92 thoughts on “It’s only April game thread: April 8, Phillies at Braves”

  1. David Ross – RH 1B caddy?

    /edit – he had 5 starts at 1B in1999! So, I’m saying there’s a chance…

  2. Manny Ramirez has retired. Source said he was about to face a 100 game HGH suspension.

  3. Yep, the move is about freeing up Ross on days he doesn’t start. It means he can either back up 1B or, more importantly, pinch hit whenever Fredi wants a right-handed hitter off the bench.

  4. Well, my guess is that they want the extra right-handed hitter for this series in particular. Lee and Hamels are both starting, plus someone at TC speculated that McCann might be bruised up because of the hits he took in Milwaukee.

    Whatever the case, I do prefer the prospect of having Ross pinch hit over Conrad.

  5. Wow. This is really un-Bobby-like. I like it!

    Btw, why weren’t we beaning the hell out of those guys?

    Hanson’s location was so bad he’d have gotten away with it.

  6. Didn’t realize Chip and Joe were also doing the peachtree broadcasts this year.

    No more EJ? :(

  7. Why the hell is the Braves game blacked out? Does anyone else have this problem?

  8. @17

    On FSN I have some stupid streetball. Ti says MLB baseball, but it isn’t MLB Network is blacked out. Plus the streeball game is on CSS too. Wow. I hate this. Someone needs to pay for this. Who do we call?

  9. I have DirecTV and am calling them. We are supposed to have the game. This is bullshit.

  10. On mine, the guide for SportsSouth says NHL Hockey, but it’s the Braves. Standard def channel.

  11. It’s on 648-1 for me on DirectTV. Dunno how consistent channel numbers are though.

    Not that it matters because the season is over.

  12. I still have it blacked out. The guy I spoke to wasn’t particularly helpful either. If they don’t get it fixed I will switch to something else.

    It says 648 on mine too, Downeaster, but that’s RSN.

  13. That’s awesome and everything, but, really, how important was that extra base?

    Just take the double, man.

  14. Best hitter batting 6th…not really an optimal strategy to me, but whatever. Let’s see if we can put up a big number here in the 2nd.

  15. That’s fun to see him triple, followed by a double and a single? We’re missing the homer for the cycle in the inning.

    The question mark was to convey my shock and awe.

  16. I think Chip mentioned it being a sellout at the beginning of the broadcast.

    Though you really can’t trust a guy who calls routine fly balls the way he does.. There may actually only be 20,00 people there.

  17. Philly announcers talking about how full and lud the Ted is tonight. They say it is standing room only.

  18. Thinking of the trivia question… Halladay is the easy one. Is Pedro Martinez still an active player?

  19. Freeman has a lot to learn before he gets on Prince Fielder’s level.

    Why is Hudson such a garbage bunter?

  20. So, DirecTV for some idiotic reason decided to sign a contract to blackout Peachtree games in South Carolina. Looks like they’ll be losing costumers.

  21. only thing that couldve made that better is if Victorino wouldve pulled a Canseco there

  22. wow, and the pull Lee after 3 1/3. Uggla needs to do some damage here

    #55- Snitker actually made the right call holding him there

  23. So I’m watching this game with my buddy who’s a Phillies fan, and I’m telling him how happy I am that Lee is out, and he correctly points out that the Braves can only hit good pitchers. Now that a junk baller is coming in, we’re not likely to get another hit.

    And he’s right. :-(

  24. @57 That only applies to starters. We hit other teams’ bullpen hard. At least it seemed that way last year.

  25. Come on, Alex, that is two pitches that would have bounced if you didn’t hit them.

  26. Victorino is a tool. I loved watching that ball bounce off of his glove. I was sad it missed his face.

  27. Wow, terrible AB by Uggla… he just closed his eyes and swung at those pitches. You could tell from his body language that he was feeling antsy and was going to jump at everything.

  28. Congratulations, Chipper. Not nearly enough reaction by the trolls here. Sad story.

  29. That was an enjoyable win.
    Didn’t like the last few innings at the plate, but I’m not going to complain one bit.
    Congrats to Chipper.

  30. Kimbrel 11 pitches, 10 strikes. Of course it wasn’t exactly a murderer’s row the Phillies had up there, but still nice that he continues his good control since his second call-up last season.

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