Fredi Gonzalez, super-genius game thread: April 26, Braves at Padres

Now remember, none of you is qualified to criticize the thinking of such a super-evolved manager, so don’t. I just hope he can take time out of his busy day to think about the energy crisis or world peace or something.

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  1. Random stat I found while looking for the key to the team’s offensive struggles (which I’m attributing to low BABIP; poor overall speed; too many groundballs)

    So far in the NL 134 batters have reached base thanks to an error by the opposition. Braves hitters account for only 2 of those.

  2. He’s an above-average defensive right fielder, but he’s been in the Giants system since 2003, and he’s played exclusively corner positions: third base, first base, left field, and right field, never an inning in center. It’s certainly possible that he could handle center, but I’m guessing that if he had it in him, the Giants would have tried to find out, especially because they now see him as a possible trade chip — every team in the world could use a center fielder with a bat, even if only as trade bait.

  3. 7 – It’s kind of interesting considering that Wren’s specialty was, supposedly, his ability to put together solid benches and bullpens. This year, however, there was simply less money left for both after the Uggla trade. And Wren, put simply, did not do a great job with his limited resources.

    At the time, I really, really felt like the $3 million thrown to Linebrink and Sherrill would have been better spent on a backup infielder and center fielder, but we apparently desperately needed that veteran influence in the bullpen. Clearly.

  4. What Chipper said in that DOB interview was absolutely spot on:

    “I was saying tonight, the most important inning in every single ballgame that we play this year is the seventh. The seventh inning. If we get through the seventh, we’re fine. If we don’t get through the seventh, we’re going to get beat. It changes the whole outlook of the game.”

  5. @7,

    Sounds like they are saying, “What can Fredo Gonzo do? He is so limited.”

    His bullpen management has put us in this mess.

  6. Prado 7 Heyward 9 Chipper 5 Uggla 4 Freeman 3 Gonzalez 6 Mclouth 8 Ross 2 Jurrjens 1

    McCann sitting. Understandable, but frustrating nonetheless.

  7. Sherrill (rightly) never pitches except in blowouts, which we don’t have. There’s no place for him on the roster, that’s an easy decision.

    Linebrink makes a bit more than him so he probably will get more time.

    Conrad’s days are numbered, he isn’t hitting and can’t play the field.

    Hicks hits like a little leaguer.

    Ed Lucas and Jose Costanza I would think are likely to replace Conrad and Hicks.

  8. 15 — Guess that happens when you have 3 extra inning games in a week.

    It’s unfortunate because McCann has hit Harang well.

  9. No complaint with ditching Sherrill but I wouldn’t assume that he’s a goner. He’s a liability against many teams but he gives another LOOGY to use against the Phils’ Howard, Utley, etc.

  10. 19 — But we already have Venters and O’Flaherty to do that, plus I think Fredi has lost complete trust in Sherrill already and wouldn’t even let him in a close game…let alone him face Utley or Howard.

    I really think Sherrill is demoted or DFA’d at the end of the road trip.

  11. We’ve scored 3 runs or less in half of our games. A few guys are starting to hit the ball harder and seem close to coming out of it (Uggla in particular). The team-wide problem so far has been way too many weakly hit ground balls. We have to lead the league in ground-outs to the right side.

    Good news is that it probably can’t get much worse. Bad news is that we currently suck.

  12. For anyone who can’t see the game tonight, it is the free game on MLB.TV.

    Both the useless “veteran” relievers should be gone, though I won’t be too unhappy if we can just get rid of Sherrill as a start.

    Also, someone needs to beat some game management sense into Fredi. Last night was ridiculous.

  13. I took a bit of heat last week for saying our problem was too many weak ground-balls, not a lack of patience… now suddenly it’s the conventional wisdom :)

  14. Brent Lillibridge just made back-to-back great plays in right field to save the game against the Yankees.

  15. Two great catches by Lillibridge ends the white sox game and let’s me watch braves game on MLB network

  16. Wow. Brent Lillibridge just made 2 great catches (in Right Field!) for the White Sox to save a 3-2 win for them over the Yankees. First he made a catch running into the wall on an ARod fly ball with 2 runners on, then a diving catch on a Cano flare (still 2 on).

  17. Yes… Two men on base. Two circus catches in rf for outs 26 and 27. Either play not made would have meant “Yankees win, Yankees win,daaaaauh!, etc.

    I was proud of him

  18. CHIPPA!

    And congratulations on tying Mickey Mantle for second most RBI among all switch-hitters (and 50th overall).

  19. Got it the second time, but yeah Uggla got a little too careless there. At least his defense hasn’t really been any kind of issue as one might have feared before the season.

  20. if any of you guys have mlb atbat on your phones, go check out the white sox announcers call on the game ending catch by “lillybridge”. it’s outstanding. he actually says the word “bleeping”.

  21. Another nice play by AAG. Helps to just have to get it in the vicinity of first base for Freddie to pick it.

  22. Ok, how apparent is it that David Ross needs to get more ABs? Can he please start taking some snaps at first? Freddie’s going to have to sit occasionally.

  23. Ummm, I don’t suppose theres a way we could make David Ross our everyday Center Fielder so he and McCann could be in the lineup everyday together?

    Nahhh, just wondering out loud…

  24. You know, there really is value to rooting for the team with one of the top 3 catchers in Baseball and easily the best backup catcher as well.

  25. Its like we left the Porsche parked in the garage today and took the Lexus SUV out for a spin…

  26. Wow, I had the braves*dot*com site up in another tab and they just fired up a look-in that was a good 10 seconds faster than the SS feed, FYI.

  27. Braves franchise career OPS leaders:

    1) Hank Aaron — 944
    2) Chipper Jones — 940
    3) Eddie Mathews — 896
    4) Wally Berger — 894
    5) David Ross — 888

  28. I’m ok with Asencio finishing up if JJ gets gassed (he has laboured a little the last two innings).

  29. Let Sherrill take the 9th. He should be OK since it’s Petco. Of course, I said the same for Linebrink last night, but different circumstances.

  30. Cary, you should have heard them talking about it for 5 minutes. If you are wondering, there is only 1 Charlie Morton. Same guy that has more walks than K’s this year and has a career 5.72 ERA. Yep, thats just like Roy Halladay.

  31. I’d prefer to not see Sherrill lest Fredi getting any weird ideas about him being useful.

  32. The Braves’ last 9-inning complete game was in September 2009 by Javier Vasquez. Kind of sad.

  33. Well, the last 9 inning complete game. They’ve had some 8 inning complete games in road losses and Hanson had a 5 inning complete rain-shortened 1-0 loss last year.

  34. Good win, good game by JJ (even though it *is* the Padres).

    Should have been the second win of the series, Fredi.

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