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the Marlin our most favored fish
creates in us the dearest wish
to play them every day
(but trade for Stanton, say)
their defense such a tasty dish.
O boy, can we ever change..is there another area of life that grabs so hard emotionally, nightly, but yet in which we behave so irrationally, immaturely treating our heroes with contempt one moment delight the next…Andrelton -and many others – take heed, we didn’t really mean it…

equating the love with the hate
not buying a lot of it’s fate
vast range of emotions
dispel any notions
consistency carries our freight.

strange goings-on in these southern latitudes of Ohio – Johnny van der Meer and Homer Bailey…back to back to back to back(Bailey has the last two thrown)…hmmmm
if Achilles
signed for the Phillies
would Homer use PEDS
and pitch for the Reds?
does Homer Bailey
do it daily?
a dab or two
quite hid from view
then throws so gayly!
the trading deadline approaches – some general input…
while trading pitchers in july
we seldom stop to ask just why.
our fella’s pretty good
be better if he could
but their’s would make his mother cry.
then there’s this nightmare…
scary rumors about Jobba
pitches they would likely clobba
leave him in the Bronx
with our heartfelt thonx
much relief but please no slobba.

Fredi has introduced late night counseling for sluggers who are in the area of

Mendoza…to protect their privacy this is carried out in the dugout, after the post game show
she took him to the dugout, dark
peripherals were saucy, stark
she saw his OBP
but SSS, agree?
still, Fredi says she’ll light his spark.
your input and comments would please
you’ll notice a fondness to tease
baseball so topical
stadia tropical
and Schafer is resting his knees.