if Stanton were our dearest wish

then here’s a trade to fox the Fish

BJ and cash, plus two

(who likely they’ll review)

so, Wren? Jamie? whadd’a they do?


Until that trade occurs we will press on with what we’ve got…and tonight’s a little special on the mound – our guy, Julio Teheran and theirs, Jose Fernandez – great match up…BTW did you see Jose last time out flash a lovely smile back at Tulo who had asked him, incredulously, ‘did you catch that?’  Yes he did, a screaming line drive, straight back at him – and that’s Tulo, you know, not Tuco, a far less savory character, now dead…and while we’re in trivia mode did you know Tulo and his best chum Cargo both have matching his and his black Ferrari Italias?  and do you care?  I do, black Ferraris, ugh!

and talking of that how about a bonus for FF, a red one, a job well done, an example set..


Ferrari for Freddie for fun

for showing the others what’s done

his RISP

purporting to be

four fifty plus arm like a gun.





JT gives up lead off single then strikes out the side – fastball around 94 looks good

Elliot Ness continues to amaze, 1 out double…FF first pitch 2 run homer, wants that car..                           BRAVES 2/0


Polanco 1 out single..Extratoseeher infield chopper, thrown out by Andrelton.. Mathis S/Out

Dan lasts 6 pitches, grounds out..AS tastes his own medicine, ground out, great throw Extratoseeher.


Fernandez chats to Mac, smacks a lead off triple, terrific play..Yelich,2/2, drives him in..JT rattled, walks 2..escapes, just.                 BRAVES 2/1

1/2/3  easy

Teheran regains his composure..1/2/3 but it took a good CJ play to stop a Hernandez double!

Freddie on fire, lead off double..we can’t get him in despite big at 14 pitch bat by Mac and two walks.You have to like Jose-

he’s human, smiles, laughs…yes, refreshing..just like that Tulo story


JT gets Yelich for 8th strike speed pitches working well.. 1/2/3

1/2/3..Ness ends it with a hard line out to second


Ruggiano out to smart play CJ/AS.. 1 out walk..another gem from Andrelton – course he can’t hit to please so many here..get off

Great interplay, FF/Hernandez, lovely stuff. Jose wins out..stays away from FB, strikes FF and Mac out..


meanwhile..Julio’s doing fine…but taken down with 1 out, 98 pitches..??..Downs in, walks Yelich with 2 0ut..Ayala in, gets 3rd out with 1 pitch..

Fernandez done, Ramos in..UGGLA HIT..BJ great bunt, all safe..GATTIS SIGHTING!! AS bunt, good..Gattis walked..GEEZ..Schafer on the spot..bases loaded,

1 out…Ramos out, Jennings in..Schafer hits into force out, EJ strikes out…cannot add to our lead


Varvaro in, needs a good outing..Walden must still be hurting? Stanton bloop single, thrown out at 2nd by Schafer,DP…he’s not hitting but he sure is throwing..

FF strikes out..Qualls in for Jennings..walks CJ 1 out..Mac hits into DP…another 20, 000 crowd, for a friday??  here we go, no Kimbrel…


Vavaro still in, going for first save! Gets Polanco, 1 out..There were the customary other 2 outs to close the proceedings and ensure a win for us and Vavaro’s

first save…i did not get to see those last 2 outs due to MLB crapola…my spies tell me(THANKS TO JS AND AR) that Extratoseeher flied out to BJ  in center for second out…but big drama with the third OUT as Dobbs hitting for Mathis took a change up deep to the wall in right, JS making another good catch…he then threw the ball into the crowd and had to retrieve it for Vavaro…


Another one of these strange games where we score early and then can’t do a thing thereafter…so all the pitching is under pressure to shut them down and once again they came through tonight by the slimmest of margins…great game to watch though – i think Jose made himself a bunch of new friends on and off the field and it’s good to see Varvaro with a major league save                                          FINAL     BRAVES 2  MARLINS 1



















31 thoughts on “FISH ‘N CHIPS and FERRARIS……………….BRAVES 2 MARLINS1”

  1. It was a pretty cool moment in Freddie’s 3rd AB when he again swung at the first pitch, and he and Fernandez both had a laugh about it.

  2. From the post title I thought maybe we’d sent Chip to the Marlins; I got really excited for a minute but I see I misinterpreted.

  3. haha!

    good one…i had played around with Chip/Chipper but didn’t think of that.

    re Freddie and Hernandez…i had written about the Tulo play the other day and here we go again – so, so refreshing to see two young professionals having fun, respecting each other, and letting their feelings show.

  4. Freddie seems quite popular around the league, especially for a young player. He might end up being one of those very special ones when all is said and done.

  5. I remember Heyward telling a story in an interview, about playing against Freeman when they were playing in some under-18 national tournament thing, before they even knew eachother.. And Heyward got to first base, and Freeman came up and kicked dirt all over his shoes. And Heyward said “You’re just going to come over here and kick dirt on my shoes like that?” And Freeman said “Pretty much.”

  6. I have to say I violently disagree with the way Gattis has been handled. I mean in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal, but I just don’t think it’s right. That’s all I’ll say on the subject, but I feel better now.

  7. @7. Not sure what exactly you are referring to, but sending him down to get some at bats is long overdue.

  8. Quietly and almost amazingly, the Braves have a five game winning streak going without Heyward, pretty much JUpton,pretty much BUpton.

  9. @10
    Pretty much the entire offense with the exception of the random player each night that hits a 3-run HR and that Spider out at SS that doesn’t make the highlight reel because all of the analysts know that having 8 arms is unfair.

  10. In the last two weeks, the Braves have scored more than 4 runs exactly once (the last game in STL). As of right now, the Braves are getting by with excellent pitching and defense, and just enough offense.

  11. @10, that’s what I mean…this should’ve happened weeks ago. No reason to put him on the end of the bench and not play him at all. Maybe he did something to piss them off.

  12. @9 I think it was a marketing thing. Apparently the El Oso Blanco night tickets were pretty popular. How do you send a guy down before his own night (which the team highly promoted)? I mean, Gattis has seen virtually no playing time for the last week, gets a PH apparence on EOB night, and gets sent down minutes after the conclusion of the game. I think they would have sent him down earlier, but you don’t mess with ticket sales.

  13. The fact that he didn’t start on EOB night pretty much tells me he’s in the doghouse.

  14. Neither has half the team. I guess they are giving Terdoslavich an extended look. Gattis has the most upside though. I would have thought they would want to get him going. Looks more like they are wanting to teach him a lesson.

  15. You’re reading way too much into a very reasonable decision if you think their treatment of Gattis means he’s “in the doghouse” or deserving of some punishment. Half the team isn’t hitting, but they all field their positions much better than does Gattis (at least in LF). I believe the marketing team led the way on this one a little bit; now he’s got three games to get some at-bats before he comes back for the September push.

  16. apparently Harper got reprimanded for not running out a groundout last night … That team is such a joke. I’d be perfectly fine with any one of the Braves players not running out a groundout once a month. Clown management, bro. Yeah, a lack of hustle on a bobbled groundball was what cost you the game. Morons.

    and IF you have to reprimand him for it, why not do it behind closed doors instead of saying this to the media:

    “It’s something that we’ve got to fix. … He’s got a lot going on. It’s hard for me to say; I’m not 20 years old in the big leagues with stuff going on around me. It’s something we’ve got to get to the bottom of, and keep talking to him because eventually we’re just going to have to take him out of the game.”

    Yes, please take your best player out of the game, Mr. Bench Coach Guy. Don’t threaten him or the viewers with empty words. Just do it if you’re so forthright and innovating.

  17. #21
    We’ve gotten a gift this year, but there’s gonna be a new manager in DC next year. They can wipe the slate clean & saddle up again. It’s not like they don’t have players.

  18. 1. I think Gattis should have been sent down a week or two ago, but it’s possible the coaches wanted to work with him in the cages and thought they were better than the AAA coaches in that regard.

    2. With Elliott Johnson and Joey Terds on the roster, both as switch hitters, and Heyward obviously down, Fredi might want the lefty on the bench (with Schafer starting in Heyward’s place.) Not really sure how Constanza helps much, but it’s a flip of handedness off the bench at least.

    3. Harper is not the Nationals’ best player right now; Jason Werth is.

  19. I’m sure Gattis is hurt. And if he did something to cause some difficulty with team management, I’m good with that too. Gattis is not hitting at all, and there’s gotta be a logical explanation for him not playing. It doesn’t matter what the stadium is giving away; the team’s job is to win games.

  20. Gattis has sucked in very sparse playing time, but there was a time when he almost carried the team by himself. I think you have to at least try to rekindle some of that magic. Our outfield is so shitty that it’s not too hard to find Gattis some AB’s. They are choosing not to – for a reason – I just don’t know the reason.

  21. #21: I agree that I don’t get concerned with a member of the Braves not running out a grounder occasionally. But because of something Harper said (and reportedly to the chagrin of some of his veteran teammates), “Run Until They Tag You” has become sort of a thing in Washington. If you’re going to take on the “I don’t take plays off” image, you deserve to get called out.

  22. @25 Reasons are playing a position where he is inexperience and not hitting. Laird and McCann are both playing well. He will be back Tuesday. Unless he can play elsewhere in MiL postseason. How long did McCann’s injury hurt him last year? I know it required surgery.

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