So, travelling west. It will screw with your internal clock man. Recapping out of Denver as we sit out a snowstorm that has all ATL directed flights in holding patterns for hours. Lovely.

Last night the Braves beat the Royals 6-3 on what might have been the most perfect encapsulation of Braves 2013 baseball to date imaginable. In the second inning, Juan Franciscao giveth, with a laser beam over the wall in RF. That’s the good part. Medlen gave it back with a shot by Chris Getz in the third, tying it up 1-1. Then in the fourth, Juan Fransisco taketh away, with a laser beam a foot and a half over Chris Johnson’s head. The protective fencing around the dugout saved him a two base error, but the runner (some random Royal named Perez) came around to score an unearned run, giving KC a thin lead.

Then Kris Medlen and Jeremy Guthrie – who is better than you would think, what with his being a Royal and all – settled into the middle innings and traded empty frames for a while. That lasted until the seventh, when Juan Francisco giveth again, this time with a moon shot to dead center. Tie game, nail-biter, 2-2. The Royals broadcast crew might have started thinking about free baseball in Atlanta.

But then the eighth happened. J-Hey bombed opposite field (3-2), JUpton crushed a ball down the LF line (4-2) and then Dan Uggla smashed a ball into the same LF stands. Bam. 5-2 in a blink of an eye. Chris Johnson added insult to injury by driving in a sixth run, scoring pinch running Success! on a single to RF. From tight and interesting to over and done in three swings, really.

That’s what this lineup does to opposing teams. And make no mistake, the Royals aren’t bad this year. They have a lot of young talent and they’re at least a WildCard longshot. And the Braves just waiting them out until a reliever thought he could get 96-99 MPH high cheese past the heart of our order. And that ended poorly for him.

The only downside of the evening was Luis Avilan falling down and crying like a baby due to the World’s Most Painful Cramp in the ninth. A meaningless third run scored for KC, but then Craig Kimbrel did that thing he does and it was over.

I suppose it’s worthwhile to point out the fact that Cap’n Freedompants had a pretty solid game in his return to his hometown. So there was that too.

We’re now into the bottom of the third, 0-0, for today’s game, because why the hell not, MLB schedule makers. Why the hell not. My travel schedule clearly doesn’t matter to you bastards.