87 thoughts on “Let’s throw things at Joe Mather game thread: May 12, Nats at Braves”

  1. Honestly, w/Chipper in the 3 hole, that’s probably about the best you can do.

  2. Why not use Nate to leadoff and Prado in the 2 hole for once.

    McLouth is faster and Prado is better with the bat.

    Screw it, having to bat McLouth at all hinders our team greatly.

  3. About pitchers being out of fielding position — while it sucks when something like the Cora ball happens, pitching motions are individual and are honed for years. I wouldn’t disrupt Kimbrel’s motion just to see if he can field one extra ball a month.

  4. Completely agree sansho. Also, Wagner had about as good a year as a closer can have last year and he had a stretch where he blew two or three games. I’m not worried about Kimbrel, the underlying numbers are great.

  5. Having to writing essays on a job application sucks.

    I like that lineup considering Heyward is unavailable.

  6. Per DOB:

    An MRI taken Thursday revealed inflammation in Jason Heyward’s right shoulder, but no structural damage. Heyward received a cortisone shot Thursday afternoon and is expected to miss another couple of days as the medicine takes effect.

    “It’s not serious,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said.

    Heyward left Tuesday night’s game with numbness in his right hand and forearm, related to nagging pain he’d had in his shoulder off and on since taking an awkward swing in spring training. It flared up again against the Nationals.

    Wren said it would be a couple of days before Heyward can swing the bat to test his shoulder, so he’s not certain if Heyward will be back in the lineup before the end of the upcoming weekend series against the Phillies.

    I ‘m not sure though. Hampton never had anything, according to the Braves.

  7. Teheran had another good outing today throwing 7 2/3 innings giving up 2 runs, 3 hits, and 4 walks and striking out 7. Good work from the Gwinnett bullpen didnt give up a run, as the game went 15 innings. Proctor and Abreu both have miniscule ERAs:
    Abreu 17 innings 21k 1.00 ERA
    Proctor: 18 innings 24k 1.06 ERA

    Everyone is pitching well at Gwinnett…
    Rodrigo Lopez: 5-0 1.79 era
    Mike Minor: 2-1 1.82 era 43k in 39.2 innings
    Julio Teheran: 3-0 1.91 era 32k in 37.2 innings
    Yohan Flande: 2.61 era 19k in 20.1 innings
    Jose Lugo: 0.77 era 11k in 11.2innings
    Asencio Valdez: 2.19 era 15k in 12.1 innings

    and the list goes on, but I’m tired.

  8. I have a feeling that, while on a trip to Birmingham to get ribs at Dreamland, Jason Heyward will bump into his childhood friend Dr. James Andrews and the next thing you know he will be out for the season.

  9. DOB confirmed that Proctor will join the Braves on Sunday. No word on who he’ll replace yet…presumably Linebrink.

  10. Hearing from the Braves’ medical staff that a player is fine gives me no sense of security that he is, in fact, fine.

  11. Wow! Jordan zimmerman is the most incredible pitcher in history. He’s able to use his hype from 2 years ago to freeze 3 straight veteran hitters.

  12. When we lose to the Phillies or Marlins, I just hate those teams even more. But losing to the Nationals just makes me laugh at how deplorable this team can be.

    I mean, we really do play some frustratingly funny baseball at times.

  13. Uggla, much like last year, is killing the Braves. Aside from his costly error, he should have fielded the first RBI single in the inning. And he has a .260 OBP. So that’s awesome.

  14. And we get 5 years of Uggla!

    Looks like a lost cause game. Getting swept by Washington sucks.

  15. I’m not conversant on the cutting-edge wisdom w/r/t the negative value of strikeouts, but it seems to me that ideally there should be an inverse relation between K’s and SLG% if a team is going to be decent offensively. The Braves currently have the 7th-most strikeouts in all MLB with 274, and are tied for 16th in slugging at .390. If you strike out a lot and don’t make up for that with some power, don’t the strikeouts become a little more significant?

  16. There’s a strong positive correlation between home runs and strikeouts. Babe Ruth led the league in strikeouts four times and was second five times. He held the career record until 1963… when he was passed by Mickey Mantle. It was Willie Stargell for a few years, and it’s been Reggie Jackson since 1982. You won’t find much more pure power than those four guys.

  17. To me strikeouts aren’t the concern, it’s the obscene lack of both power and OBP. Making outs is making outs, I don’t care if it’s a K or yet another weak ground ball to the right side. This whole lineup swings at anything and everything. We’re like the bizarro 2010 Braves who were surprisingly patient (often frustratingly so).

  18. Mac-

    I understand your point about the correlation between HR and K. What I wanted to ask was, if that correlation does not hold for a particular team then should high K numbers become a concern?

  19. Looks like we might score a couple of runs to make it close and more painful.

  20. What was that, the 10th pitch? Awesome.

    Rationally, I think momentum is tomorrow’s starting pitcher. In my gut though I believe it would be a meaningful boost to come back and win this game.

  21. Dan Kolb lost his closer’s job with the Braves in 2005 after he blew his third save of the season on May 17th.

    Kimbrel has blown three saves and it’s May 12th. How much longer till the switch?

  22. Jim Joyce’s STRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKEeeeeeeeeeeeee call really grates on me after about 6 innings or so – surely I’m not the only one?

  23. Kimbrel hasn’t been nearly as bad as Kolb.

    Prediction: eleventh inning, pinch-hitter Joe Mather ends the game with a swinging strikeout.

  24. Kolb’s meltdowns were so spectacular, they transcended baseball and became performance art.

  25. Man, what a frustrating play on the AAG hit… pretty much encapsulates this series as a whole. Braves make mistakes, Nationals get the breaks and capitalize.

    EDIT: Of course, it’s not like we would’ve driven in AAG had he hustled and made it to 2nd base safely.

  26. Uh, Joe, Kimbrel’s in now because Fredi doesn’t have any other real options.

  27. Wow…that was so bad by AAG. Yunel would have been hung in effigy.

    Another extra inning game, yet another off day for McCann

  28. So, both pitchers in the SEA-BAL game were lifted after 9 innings without having given up a run (with pitch counts of 101 and 108) – anyone know the last time someone pitched > 9 innings in a game?

    Failing that, anyone know where I could find that stat?

  29. I’m going down there tomorrow, talk with the boys and get this thing back on track

  30. 58 — Off the top of my head, I think Roy Halladay threw 10 innings in a game a couple of years ago.

  31. Apparently, 5 guys have pitched more than 9 innings since 2000. B-R doesn’t show names for the top 5, though.

  32. I finally pinpointed as to why I hate chip caray so passionately. Imagine an unfunny Jim carrey that announces baseball. That’s chip.

  33. Aaron Harang pitched ten innings in a game a couple of years ago. Haven’t heard of anyone doing it since.

  34. I can say that Ron Villone threw a 150 pitch, 16 strikeout complete game in 2000. Tied with Livan Hernandez for most pitches in one game since 2000.

  35. @61,62: Ah, yea – I forgot to look at baseball reference and see what they had. By choosing to sort in ascending date order, then by descending date order, I could see all the results.

    For anyone else curious, the last two were Halladay and Harang, both in ’07.

  36. I have to say all the jumping on the bullpen after last night seems a little silly tonight. How about 4 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 9 K!!

    Nice work and a nice comeback win. Obviously we would have liked to at least have two of three here, but win the Phillies series at the weekend and we’re right back in this thing.

    Long season, y’all. go braves.

  37. So we lose the 2 games in this series we should have won, and win the one we probably should have lost. Makes sense.

  38. Prado hits a grand slam and is responsible for 5 of our 6 runs. Was not player of the game

  39. Since 2000, Halladay x2, Mulder, Colon, and Harang have recorded 28 or more outs. 10 IP for all of those except Colon, who was also the only one to lose (actually, that’s a team loss, and it was K-Rod in the next inning).

  40. “So we lose the 2 games in this series we should have won, and win the one we probably should have lost. Makes sense.”

    Same thing happened in the St. Louis series. Kinda shaping up to be a weird year.

  41. Great win. I’m thrilled they salvaged a game in this series, especially when I had written them off as done by the 6th inning.

  42. Thank goodness. We always have problem iwth the Natspos. The Braves really need to beat up on those guys…

  43. Speaking of weird: our upcoming schedule — after the upcoming Phillies series, Houston comes in for TWO, we go to Arizona for TWO, then a random interleague series in Anaheim, followed by an off day, TWO games in Pittsburgh, then another off day. Whaaa?

  44. The Hawks need to trade Josh for a real center, and they need to move Marvin because he is useless. Hand the starting point guard job to Teague. Whether to keep Crawford is up for debate, but the Hawks needs more offense. Can’t be more obvious.

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