Braves 3, Indians 2

She’s back again, with her unique baseball language and lack of brevity. I love her. I have never — not even once — used the word, “toesies.”

Hi Braves Journal! Stu’s wife Kate up for the post again tonight. If you missed my previous long-winded classics, please refer here and here (specifically this post outlines my reasoning for calling Paul Maholm the “Mississippi Hawaiian.”) JD is studying for the Series 6 before this next baby pops out and makes our life crazy. I’m thinking the Braves regular season will be over before baby 2 arrives, so let’s hope for a successful postseason and birth, eh? Only 30 games left.



Oh it is it the Mississippi Hawaiian again! I’m so excited to cover my new favorite pitcher – after Mike Minor and Hudson of course. I’m quite aware of the lack of facial hair on the Mississippi Hawaiian. Maybe too hot for all that face hair?

First pitch has an exuberant announcement from the ump. I don’t know what to do with that nonsense. Who’s the star of this show, ump? Michael Bourn, wasn’t he a Brave? He starts off the game tonight. But he gets a quick out at first. (Is that awkward to be a former Brave and then come back to Turner Field? Just wondering.) Nick Swisher is up… why do I know this guy? Has he been in the tabloids or something? Is he a looker or something? Maybe married to Alyssa Milano at some point? I’ll have to check with JD. Swisher hits out to center field and gets on base.  South Paw Jason Kipnis is up, but he hits an out to center field. Carlos Santana has walked 72 times this year. So I guess #73 can be recorded for his first up to bat tonight. (Just a note, if anyone knows Fredi Gonzalez on a personal basis, can someone ask him to put on some sunscreen? I’m worried about him and his face.) Asdrubal Cabrera gets a quick out by hitting to Simmons. Everyone should know better to not hit to Simmons. The guy is a pistol.


Jordan Schafer quickly bunts and fouls. I don’t understand bunts. I know there is something way more complex about them, but I don’t get it. He gets on base anyway via a walk.  And whoa, out of nowhere, Schafer successfully steals second. Upton is apparently continuing his dry spell with a quick out. And Freddie Freeman has a long at bat to only get struck out. What’s with Chris Johnson’s facial hair? When he smiles, he looks like the mask from “V for Vendetta,” which is actually pretty cool. He hits the first pitch to get a quick out.


Indians Up

Aviles’s strikes make the ump’s loud calls very obnoxious and obvious. #annoying Aviles gets a quick out at first though. Brantley makes a very nice hit over between third and second, but Simmons is ridiculous. I mean, the guy is awesome. I’m not even a baseball connoisseur, but Simmons is really cool. Stubbs is a quick strike out, props to the Mississippi Hawaiian on that series.

Braves Up

McCann hits a nice base hit out to left field, and he makes it to first. Struggla up to bat after his stint on the DL. Struggla and his new eyes make a strike out. There is booing. Not sure if it’s because of Struggla’s, well, struggles, or if it’s about BJ, who’s up next. I’m not a fan of booing, though. Upton makes a pop-up out, and the booing continues, so I’m assuming this is for Upton. Maybe they are booing the vocal, self-centered ump? Simmons is up now. And he hits a beautiful double out to far left field. Guys, if Simmons isn’t the Braves’ MVP this year, I don’t know who is. McCann and his Usain Bolt-like running makes it to third. Mississippi Hawaiian does a really good job staying at the plate for awhile, eventually walking. Bases are loaded for Schafer, who keeps getting pitches thrown to his little Schafer toesies (as they are called in our house) by some crazy throws from Masterson. Schafer hits a line drive base hit, sending McCann and Simmons home. Score is 0-2. After attempting to bunt, Jupton hits a nice one out to center field, and the bases are loaded. But Freddie strikes out. Still, a nice scoring half inning.


Indians Up

Masterson hits one down the third base line, sending Simmons into a tryout for Cirque de Soleil. I don’t think anyone was expecting that hit from the pitcher. Bourn sends a quick hit out to the center field, and now there are two on base. Nick Swisher is up, and JD informs me that Swisher was a prominent character in the Moneyball book, which I promise I plan on reading during maternity leave, honey. Excellent double play with Swisher facilitated by the Mississippi Hawaiian. Very nice. Kipnis gets a quick out at first. Indians still scoreless.

Braves Up

Johnson makes the first out hitting to the short stop. In other news, “turf toe” is such a weird term. McCann hits a quick pop-up out. Struggla walks to first. During this Struggla at bat, the guys (Joe, Dale, and the annoying one) talk about Chipper, who is at the game. Interesting fact: he gave up Twitter. I’m sure you’re as bummed as I am. Upton strikes out.


Indians Up

Santana starts the fourth inning and then hits a big one out to right center field, and BJ Upton makes a very pretty slide and catch that makes his laundress sad but everyone else very happy. Cabrera makes a quick hit right to Schafer’s glove. Aviles unloaded a big home run out to the far left field seats. The Mississippi Hawaiian is not pleased. Brantley hits a line drive up the middle and makes it to first, and then he steals second. Therefore, the Mississippi Hawaiian decides to walk Stubbs to get to the pitcher. Masterson hits a line drive right to Schafer and gets an out. Whew. All are stranded on base.

Braves Up

A good start to the bottom of the 4th in that Simmons walks. The Mississippi Hawaiian bunts sacrificially. Ok, I can see the merit of the bunt now. The Tomahawk Chop is going, and thankfully that drowns out the ump a bit. Schafer hits a quick out to first, but Simmons makes it to third. JUpton gets all the way to a full count, only to strike out.


Indians Up

Bourn up to bat, quick out straight to Struggla. Swisher stays awhile at the plate but eventually gets out after a hit at short. At this juncture, the Mississippi Hawaiian has thrown 74 pitches. Kipnis (whose name kinda sounds like he should be in the “Hunger Games” series) hits a “slow-roller to short” (according to Chip), and the top of the fifth is done.

Braves Up

Freddie doesn’t do much this at bat and gets an out at first. Johnson hits the first pitch, and he and his turf toe almost barely beat out the out at first. But not quite. McCann bunts very interestingly… but why? He makes it to first easily. I think this is ironic? Struggla strikes out and makes that fun little bunt no good.


Indians Up

Santana hits a line drive to CF to lead off the sixth. Cabrera thoroughly wears out the Mississippi Hawaiian with all of his deferrals at the plate. And then he hits a double-play. At least that ended well. Aviles hits a long hit out to Justin Upton, and we’re finished with the top of the sixth.

Braves Up

BJ Upton leads off and then gets hit by a ball, on the hip I think. The stat is that Masterson has hit 16 guys this year. I find this to be a weird stat. Simmons pops up and gets out 1. Wait a minute, Elliot Johnson is in. I thought he was a coach or a manager or something. BJ gets out stealing first, and then Elliot promptly gets a quick out. Someone tell me who this Elliot Johnson is!


Indians Up

David Carpenter relieves the Mississippi Hawaiian on the mound to start the seventh inning. Brantley is the first batter of the seventh, and he quickly gets a base hit to left field. Stubbs is up, and I continue to be baffled by this way-too-loud ump. How does he have any vocal chords left? Poor McCann. Broken bat for Stubbs, but he gets Brantley to second even though he’s out at first. Carson does an elaborate stretching exercise while McDowell heads to the mound for a scouting report on Carson. But Carson quickly strikes out at Carpenter’s very fast pitches. And now Carpenter is subbed out. I so don’t understand why these pitchers sub out so much. Now Michael Downs is in to pitch for Bourn, who hits a high fly ball out to left.

Braves Up

Schafer gets a hit out to center field fairly quickly into the Braves’ turn. JUpton strikes out. Sigh. Freddie is up… will someone confirm if his intro song is a Justin Timberlake song? If so, Freddie scores points in my book.

Now is a good time to talk about what is important to me when I go to games at Turner Field: batter intro songs, the Home Depot tool race, the food, how hot it is at the game (I only do night games), the organ music/songs, if people can successfully do the wave, how quickly the grounds crew can clean up the field, standing up at the seventh inning stretch, and the fireworks at the end. I don’t get to see or hear any of this while watching on TV, so I hope all of you know what a sacrifice this is to watch the whole game without all my favorite game-time perks.

Under closer inspection, it looks like Schafer was hit on his back under his armpit while attempting to steal second. That looks hecka painful. Freddie is in the middle of his batting when Schafer tries to steal second. The ump calls him out, but the crowd and Joe/Dale/Chip guys think otherwise. Freddie hits a long high pop up to end the inning.


Indians Up

Avilan pitching. Swisher gets on base to start off. Kipnis makes an unexpected single because Struggla couldn’t make the out. Two Indians on base. Santana hits a foul pop-up that Freddie grabs to make an out. Swisher and Kipnis still linger on base. Carson up again, and he reminds me of Moonlight Graham a little: awkwardly cute in the big leagues tonight. Carson walks so the bases are loaded. Aviles hits a sacrifice fly to bring Swisher in for a run. Score is now tied, 2-2. Brantley hits a foul ball that McCann catches, so he throws it to Struggla who runs out the runner and gets an out. Cabrera gets tagged out on the base path. Now that’s embarrassing.

Braves Up

Chris Johnson starts the Braves off, taking a long time to eventually strike out. This apparently wears out reliever Shaw, and the Indians bring in Rich Hill. McCann pops up for out #2. And then Rich Hill is gone. I don’t understand these wasted resources. Lonnie Chisenhall comes in at 3rd base, and Joe Smith is the new pitcher. Struggla up to bat, and then breaks it, but he gets an infield hit and makes it to first. BJ is next, and hits a pretty one to right. Struggla makes it to third. This makes me excited because I’m getting sleepy. (Cut me some slack! I’m 8 months pregnant!) Simmons is up to the plate, and dang he gets an out.


Indians Up

Craig Kimbrel is in. I like this guy: methodical, has the same spot on his hat bill where he’ll squeeze, the hanging arm thing, all professional and serious business. I respect his style. Brantley up first and Kimbrel is on fire! Brantley makes a big hit out to center field and Upton makes a nice catch. Whew. Stubbs hits a quickie ball to short and is out at first. Chisenhall has his time up to bat, and he is struck out. Kimbrell throws 8 pitches… very nice.

Braves Up

Joey Terd-terrible-elementary-school-last-name-vich is up to bat. He strikes out. Come on, guys, I’m sleepy! Schafer is next and his uniform is in desperate need of bleach. He makes a great bouncing hit to Kipnis and Schafer outruns the throw of Kipnis and is safe at first. JUpton to the plate, and Schafer makes a heck of a steal to second with a super quick release from first. JUpton hits a fly ball center to get out. Freeman comes up to the plate, and my hope of getting to bed at a reasonable hour slowly diminishing as they walk him to first. Chris Johnson’s turn and he hits a foul ball that was almost a sneaky homerun. Johnson then hits a very nice straight-line bullet out to left field and Schafer runs home to win the game. I’m so excited I could jump into that huddle. Chris Johnson is my new favorite.

I hope all of you are thankful I didn’t drop any Wild Thing/ Major League jokes (best movies ever). It was a good game, and I’m glad to have assisted you with this recap. Here’s to hoping the postseason is full of wins and little laboring and delivering. :)

Author: Stu

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I've been married since July 17, 2004 to my beautiful wife, who also doubles as my best friend. We have an almost-three-years-old Boston Terrier named Lucy who's also pretty awesome. My wife and I both graduated from Vanderbilt University in May of 2004. I graduated from Law School at the University of Georgia in May of 2007 and am now practicing in Nashville, Tennessee. I really, really love the Atlanta Braves.

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  1. Hotspur, JC’d from last thread:

    When are we migrating back to

    We’re not. will now redirect to Barring further catastrophe, I don’t think we have any plans to migrate the DB and site back to the old URL. We are simply going to hold onto both of them and redirect the .com over to the new home here at .us.

    It should be seamless for users. Use whatever bookmark you like. You should get to the content now.

  2. Oh my gosh! Chip’s call of the walk-off sounds amazingly similar to Skip’s call of the 1991 NLCS walk-off. Listen to it again and tell me it’s not awesome!

    Great recap Mrs. Studebaker!

  3. We should totally get more significant others into the recaps. This idea could be a gold mine. The observations Kate brings to the game are entertaining and informative.

  4. Health and happiness to you, Kate. Thanks for another fun recap.

    I heard the best walkup song a couple of weeks ago when I attended a Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Reds AA) game. One of the Wahoos had Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” playing when he strolled to the plate. Knocked me down!

  5. Flopped a mid pair against paint, and filled a set against a flush draw. We are owed a bit of luck.

  6. +1 for “Fat Bottom Girls.”

    In unrelated news, this Stu’s Wife stuff is so fun, I’m thinking I may have my kid do tomorrow night’s recap. (Don’t worry, I’ll check her spelling.)

  7. Speaking of walk-up songs, apparently they played “I Can See Clearly Now” as the walk-up song for Uggla’s first at-bat last night. I thought that was hilarious (especially when he promptly struck out).

    Awesome recap, Kate. “I’m worried about his face.” Love it!

  8. Every time the fans at Turner Field start to do the wave, bad things happen to the Braves. I don’t know if it’s distracting to the players or something else but really, *every time*.

  9. I totally agree Smitty. What we really need is an inverted wave: everyone in the stadium stand up then each section in order spontaneously sit and stand back up, creating a big depression that migrates around the stadium. Now that would be cool… until it became stupid too.

  10. @12, It’s almost certainly canceling out the positive effect of Roger McDowell visits. The Wave should be banned. Egomaniacs who try to start it should be dragged out to fan plaza and drawn and quartered.

  11. The chop bothers me more than the wave. It’s just flat out embarrassing at this point. It was fun for the first year or so, but 20 years later it’s just fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

  12. @18 Agreed. Opposite of the wave, it seems the chop and chant usually herald good things for the team. Yeah, correlation and causation and all that but still, wave = bad stuff and chop = good stuff more often than not.

  13. The chop and chant have failed miserably in most of the big home playoff games I’ve attended. I’m to the point where I (irrationally) think it’s bad karma and we won’t win a playoff series until we retire it.

  14. What other Major League team has a chant that defines them? When teams and their fans come into the Ted, they know that the home crowd will be chopping throughout the game causing both the opposing teams fan and players to feel a little uneasy and/or annoyed and that’s why I love the chop.

  15. I’d kill a 10th of the population to end the chop/chant thing. Good lord, people! It’s the most important moment of the game. SIT THE HELL DOWN SO I CAN SEE!!

  16. There’s still some impressive stuff coming out of Rome from Kyle Wren and Jose Peraza…

    Wren- .323/.376/.441/.817 11 doubles, 4 triples, 1 HR and 31 stolen bases (6 cs) through 45 games

    Peraza- .282/.339/.369/.707 with 18 doubles, 8 triples, 1 HR and 60! stolen bases (14 cs) in 109 games.

  17. Just saw the new Hawks coach was arrested for DUI. Maybe he was looking at the roster and couldn’t help himself.

  18. Twenty-two years on, the chop/chant’s a bit pro forma, but if people like doing it, who am I to ruin their fun?

    It always seems like foam tomahawks (even the tiny ones) are turning up anyway–in the car trunk, in my office, random boxes, etc. People give ’em to me as gifts for some reason, so I can’t get away from ’em, even if I don’t participate.

    At this point, I only really notice the chop/chant when we lose and opponent’s fans do it as a taunt, Kelly Gruber-style. Still, I guess there’s something to be said about a collegiate ritual that makes opponent-fans really mad.

    Yes, here’s to an outstanding/healthy/happy post-season for the Braves & the Stuart household.

  19. @24

    Why don’t you stand up with everybody else and stop ruining the most important moment of the game by loudly complaining that people should sit down? The two most annoying people at any game (of those who are not outrageously drunk, that is) are the guy who refuses to sit down yet is the only person in the section who is standing (this doesn’t really happen at baseball games, in my experience, but boy does it ever happen at football games), and the guy who’s bitterly whining about how everyone should sit down so he can see while every single other person in the section is standing.

  20. I stand at appropriate times. I do not stand *and raise my arms above my head and mechanically chop like an automaton.*

  21. /Abe Simpson

    Back in my day, the fanatics at a baseball contest, as we used to call them, fanactics that is, not contests, would retire to the lavatory between innings. There they would do all their ablutions so that by the time the contest restarted, we would not have to suffer the continual comings and goings of those fanatics which would interrupt the sightlines between our eyes and the steel posts supporting those new-fangled e-leck-trickal lights.

    Why those e-leck-trickal lights so amazed and confounded us, us fanatics that were used to not seeing Christy Matthewson pitch the way the Good Lord intended us not to, from our obstructed seats, in the daylight, that we just went up to the lavatories and just stayed there and had to guess what was happening from the sounds our fellow fanatics were making.

    We still never saw any of the contests, but we did get a good view of the lavatory every half-inning.

    /Abe Simpson

  22. The Mock Chop from crummy, bandwagon fans was some weak sauce. Hey, 1997 Marlins, the empty Turner Field right now is full of fans doing the Mock Marlin.

  23. Hackneyed and trite the chop made be
    In the pros it still means the Braves
    Better the chop in Turner Field
    Than aping ubiquitous Waves.

  24. I just don’t like the chop because it’s kind of a racist caricature of “Indian” vocalizations and mannerisms. I like the Braves and don’t like racism, so I wish they would stop doing it. Probably impossible to kill it at this point, though.

  25. @38, I think it isn’t hard to kill. If the team tells the organist to stop playing it, there aren’t many fans who will do it on their own.

    It doesn’t mortally offend me as racism — we stole it from FSU, after all — but it has gotten tiresome over the years, and I don’t relish being constantly put into the position of having to defend it.

  26. “Every great [stadium cheer] begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

  27. Like the team name, the chop/chant is offensive, and the people in control of the team name/chop should change it. But if I’m trying to address racism, as a pure point of political strategy, I’m not campaigning to take away from people some ritual they’ve been doing, with relish, with their friends and family since they were, like, five years old as a near-term step to address the problem. It would seem that there are better ways to win over my target audience, etc.

  28. I’m not offended by it, just annoyed by it. It’s just beyond sad when the PA system has to cajole the fans to do something, and most are half-heartedly into at best. Who the hell wants to do that shit 20 times a game? I will say that the Falcons PA guy and his “thiiiiiirrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddd down!” stuff is infinitely more annoying to me. I literally would rather stay home than listen to that idiot.

  29. In the grand scale of things, “Braves” is at least ostensibly complimentary, as opposed to say, “Redskins”, so I think I am on board with 41.

  30. The politics of the chant or name aside, I just really hate “everyone should cheer now!” prompts. If you’re too stupid to know when to cheer, go somewhere else.

  31. #41
    I think the Braves name itself isn’t as much the issue, but the logos (not to mention historical mascots) can definitely rub people the wrong way.

    FWIW, I heard the Mets radio announcers go on and on about how much they liked the Braves’ home cream-colored uniforms. At the end of the compliment-fest, Howie Rose says, “And no tomahawks…”

    Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there who actually prefer to be told what to do.

  32. As long as we’re chalking up things clubs do to to elicit applause which should already be elicited, I give you Bernie the Brewer, the Big Apple, and all other home run traditions (and I note we managed to get rid of Knock-a-homa) as well as the ludicrous goal ritual at Madison Square Garden after the Rangers score. While we’re at it, I’m willing to get rid of Kernkraft 400 and Seven Nation Army, too. The ship has sailed on getting rid of any of these long ago, unfortunately. Oh, and you can come on my lawn, but it’s covered in dog poop, so good luck.

  33. I liked Knock-a-homa (though I’m sure he’s way too offensive for current times). I always wondered what he was doing in that teepee.

  34. @mlbbowman: #Braves lineup: Schafer 9 JUpton 7 McCann 2 CJohnson 5 Terdoslavich 3 Uggla 4 BUpton 8 Simmons 6 Medlen 1

  35. Presumably he’s spending some time working on his swing. He’s been hitless (in limited playing time) for like 3 weeks now.

  36. I would assume that he’s working on his swing at all times. Not playing (ever) is going to make it hard to see if that work is doing any good.

    Maybe he’s hurt or something.

  37. Personally, I tend toward the perspective that there’s a significant degree of difference between calling a team something like “Braves” or “Chiefs” and calling them “Redskins” or putting a hook-nosed, buck-toothed caricature on a sleeve or the front of a hat. (As previously noted, I also love that the origin of the Braves’ nickname is actually uniquely political, not racial, in nature. Also as previously noted, I was stunned to slack-jawed silence the first time I tuned into a TBS Braves game in late August of 1991 and a) saw Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium FULL, and b) saw and heard 50,000 people chanting and chopping. Hair on my arms stood up; chill ran up my neck.)

    That said, I’m also sensitive to the fact, given that I have no Native blood to speak of, my sensibilities on the matter may not matter much. I’d be happier if the team would eschew Native imagery entirely (although there’s a reasonable argument to be made that calling a weapon of bloodletting a sacred cultural artifact is maybe getting a bit precious with the definition).

    Bottom line, I recognize that my feelings on the matter may not be entirely unbiased. I would happily tolerate a name change to “Bravos” or something to end the issue and not offend any members of a group of people who have surely been screwed over badly enough already.

    (P.S. Paul Lukas, who does the Uni-Watch blog and ESPN column, refuses to give U-W membership cards to people who want them themed to teams with Native nicknames or iconography. Which strikes me as being a bit bull-headed about it, since it’s not like any of us control what our team calls itself or what its uniforms look like. Then again, he also refuses to do cards for anyone who wants a team that uses purple, just because he hates purple. So his credibility is somewhat questionable anyway.)

    EDIT: I should note that Lukas’s rationale is that Native cultural names and symbols aren’t others’ to appropriate (as opposed to the oft-mentioned examples of the Notre Dame Fightin’ Leprechauns and the Minnesota Opera Stars, both chosen by their communities specifically for their ethnic connection to the school and/or fan base.) Which is a fair point.

  38. @53 I’m buddies with Paul, and yeah, that’s a hot-button issue for him. He and I have had a lot of discussions about it as it pertains to the Braves. I feel the name could stay and the team could remove the iconography and still be fine, but he doesn’t agree.

  39. @53: Yeah, I like “Bravos” as an alternative; and it’s only a slight change in meaning, since bravos were historically soldiers or fighters in the service of Italian nobility. (Although I don’t think there’d be any need to tie in to that with team iconography, etc.) There are also options with roots in team history, although they would certainly break with team-naming tradition; for example, they could change to the “Hanks” or the “Hammers,” to celebrate the greatest player in franchise history, who also happens to be an all-time great.

  40. @55, my god, their fan base would love it. Lewis Grizzard, Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy et al made piles of money by selling a stereotype to the impacted group. Crackers jerseys would be a runaway hit.

  41. I’d be fine with changing the team’s name from the Braves — hell, call ’em the Beaneaters again, for all I care. As long as we’re playing meaningful games in September, I don’t care what the name on the front of the laundry is.

  42. Chief Noc-A-Homa at least wasn’t a huge Mr. Met ripoff like the current mascot, ‘Homer’.

  43. Call me a tradionalist. I like Braves as a name. I’ve always seen it as a complement to native culture that their warriors were referred to as Braves.

    @55 LOL

  44. You know, the only way I’d have believed that Jason Heyward would suffer a season-ending injury, and we’d plug Jordan Schafer in his spot and be just fine, was if you had told me that in 2010.

  45. McCann!!!

    (Seriously, when did Braves Journal come back? I’ve been waiting for .com to return, but it never has. Thank you so much!)

  46. It looked like he was able to flex the hand when he went into the dugout, so hopefully taking him out is just precautionary.

  47. The conspiracy theorist in me is thinking some crazy things regarding all of these “unfortunate accidents” that keep happening to the team.

  48. Freddie is in to replace Terdo at first, who moves to the OF to replace Justin. Is it just me, or is it every time we give a regular the night off they have to come into the game because of an injury?

  49. When does it stop being a coincidence and start becoming planned assassinations?

    Selig should drop the A-Rod stuff and start investigating this.

  50. @81—Yep, it feels like every time. So, that decides it, then. No one gets an off day for the rest of the year.

  51. What if we rested everyone but BJ? Could we manipulate fate so that he’s the one that gets injured? Or is that against the rules of fate?

    Tough questions that need answers.

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