Plaisir d’amour ne dure qu’un moment.                                                                nana mouskouri
chagrin d’amour dure toute la vie.


so we remember the awful losses, they endure…victory, if gained, is fleeting…in baseball as in love, surely?

not tonight, Josephine…something must wash that taste away, in this instance we care not for how long.




another botched relay, is it nerves?  or Karma?                                                     DODGERS 1-0

2/0 count, Jason rolls over…Darling speaks up for us on close calls..


Freddie splitsville…DP…2 singles...Greinke flies out CF

OSB, my man, l/off single..Mac advances him.. CJ  K..  F***ing lovely Andrelton OF Dbl…past Puig!!          1-1


Minor location problems..great DPlay!!  Andrelton, 10 yrs, $165 M, backloaded…Frank called me

good line from Darling on Pitcher’s BP – HR contest with no Home Runs..we go meekly


AGon l/off single..Puig K.. out of trouble..LaSorda lovely reaction to 53 years in not 63..enjoyed by all

Freddie, l/off double, smashed..Gattis fails, Mac too…CJ !! something else!! Our first series lead                 BRAVES 2-1


Good news –   Much Minor’s best, no messing..Bobby Cox angelic as usual…

Minor unlucky, Puig hauls in his line drive..Greinke lovely s/out curve freezes Jason


Ramirez 1 out double…great strike out of AGon..Puig infield hit..Fabulous escape under pressure by MM..

Justin continues to disappoint, FF battles and grounds out..1,2.3 we need more runs, too tight as it is..


L/off single..Minor out, too soon? Who’s as good? Greinke also out..Ayala in..horrible play at first on

grounder, 1st and 3rd  , Ayala leaves..we’re in trouble..Avilan against top of order..DP! BRILLIANT!

WOW!!   now Withrow on, who he,rubbish??  Mac walks, BJ PR!! bold..CJ! br bat single…no steal from BJ..

AS great bunt..2nd and 3rd, 1 out…squeeze..please! poor old EJ, what a goat..feel sorry for him..K..LHP coming

in for Constanza(Rodriguez)…i am quietly, its Reed! they’ll walk him..Jason, your moment..loaded..2 out

FANTASTIC JASON, 2 run single… Belisario loads the bases..Howell pitching..FF grounds out.                     BRAVES 4-1


Carpenter walks lead off hitter, Ramirez 2 run homer…hanging curve, no outs.. Agon K’s..Puig K’s..much drama..

Kimbrel in for a 4 out save…(good recovery by Carpenter, high heat)..Uribe grounds out..                                 BRAVES 4-3

Wilson on to pitch…Laird/BJ/CJ i,2,3…BJ did make some contact though!


Kimbrel back, 3 more needed…Schumaker, K…Ellis WALKS..Ethier PHits, Gordon PR… LAIRD !!!!

C/S…we may have got a break on the call…great pick up and tag AS.. Kimbrel plays with fire, another walk..

Crawford ..2/2…  DEO GRATIA.. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK                                                                                        BRAVES WIN 4-3


so love has triumphed, it will endure at least ’till we get to L.A…

celebrate with your beloved and sing-a-long  here

Andrelton extended through 2040, Frank called again.

Laird statue under consideration.