0-4 game thread: April 14, Marlins at Braves

The Braves are now 4-4 in the first games of series, and 0-4 in the second games. Basically, in the second games of series, the Braves have been this:

Or even this:

This is totally unacceptable.

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  1. Poor, poor Mets. Another excruciating loss.

    Bet they’ll be glad when Troy Tulowitzki leaves town. In the first 3 games of the series, he’s: 8 for 12 with 3 HR, 7 RBI, 4 R & 3 BB.

    And now for Game 2 of the DH.

  2. Until the Braves start a good winning streak, Mac should give them the worst of American Idol.

  3. I found something Chip and I have in common — we’ve both been sent sprawling on the softball field by ububba! In my case it was during practice for the bar league team we both played on sporadically, circa ’88 or so. I was at SS and Jim was in LF (which was not a comment on our relative skills…I was not allowed at SS during games), and there was a popup in no man’s land that we both went for but neither could reach. Two steps after the ball landed I ran into his knee and went ass-over-teakettle. The lesson, evidently, is that nobody on either team is free from danger. :)

  4. @41 (previous) – Law firm? ACL?

    I smell lawsuit. If you sue someone in the same firm is it incest?

    I’m already worried about the Rockies. They clearly want our WC spot.

  5. #8
    Not while I’m on the field, apparently.

    But… God, I don’t remember that play at all. Well, it was a beer league.

  6. ububba, I’m happy to hear WUOG once fielded a decent softball team. During my years at the station, post-Caray, I was a member of quite possibly the worst intramural softball team to ever step on UGA’s fields: the WUOG Ball Breakers.

    Me, my roommate and one of the sons of of former WCW and Braves postgame announcer Tony Schiavone were the only three guys who could throw the ball from 3B to 1B. Sad.

  7. WUOG’s basketball team was better. They had a couple ringers, including a UGA fullback who had a part-time DJ gig.

    He put some bruises on me, but I did drop a hook shot over him once.

    Off to The Bronx to see the Baltimore Showalters…

  8. I was confused at first by the OP. It read to me like the Braves were .500 in series openers, but a moment’s thought told me that clearly meant they’d gone 4 for 4, not had a record of 4 wins and 4 losses. :-D

  9. I know it’s Hanley Ramirez, but you’ve got to go after him a bit more aggressively there, Beaches.

  10. I mean, two runs were scoring. Maybe he can cut it off before it gets to the wall, but all told, I think it was a double with two in even if you’ve got Carl Crawford in LF.

  11. @24 maybe, but it was still very un-Prado. And as soon as I type this, Prado hustles to make it 1st and 3rd. It’s hard to stay mad at Prado.

  12. Gotta give credit where it’s due: good situational hitting by Nate. He saw that hole and guided it through.

  13. Beachy needs a quick innning

    Offense gets you back in the game and you walk the first batter, unreal…

  14. I said command, not control.

    EDIT: frustrating first two innings. Hopefully he can settle down and give the Braves a few more frames.

  15. 49 pitches in two innings. The Lisp went two innings last night. Could be an interesting bullpen game.

  16. The world’s worst garage band is practicing outside my window. They’ve been practicing every week for about 6 months now so I know all of their crappy songs by heart. It’s making this game much harder to watch.

  17. I like the aggressiveness tonight. I felt like they rolled over and died last night.

  18. Love the Munsters theme for Giancarlo Stanton. Him taking BP is like when Herman took BP for the Dodgers.

  19. Good thing Fredi pulled the LOOGY after facing three right hangers in a row.

    May have cost us the game

  20. Holy shit Linebrink has looked like an actual major league relief pitcher the last couple times out.

  21. The braves have only 3 guys with OBPs above .300 right now. We are just not fun to watch right now.

  22. 5-8, three straight series lost. 2-7 in the last nine.

    This is starting to get worrisome.

  23. freddie’s lineup is starting to piss me off. our best hitter doesn’t get anything to hit.

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