ESPN Box Score

You could’ve written the recap for this game before it was over.

In fact, I did. By the end of five innings, the Braves had shown nothing but futility at the plate, and Kris Medlen has managed to give up three homeruns, including a water shot from Juan Francisco Mk. 1. (The new version was not an upgrade.)

The Braves had baserunners (two on in the first and third each) but did nothing, Justin Upton not managing to get anything done. Medlen gave up solo home runs and had you thinking, “If he’d just stop making mistakes, he’d probably be fine.” But then he started giving up lots of hits, too, and it all added up to 5 runs in 5+ innings.

At this point, you could basically write the script in your head. The Giants eventually add something between 0 and three runs while the Braves do nothing while the game is in anything vaguely resembling doubt.

And this was basically the case with the exception of a horrible blown call by the umpires. On a long fly ball to left, Upton neared the wall and reached up to attempt to catch the ball. Whether he’d he was going to catch it we’ll never know, because a fan reached out and tried (and failed) to make the catch over the railing. It was ruled a double with fan interference, but they went in to review the play. Presumably, the only thing they were looking for was whether it was a HR or not, because any cursory glance would’ve concluded that Upton maybe had a play on the ball, and therefore the batter should’ve been ruled out. But nope. Runner stays on second.

In the scheme of things, this was irrelevant because (1) no one scored as a result and (2) as I’ve noted above, I was already sold on the result of the game. For completeness, the Braves got a run on the 9th on a double by Evan Gattis, and while they allowed plenty of base runners, the Braves’ bullpen threw 2.2 shutout innings.

The most enjoyable part of the game was when they threw up an old scouting report on Hunter Pence that stated, among other things that he “runs like a rotary telephone thrown into a running clothes dryer”.