126 thoughts on “Kris Medlen is Not Not Going for His 21st Career Win Game Thread, May 2”

  1. Quality prog, Alex.

    Probably be a morning recap — a friend of mine scored some sweet tickets, eight rows behind the visitors dugout. My first full-service seat experience. If they say they’ll bring me a Rathbun’s steak sandwich, I may never leave….

  2. I hate the full service section with a passion. It’s a good concept, but the fact that some tw@ stands in front of you for long swaths of the game is a huge drawback. But hey! If you’re in the 50% of the fan base whose sole objective in going to the game is trying to get on the jumbotron you will love it!

  3. BB%/K%/ISO

    5.1% 16.8 % .085
    5.0 % 17.5 % .063
    14.9 % 36.6 % .151


    .282 .324 .266
    .277 .299 .259
    .287 .314 .276

    Tyler Pastornicky
    Ramiro Pena
    Dan Uggla

    Pastornicky and Pena’s stats are Major League totals. Uggla’s line is for 2013.

  4. #3
    Of course, at Yankee Stadium, seats in that section top out at $1,250 (down from $2,500, IIRC). While I’m sure the service is great, nobody there has to be too bothered with the notion of annoying anyone in the rest of the stadium because, well, that section essentially has a moat.

    It’s officially known as The Legends Suites, but as upper-deck proles, we call it the “Let-Them-Eat-Cake Section.”

  5. 6-So what you are saying is that while a 22 year old rookie who only managed 188 plate appearances Tyler Pastornicky was no worse than Uggla is currently?

    I’d say the same guy now in is age 23 season, putting up a .372 OBP and .478 SLG at AAA projects to be a good deal better.

  6. @8
    I’m not saying anything, I just thought the numbers were interesting. I realize that the samples are absurd. Given that Pena has about a season of Major League Data, TP about half of a season and Uggla just one month. But yeah, the numbers do make me want to lean towards TP and his .845 OPS at AAA. And the fact that he had a 16.8 K% in his first big league half season, not even starting regularly for many of those PAs, bodes well. He doesn’t seem overmatched in the big leagues. Once he adjusts to the level, I could see him being an Omar Infante type of player.

  7. 10-Didn’t mean to sound combative. But yes, if Uggla now really is as bad a hitter as your average rookie in his first third of a season or a career utility glove guy, then it indicates he’s ready to wash out of the league. That would be an unusually precipitous but not entirely unparalleled career path.

  8. I just don’t think you can pencil BJ and Uggla in the same lineup and expect to be successful. Maybe that will change, but right now two of our biggest (and longest) contracts look like complete busts. Wren’s moment of acknowledged brilliance may be brief, indeed.

    Apparently, an Auburn player got kicked out of the Spring Game.

    Anybody know anything about Club Baseball at the collegiate level?

  9. I just don’t think you can pencil BJ and Uggla in the same lineup and expect to be successful.

    While I might agree with the sentiment, the bulk of the anecdotal evidence is against you, seeing as they’ve both started 25 of 27 games (16-9).

  10. At this point, if Uggla hit 15+ HRs & walked 90 times again, you’d have to take it. Barring too many more injuries, this lineup should be able to cover for him.

  11. Shred of optimism: April is Uggla’s worst month as a hitter for his career.

  12. Notorious slow starter. Expect an improvement in the 6th year of the contract.

  13. Of course you can be successful with two bad hitters. Even championship lineups aren’t filled with All-Stars. We managed to win a World Series with Lemke and Belliard.

  14. Now there’s a role reversal that could reap big dividends. Lemke may be the better hitter at this point, and for sure, Uggla would be the better broadcaster.

  15. 17-In 1996 Lemke was worth 1.6 dWAR. Uggla has negative dWAR this year, and for his career. If Pastornicky doesn’t hit, give us a Janish/Pena platoon.

  16. I’m of the opinion that the starting pitching is coming down to normal, and if the offense doesn’t start firing consistently, it’s going to be a long season.

  17. Maybe this guy can shut us out with less that 60 pitches tonight. Might have to find other things to watch. Entertaining this is not.

  18. We’ve had our last 26 hitters retired in a row. I can handle losing some games, but being perfect-gamed (albeit over a two game stretch) is a level of offensive incompetence that frustrates me to no end.

  19. Does Joe know that he’s advocating FOR advanced statistics right now?

  20. @35

    First nine PAs last night: 5 pitches per. Next 26: 3.5. It’s as if they’ve forgotten that the way to throw the Nationals off-kilter is to grind down their starters, the way they had in most of the 9-game winning streak against them.

  21. 37: Maybe, but also Haren is just in the strike zone a ton. He does not walk guys, period. I feel like the Braves consistently do worse against this variety of shitty pitcher than they do against the wild ones.

  22. Medlen’s fastball is consistently 88mph. I don’t think you can win with that unless it’s moving like crazy. Whatever downward action he was getting on his pitches last season seems to not be there this year.

  23. @37 You could feel the difference, too. They were battling the first time through the lineup. After that, the at-bats just flew by, and they just looked anxious and lost.

  24. Let’s think this through. Medlen is supposed to be the worst hitter on the team, but is the only player who got on base. Do you think our aggressive approach to Haren is a good strategy for this game?

  25. Why any sane pitcher would do anything but throw Dan on the outside of the plate is beyond me. He’s in”jerk to the left” mode again. Absurd…

  26. After what we played through Sunday, it’s too much to hope they call this …

  27. @46 Yeah, they did.

    This offense sucks when they aren’t hitting homers. No one is improving and Gattis, Justin and Johnson aren’t carrying the team anymore.

  28. At least I’m watching this crap at home and can turn it off. Gotta feel for the few thousand that are in the stands tonight.

  29. They changed CJ’s error to a hit? Jesus, Fredi must have sent an angry note to the official scorer. That play was so bad it deserved two fucking errors. One for having such shit range that he couldn’t get his body in front of it, and another for whiffing with the glove stab.

  30. Bob Costas just called Fredi a “good strategist.” For real. Unless I misheard while feeding my 10-month-old.

  31. @55 So did Maholm last night. This game should only be 1-0, but I get the feeling even that would be too much for us to overcome tonight.

  32. Well there’s something. This feast or famine offense is killing me–especially the famine part.

  33. Actually, I hate that we’ve wasted two pretty good pitching efforts more than the offensive slump.

  34. This team is a complete replicate of Andruw. You love him but you also hate him.

  35. I’d rather the team win two games and then look like hell the third game, rather than play .500 ball all year. This is a feast or famine team. Buckle up, because we’re going to see a lot of games like this.

  36. Damn it, Fredi, get your butt out of the dugout and STAND UP FOR YOUR PLAYERS.

  37. The bright side is that it seemed like something clicked for Medlen in this game. I see the Ks and think everything’s going to be OK.

  38. Somewhere around the third inning, Medlen seemed to start finding the bottom of the plate with that movement, rather than having the tailing action take it out of the zone. That’s the key for him. If he can paint the black with movement, he’ll be 2012 Med Dog.

  39. I love Jim Kaat, but when he jokes about how dumb it would be if we had replay for close plays at first base, I want to box his old gray ears. #getitrightforcrapssake

  40. Wait a sec, the guy with the .460 BABIP and the crappy track record is turning out not to be our 3B of the future? Who would’ve guessed.

  41. That play sums my view on Justins defense. He looks like he is lazy out there. Only gives between 50-80% because he is saving the rest for his at bats.

  42. Harper came in with a .360 average and leaves with a .324 average. Love it.

  43. Justin made a fantastic running, shoestring catch to prevent a big inning early in the game. There was nothing the least bit lazy about that play. He just glanced up to check the runner and missed the ball. It happens.

  44. Looking at the bright side, you know this team can get into one any time. I don’t feel quite so bad going in to the 9th down as I used to.

  45. @94 I meant in general. He often, to me, looks like he is giving less than 100% effort in the outfield.

  46. What we need now is Ryan Zimmerman to foul up a throw. Sadly, he is not here.

  47. @96 This is the anniversary of Chipper’s extra inning walk-off against the Phillies last year. I’d love a similar ending here.

  48. I’ll take back every insult I ever made of Uggla if he homers here.

  49. Can’t believe I’m flying 1400 miles to watch this team play the next three games.

  50. Aww, thanks, Alex, and thanks to everyone who spread the word and backed the project. Wasn’t sure it would resonate with people and I’m so relieved it did. Baseball folks are amazing.

  51. Congrats, Bethany.

    I ordered a shirt, but (unless I’m missing something) I didn’t see where I could pick a size.

    Hopefully, I can get a SMALL. (My GF’s first name begins with E, so… perfect.)

    Once again, well done.

  52. Any outfielder worth a damn as a batter should play “restrained” defensively (frequently miscast as lazy).

    The reason is that there is no single out or, hell, run to be saved on defense that is worth an injury to a good batter. There’s much more value to be had at the plate. Just take care of the routine plays and go mash.

    For example, look at Josh Hamilton. The guy is a phenomenal talent, but he kept getting hurt by playing balls out and crashing into walls, diving at sinking liners, etc. Well, when he was hurt, some scrub with a low .700 ops would replace him and the team was worse for it when he was out.

    If you’re an outfielder who isn’t that good a stick, knock yourself out, but you want Justin Upton up there at the dish, not watching from the dugout because he sprained his wrist trying to save a double off the wall.

  53. @118 Weirdly, kickstarter doesn’t let you ask for sizes and shipping addresses until the funding period ends. You’ll get an email asking where you want it shipped and what size you’d like.

  54. One tips one’s cap to Jordan Zimmerman. One worries about an offense that can’t beat up on Dan Haren.

  55. @120 Very sad news. Slayer was the best Thrash-Band and Reign in Blood is the gold standard in that genre. Too many people in the music business die too young. Heaven, or in this instance probably hell, just gotten a lot louder. RIP Jeff.

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