafer, Regression, and of course, BJ! (WHAT!?)

  33. Young’s an FA after 2014, so it’s no big deal money wise. Uribe’s been as good with the bat and better in the field than Young, so either this is to bolster the bench or hopefully, to move some more veteran presence into the starting lineup.

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