Here are the official highlight videos from I didn’t get to see a lot of this game, but from what I did see:

Alex Wood was off of his best game, but effective enough to get through 5+ scoreless. 105 pitches, only 62 of them for strikes. Part of being and MLB starter is figuring out how to win without your A game, and Wood was pretty clearly working off of his B or C deck last night. Still, he managed to get through 5.2 unscathed despite 9 base runners. The pen did the rest.

The offense was generated on one swing of Elliot Johnson’s bat. If the Indians had Jason Heyward rather than Drew Stubbs in RF, we might still be playing. But as it happened Johnson’s fly ball to the deep warning track ticked off of Stubbs’ glove, two runs scored, Not Ernie Johnson legged out a triple and that was the extent of “scoring runs” for the entire game. In a sure display of how expectations set our ability to enjoy a player’s performance, Johnson is developing a bit of a fan club in Atlanta. He’s hitting 278/278/389.

Craig Kimbrel is nasty Kraken-boy again. Seems to have put his struggles from earlier this year back in the box. Here’s to getting Dan Uggla back in the lineup.