Makeup game thread: May 4, Brewers at Braves

Braves have a chance to get above .500 for the first time since the first Brewers series.

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  1. John Rocker is self-publishing his memoir. It’s good to see that we are seeing an upsurge in good literature. I understand that next, Jeff Francouer plans to write his own book “Why They Don’t Put OBP on the Scoreboard.”

  2. I didn’t realize this, but Andrelton Simmons is hitting .337 in the Carolina League. That’s pretty exciting news.

  3. Reference to last thread:

    In 2002, the Braves were 19-21 sfter 40 games and ended up winning 101. I’m not suggesting this team will do that, but it’s pretty early to be talking needing a “culture change.”

  4. Marc @4 – yeah, you’re probably right, but someone around here has to stay in High Fret or we’ll all get complacent.

    I think I’m just mad that the Phillies can win at Ruthian levels without three or four of their key pieces and we’re healthy as we’ve ever been and are struggling to play .500.

    I’m also mad that Francouer seems to be coming through in the clutch for someone else and I’m downright furious that Melky lost weight and is making PoD-level catches in someone else’s outfield. What are we, chopped liver?

    Not that I’d want the bitches back, mind you …

  5. I walked over and saw Delgado pitch today. While I was there, he was dominate. Heater in the mid 90’s. His breaking stuff was on. He changed speeds well. Very few three ball counts.

    One one ball was hit hard and the firstbaseman just missed catching it. It was the only hit he gave up in the five innings I watched.

  6. Watching R.Delgado here in Chattanooga and he looks really good so far. 1h thru 6 w/3Ks and 1bb. The hit was a soft liner off the 1b’s glove that could’ve been caught.

    The Braves must have a consistent org philosophy, as I watched them use the #3 hitter to bunt with the speedy Pastornicky on first and no one out. Of course the bunt didn’t work and they got the lead runner.

  7. It’s completely disgusting outside—chilly, steady rain—and I got a ton of work to do.

    Time to crank up the WCNN radio feed at MLB.TV and… let’s play two!

  8. 11-it was probably on between. I didn’t think it was hit hard but I’m sure I sold it a little short. Pastornicky drilled a 3-run HR to straight away cf over a 15 foot wall so that was nice to see. Delgado got in a little trouble in the 7th with a walk and some hard hit balls but wound up getting the CG win going 7 with 1r on 2h. I guess they only play 7 when theres a doubleheader.

  9. I should have hooked up with you dusty.

    It wasn’t the hardest hit ball ever, but it was the hardest hit ball he had given up to that point. It could have been an error.

  10. I like Pastornicky. I am not sure what kind of prospect he is, but I still liked watching him

  11. Yeah Smitty, we’ll have to catch a game sometime. I usually only go when the M Braves come to town, which is only once a year usually. I wanted to go Friday as Hoover is pitching but we are going to watch my wife’s students (Ringgold High) as their playoffs are starting. It’s the first school event since Ringgold was devasted by the tornados, so it should be an emotionally charged atmosphere. Ringgold also has a couple of dynomite pitchers (Crownover who’s a Clemson committ I think and Kafka) and the team went to the state Championship last year so they’re fun to watch.

    May go Saturday but I think it’s just Gustafson pitching and I don’t really care to see him.

  12. People noted that Marek’s on the DL on the last thread, but I saw that Bowman reported they almost called him up instead of Gearrin:

    Before the Braves promoted Gearrin on April 22, they thought about giving the nod to Stephen Marek, who didn’t allow a run in his first 9 1/3 innings this year. Marek allowed runs in consecutive appearances for Triple-A Gwinnett this past weekend and was placed on the disabled list with an inflamed right elbow.

  13. I grew up in Chattanooga. What was the damage like there? I read that there were storms there and a lot of damage but I didn’t realize a tornado actually hit. I know Ringgold is a little outside of Chattanooga. When I lived in Chattanooga, we always felt protected from tornadoes by the mountains. This sounds like much worse than anything I remember growing up. Glad you guys are ok.

  14. Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.

    If Moylan is unable to return, the Braves might ask Scott Proctor to fill the void once he is eligible to join their roster on May 15. Proctor struggled in Spring Training and was released. But he quickly re-signed with the Braves and has since prospered while working with Triple-A Gwinnett pitching coach Marty Reed.

  15. Why does Scott Proctor keeping looming around?

    The Braves signed Proctor last year when he was injured, let him pitch a few innings of 6.35 ERA baseball with them in 2010, inexplicably gave him a major league contract last offseason when no other team would, resigned him after dumping him after a pitiful spring training and are now thinking of bringing him back to the majors.

    Just makes no sense why they’re falling all over themselves to accommodate this guy.

  16. Is Hanson the worst bunter in the Majors? Would Mather be the worst non-pitcher?

    Nevermind. He some how gets a bunt single after missing the ball for strike two.

  17. Not sure why everyone’s insisting on swinging at ball-fours, but Chipper should’ve been called out on that 1-2 pitch, anyway.

  18. Marc

    Ringgold and Apison/Cleveland area were the hardest hit. In Ringgold the Middle school, and the football field and baseball field at the high school were mostly destroyed as well as a great deal of the actual town which is pretty small. I think at last check the Chattanooga area sustained 30+ casualties but mostly in those outlying areas. Lots of property damage all over and some folks still without power.

    I had always thought the same thing about Chattanooga being protected by the mountains but I guess it didn’t work out that way this time.

  19. Lately, I find myself muttering “I can’t believe we gave this guy five years” more than once a game.

  20. OK, so on any ball to the left side, the Brewers are going to concede the run with the pitcher running at third. Wait, what?

  21. 36—Well, I’m confident that Uggla would’ve made an out, anyway.

    37—Yeah, I’ve been muttering that pretty much every day since the day the extension was signed. :(

  22. I’ll bet there haven’t been too many times when that pitch, in that location, ended up as a homer.

  23. My thoughts exactly.

    Didn’t want to jinx it but I was thinking squeeze double play.

  24. Cautious props for not getting fancy with Tommy. Definitely looked like he was told to not swing at anything.

  25. I can’t find anything in the rulebook that says you have to take a bat to the plate. Instead, Rule 4.02 specifies that “The players of the home team shall take their defensive positions, the first batter of the visiting team shall take his position in the batter’s box, the umpire shall call “Play” and the game shall start.”

    Still, I’d imagine that if you could possibly send a guy up without a bat, Bill Veeck would have tried it at least once.

  26. We had to send Conrad up because Hanson would have been required to bunt by the laws of the game.

    But, I think it could be a pretty fair result. Bases loaded for J-Hey now.

  27. Canny McCannez with the sac fly. Nice inning.

    Doug Uggla, predictable. Approach my modest expectations and maybe you can get your real name back, Doug.

  28. Hopefully those runs mean we can save Venters/Kimbrell for the second game.

    I’m sure I just jinxed us.

  29. That was pretty nice work. Wouldn’t be a terrible idea to let EOF pitch at least part of the next inning since he may not be available for game 2 anyways. Definitely should just use one more guy to finish if possible.

  30. Well, wasting O’Flaherty in a 6 run game probably means Fredi will pitch Venters in the 8th and Kimbrel in the 9th, doubleheader not withstanding

  31. I assume that he was already warming up when we pinch hit for Hanson, so he was going in regardless. If not, I agree that it was an odd choice.

  32. will Linebrink stay in for a Braves save? He is rested and giving up only 1 run is good work for him

  33. Good win. Good start by Hanson, and as the radio guys speculated, taking him out may also have to do with pitching him or Timmy on short rest for the next start.

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