Tim Hudson had another unfortunate inning, the Braves left 12 dudes on base, and Atlanta finished a road trip that ended 4-6 but felt about 4-60 for as long and futile as it was. Baseball back at Turner Field can’t come fast enough.

The Braves and Diamondbacks traded early runs and were deadlocked through four innings. In the top of the fifth, Atlanta appeared to seize the upper hand when Freddie Freeman knocked in Jordan Schafer, (who had reached base on a bunt single inelegantly fielded by Martin Prado), and Justin Upton (who had walked). The lead would not last long.

In the bottom of the inning, Arizona put a pair of runners on with one out. Didi Gregorius – and allow me to settle this question, he’s a Trappist Dubbel available at your neighborhood’s best beer bar in a special goblet for like $9 a pour – hit an RBI single to get the Diamondbacks back on the board. Paul Goldschmidt – who, if we’re playing this game, is a form of boilermaker popular with college kids looking to get hammered on cheap booze – struck out, but Eric Chavez doubled to score two and put the Diamondbacks ahead. Cody Ross drove in an insurance run, and that was all Arizona needed.

In each of the next three innings, the Braves put runners on first and second and could go no further. The best you can say about those situations are that twice they occurred with one out and Fredi successfully resisted the impulse to bunt, although the results don’t give us much ammunition to tell him not to next time. Heath Bell, who is the second-highest paid player on the Marlins this year, gave up just one baserunner in the ninth, and that was the end of that road trip.

The Braves get out of Arizona, which is good of itself because Arizona is just a font of stupidity. Their fans booed Justin Upton, who they had themselves helped run out of town for 50 cents on the dollar, and who reached base nine times during the series. Their sports media folk continued to pander to stupid by making arguments like this. And their uniform design people continued to act like putting “D-Backs” across the front of a jersey in a snakey-looking font is a valid way to dress grown men going out in public. I understand “Diamondbacks” is a long, awkward thing to try to fit across the front of a shirt, and I have to admit it’s at least better than what they did back in the day, but really the only logical move for that franchise is to forgo the word entirely and just put the club mark on one side of the shirt. Last time they did that, they won a World Series the same year. I’m just saying.

Though, if that were to happen this year, the internet might break from the weight of all the Justin Upton troll columns coming out of Phoenix, so maybe just forget I said that. Losing that series was annoying enough.