150 thoughts on “Mavery’s Right, You Really Should Watch This Game Thread, May 13”

  1. Venters has an appointment with Dr. Andrews on Thursday. Our pitching news just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Prolly safe to assume that Venters is done for the season. Hopefully they can patch him up and get him back at some point.

  3. We spent all of April hoping that BJ would start hitting like Justin. We should be more careful what we wish for.

  4. Seriously. These seemingly night solo home runs that we give up in the first inning need to stop.

  5. I am very pleased to see Cody Ross’s batting line for the year is as shrimpy as he is.

  6. New drinking game: one shot every time Chip starts a sentence: “Let’s see if…” Trust me. You will not survive the night.

    And the way the Braves have started, why would you want to?

  7. @8 Giving up solo homerun is not as big of an issue as we don’t score any runs…

  8. I’m either the only one watching this game right now, or everyone is stuck pondering my question @15.

    I am pleased to see Cody “Shrimp” Ross make an out with a runner in scoring position.

  9. Not that it’ll make anyone feel better, but Paul Goldschmidt is arriving as an elite hitter.

  10. 17- We’re watching, but there’s just nothing to say about this team right now.

  11. Ugh… Gattis, I understand you’re not exactly swift, but you can’t treat garden-variety hits to the outfield like they’re radioactive. That makes several times that runners have taken 2nd on Gattis due to his extremely tentative approach to fielding in LF.

  12. Gattis does like a weird glove pat thing before fielding too, which seems to slow it down even more. Impressed with his throws, though.

  13. Johnson, Justin, and Prado all have hits tonight. That’s a little ironic.

    Also, I can’t not root for Prado. I still love that guy.

  14. I remember when Freeman was going to have a great year….then he was DL’d against his will and hasn’t started hitting since

  15. Who was saying that Justin is as good a fielder as BJ? That’s why BJ is in center.

  16. If B.J. could save a run every night, we’d have something. He could even go on hitting .150 forever.

  17. @26 You mean other than that 7 game hitting streak he had last week? Albeit down a bit from his norm, his numbers since coming off the DL are hardly concerning given the sample size.

  18. Throwing error, non-strike call, wild pitch…

    The only way the Braves’ offense can hope to score now.

  19. @35 The other day I was saying that I would characterize Justin’s defense as having the same strengths and weaknesses and BJ’s (good physical tools, results marred by occasional lapses). Obviously, BJ is faster. I wasn’t suggesting that they are equivalent defenders, or that Justin could/should play CF.

  20. If this has been said before, my apologies- but the way Uggla waggles up at the plate, he reminds me of the dude everybody hated from Major League II, the guy the Indians signed as a free agent but traded to the Yankees or whatever. I can’t for the life of me remember his name in the movie or in real life, but I feel like I am onto something here…

  21. I like a homerun by Chris Johnson over the head of Cody “Shrimp” Ross. I like it very much.

    Biggest cheers from the dugout? Justin Upton, of course.

  22. @48 — The character’s name was Jack Parkman. His shimmy drove the women in Cleveland crazy, then later made them puke. My citation of “Major League 2” does not constitute approval of its watered-down story and annoying characters, except for Harry Doyle’s scenes and Lou Brown watching “Masterpiece Theatre.”

  23. Wow, Simmons can’t buy a hit right now. I thought that one was going to get through.

  24. @56- Thank you! I’m one of those people who will obsess over such trivia and obstinately refuse to look up the answer, so you saved me quite a bit of anguish.

  25. BTW, Chip’s up to 6 “Let’s see if…” I will need to retire from the game VERY soon.

  26. @59, your liver is going to have to go on the DL. Chip says that about once per at-bat.

  27. D-backs are trying to run themselves out of this game. Sure we didn’t trade them Snitker as well?

  28. The irony of this game is growing. Wow. Based on this game, we totally won the trade.

  29. This game is turning out alright, people!!! Loving it!!!

    Just saw Chris Johnson say something wicked to Justin in the dugout. Love it!

  30. I could watch that home run on a continuous loop for a week and never get tired of it.

  31. What did Upton say when he got back in the dugout? Something about a 2-0 change up followed by an f-bomb.

  32. Ha! Did you guys catch Justin’s f-bomb in the dugout after the homer? Something about an “f’ing changeup” and “right in the mouth” … they cut away fast so I didn’t get all of it. Classic. You could tell he was pissed about them hitting BJ.

  33. The “Scout” thingy on mlb.com showed Miley’s BA against drastically increases after 50 pitches. Right on the money.

  34. @85 Yeah, that dude who kept jabbering on about how much he loves watching the Giants can keep his small ball. I’ll take JUpton’s 450 foot bombs to dead center, thanks.

  35. So on top of giving us Justin and CJ, they are helping us to wake up our bats. It is such a nice organization.

  36. I know I couldn’t hit MLB pitching- I couldn’t really hit college pitching. But I’d feel like I had a chance if it was against Collmenter- straight over the top, high 80’s heat at best, no movement on a flat fastball, plus the ball is visible during basically his whole windup so you have no trouble finding his release point. If the Braves could just lay off the high fastball I think they will light this guy up.

  37. Just saw BJ wince after he threw the Shrimp’s single back into the field. That shoulder’s got to be stinging him.

  38. @97 – agreed, his approach is maddening most of the time, and he had no business swinging at that last one at eye level. It’s like he decides whether he’s going to swing beforehand.

  39. Not that that was a difficult throw for Gattis or anything, but I continue to be impressed. Seamless.

  40. The White Shrimp tried to score on the White Bear.

    Well, I think we all know what happens.

  41. What terrible baserunning. Sheesh it’s 7-1. Making an out at home is retarded. Still, I have to say that was a fantastic play by McCann. In-between hop on that seed from Simmons. That’s not a play that McCann makes very often. Well done.

  42. I love former Diamondback night. Let’s do this more often, guys. Also, please, one of you hit a triple. That would be sweet!

  43. Seems like Harper nearly killed himself running into the wall just now.

    EDIT: Whoa, I think he’s bleeding…and I think he just laughed.

  44. @122-I think maybe hitting that helmet high fastball from strasburg may have gotten in his head a bit…

    Still not worried about him, I don’t mind him taking hacks with his power if he’s ahead in the count. That third strike probably wasn’t a strike anyway, it was just like the 3rd strike on Minor a while ago.

  45. Yeah, he’s been calling that inside strike all night. It feels about an inch inside but it may be technically just on the black.

    And I think ever since Evan hit that homer off Strasburg, he’s kind of felt like swinging at that high fastball is okay. I don’t totally mind as long as he’s timing it and fouling it straight back, but it really would be better if he could learn to lay off and just take the damn walk.

  46. Given that Gattis is putting up an .850 OPS in his first 120 PAs above AA, I have a hard time getting too worried about him swinging at high fastballs.

  47. @127 I don’t have to tell you which free-swinging righty had a 1.125 OPS after his first 120 PAs for the Braves, do I?

  48. When Uggla hits a ball of the terrace in centerfield it sounds like “BONG!!!!”

  49. Great, now we get to hear the tired old argument about how Dodger Stadium should have had knives sticking out of its scoreboard.

    LOL, McCann.

    LOL at that OF jumping. Need to work on that vert a little, buddy. Like maybe 10x that 20 incher.

  50. Another damn fine game from Mike Minor. Entering July 5, 2012, his season ERA was 6.20. Since then, before tonight, he had done this: 22 G, 139 1/3 IP, 2.45 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 7.2 K/9, 1.68 BB/9, 4.27 K/BB

    Dude is dealing.

  51. Tonight, instead of picking a WOD from the website of my local Crossfit box, I made one up. Bear complex lifts plus burpees. I called it the “Evan Gattis.”

    You’re all welcome.

  52. @137 Based solely on the criteria you laid out in the post I’m responding to, they bear quite a bit of resemblance. I’m just saying that a fat OPS in the early going from a raw free-swinger doesn’t ameliorate other concerns, particularly developing a discerning eye and patient attack.

    @142 Keep him fresh by killing him.

  53. Well, I’m not sure I’d characterize a guy with a .374 minor league OBP as a raw free swinger, but I certainly take your point.

  54. @145 I never saw any of those minor league at bats. I’m only judging a guy who leaves his feet so he can swing up at a ball at eyeball level. I also see only 7 walks in 121 PAs.

    I’m as happy with the early returns of El Oso Blanco as anyone, but I’m also a card-carrying member of the cult of the Baby Braves. I still am in disappointed in myself for putting so much naive enthusiasm into a certain RFer I was sure was going to be the next Vladimir Guerrero.

    A lot of that early success could be said to have been Francouer’s ultimate downfall, in that it gave him an impossible to coach ego. I don’t see that same ego in Gattis, who seems really down to earth. But that could just be projection on my part, seeing what I want to see.

  55. Y’know, if Bryce Harper’s not careful, he’s gonna be the next Pete Reiser. He ran into that wall like he didn’t know it was there.

  56. @148: He’s only about three wall collisions away from being traded to become one of Kirk Gibson’s stalwarts.

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