74 thoughts on “Is this thing on game thread: Aug. 30, Nats at Braves”

  1. I posted lineup but it disappeared so sorry if this is a double post…

  2. The last time the Braves played the Nats, the Nats were also on a losing streak and won two of three. I would really rather play almost anyone else.

  3. Fredi says Minor available in the pen today and tomorrow and Teheran or Delgado will start one game of the Mets DH.

  4. 2- Wait, in that order? Heyward’s batting eighth? Did Fredi get some really good sh*t over the last three days?

  5. I’m okay with Heyward hitting eighth. Maybe he’ll take a walk or two and clear the pitcher.

  6. There is at least one good, logical, completely rational reason to bat Heyward 8th. Can you think of it?

    EDIT – Nevermind. DowneasterJC got it at #8.

  7. Alex Gonzalez since the All-Star break: 219/238/338
    Jason Heyward since the All-Star break: 204/288/367

    Not really seeing a reason to complain about Heyward hitting eighth.

  8. Some doctor guy confirmed that one of our pitchers should be fine with two-weeks’ rest or something.

    And now, back to Jason Heyward.

  9. Braves going to the AFL: Sean Gilmartin, Billy Bullock (guy we picked up for Diamond), Eric Cordier, JJ Hoover, Bethancourt, Phil Gosselin, Todd Cunningham.

  10. That’s the best news I’ve ever heard out of Dr. James Andrews’ office. Maybe he has full rights to Tommy John but he pays royalties on every rotator cuff surgery. That would explain a lot.

    Count me among the glad that Heyward is playing at all, even if it is for dubious reasons (Fredi was impressed by his very limited record against Livan, according to DOB).

  11. I actually enjoy facing Livan Hernandez. I fully expect to lose with an embarrassing display of hitting futility thrown in for good measure, which makes me not care so much when it happens. But on the rare occasion we knock him around? So delicious…

  12. Well this is great. Can’t get the game to load up on MLB.tv. I’m just getting a blank screen. Anyone else having better luck than me?

  13. Yeah… great pitching to Morse there, JJ. Two balls that he couldn’t possibly swing at, followed by a lazy breaking pitch dead center of the strike zone. Ugh.

    And now he’s looking crappy to the next hitter. Man…

  14. Gonzalez to now hit into a triple play or a double play from pitcher to catcher to first?

    Edit: just an infield pop up.

  15. Bases loaded, no outs vs. Livan. We know how this is turning out.

    EDIT: Pleasantly surprised. That’s what happens when your expectations are as low as possible.

  16. I suppose batting 7th, someone might throw Alex a strike sometime over the course of the night, although I wouldn’t.

  17. Listen, for A-Gon to come up with the bases loaded and nobody out and hit a popup, leaving the situation intact for the next batter? That’s an awesome outcome! Good for him!

    Now hopefully JJ can drive in some more runs!

    UPDATE: Oh well. He didn’t. He’s only a pitcher, though.

  18. The glossary on Francoeur:

    “Francoeur, Jeff: AKA Jeffy, The Groundhog, Failcoeur, Francout, Out Machine, The Human Out, Whitey Mo Pena, Delta Flight .280 OBP, Fran Fran the GIDP Man.”

    Sort of sad that the Braves now have an everyday player that makes Francoeur look like a god of getting on base.

  19. Well, all that regression that we thought was coming for Jurrjens? It’s arrived. JJ has a 5.35 ERA / 1.64 WHIP post-All Star Break.

  20. Remember when we thought Jurrjens and Hanson were going to be the Braves’ 1-2 punch in the playoffs this year?

  21. @38 Personally I never thought Jurrjens was ever higher than a #3 (behind Hanson and Huddy), but still, I miss Good JJ.

  22. @38

    It’s quite possible that in a few years, we’ll look back at Hanson/Jurrjens as being placeholders until three of Teheran/Delgado/Vizcaino/Minor established themselves. Not necessarily saying it’s likely, but definitely possible.

  23. 42 — On a deep flyout to CF, Morse rounded 2nd but didn’t retouch the bag on the way back to first.

  24. I simply can not think of a polite way to describe how I feel when Alex swings at impossible to hit pitches when he’s ahead in the count. (1-0)

    I simply can not think of a polite way to describe how I feel when Alex swings at impossible to hit pitches when he’s ahead in the count. (3-1)

  25. Someone alert Joe and Tom that this has nothing to do with the Nationals being spoilers; this ALWAYS happens between these two teams.

  26. @55 No clue, but as the old Atlanta saying goes, “If you can’t make it here, Dayton Moore is on line one.”

  27. It’s Washington Nationals Fun Time at Turner Field tonight so I suppose I’m glad my MLB.tv connection didn’t take. I mean, I would have liked to have seen that sac fly, but I’ll catch that on the replays. I think…

  28. Unfortunately for the Nationals’ playoff chances, they have to play teams other than the Braves 144 times a year.

  29. So JJ is taking one for the team after 3 days off? I guess that is good for the bullpen, but now we will have to hear how they were rusty the first time they pitch

  30. I’m not sure what it is about Jurrjens lately, but aside from not being absurdly lucky like he was early this year, he’s also looked off from a mechanical standpoint over the last month – lots of pitches nowhere near where he aimed them, and breaking pitches that don’t break. Jurrjens doesn’t throw hard enough to live in the upper part of the strike zone, and he’s elevating a lot of pitches which are getting hammered.

  31. #69 – dont get too excited, Fredi has already announced that Constanza is starting tomorrow night.

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