Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – April 14, 2011 – ESPN

If the Braves could just play one-game series, they’d be great. They’ve lost all the games but the openers. Brandon Beachy had a bit of a Bruce Chen moment tonight, not trusting his stuff and getting burned when he did. Though he struck out eight, he kept getting ahead of batters then nibbling, and walked four, and gave up seven hits, including a homer and two doubles, in five and a third. The Marlins got three runs in the first to take the early lead.

But the Braves then got four runs in the bottom of the inning, Chipper driving in Prado with a single, then McCann hitting a three-run homer. Beachy couldn’t hold the slim lead, however, allowing a single to tie it in the second, then a solo homer to make it 5-4. The Braves tied it up with a Uggla homer in the fourth, but that was the last run they’d get.

After Moylan got out of a Beachy jam in the sixth, O’Flaherty didn’t have it in the seventh, allowing three singles to give the Marlins the lead, taking the loss. This bullpen is not well-constructed if the starter doesn’t go six. As it was, Linebrink had to bail O’Flaherty out, and did manage a pretty good job of that, but I doubt that will last.

A lot of what happened tonight was just one of those things. The Marlins struck out 15 times but had 13 hits, meaning that more often than not, if they got the bat on the ball it landed fair. The Braves struck out just seven times and had two homers, but had lots of balls that found gloves. Play it again, they probably win, but baseball doesn’t work that way.